How to Do Email Drip Campaigns

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If you wanna know how to Do Email Drip Campaigns, then read this article for more details.

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Email drip campaigns are similar to new relationships in that you start from scratch, stay in touch with the other person frequently, and then observe how things develop. The initial excitement may wear off and the two of you start meeting up for coffee sporadically, or you may absolutely click, in which case you keep the momentum going.
Based on whether or not your subscribers interact with your emails, an email drip campaign can assist you in company discovering more about your subscribers. Then, based on the actions they take, like visiting your website, watching a video, or signing up for a webinar, you may further segment them. Let's examine drip campaigns to see what they are and how they work.

1. What is an Email Drip Campaign?

Email drip campaigns are pre-written collections of messages that are distributed to recipients automatically over time. Drip campaigns are frequently used in email marketing to support lead nurturing and onboarding methods as well as to welcome new email subscribers.
Here is an illustration of how a lead nurturing campaign may appear:

As you can see, a series of emails are drip-fed based on whether the receiver opened the previous email or not. The ability to send emails based on behavior makes it dynamic. Although they are somewhat predetermined, each subscriber is sent down the road that they indicate they are ready for (or, maybe more properly, the path that the company determines they are ready to go next).
Email drip programs' objectives are to:
  • Discover more about your customers
  • Adapt the communication to you
  • Sort subscribers into groups based on where they are in the funnel
  • Engage audience members so they will eventually convert

2. How to Do an Email Drip Campaign

Determine the type of campaign you want to try first.

If you're just getting started with drip marketing, create one campaign and evaluate its performance. In this manner, you can use what you learn in subsequent campaigns. The three primary forms of email drip programs are as follows:
  • new subscribers' welcome emails
  • emails for lead nurturing
  • Orientation emails
The purpose of welcome emails is to immediately enlist new subscribers, educate them about your company, and keep them interested with relevant offers and information.
By providing your leads with pertinent information like case studies, white papers, webinar recordings, videos, or product demonstrations, lead nurturing emails are intended to progress your leads down the sales funnel.
By giving free trial users a deeper understanding of your product or service, showcasing how you provide the answers they genuinely need, and highlighting how you're unique, onboarding emails encourage free trial users to convert to paying customers.

Second, develop a plan.

It's time to establish a strategy once you've chosen the campaign type you wish to run. To accomplish this, you must:
  • Set a clear endpoint for the campaign.
  • Make a route that reaches that objective.
  • Create a message that is in line with the pathway and objective.
  • Identify the target market for this category.
Setting a clear objective for your email drip campaign is crucial. It aids in shaping the messaging you'll develop in a subsequent step and aids in campaign performance evaluation. Your ultimate objective can be to obtain X more paying customers, boost audience trust, or increase sales by X percent.
By outlining each phase of the campaign, or, to put it another way, each "drip" to be delivered to the recipient's inbox, creating a pathway assists you in achieving the end goal. If you choose to run a welcome email campaign, your initial email will "welcome" new subscribers and advance them to other significant milestones you've decided upon. Lead nurturing campaigns may follow a more difficult path to accomplish their objectives, as in the aforementioned case.

Third: Measure Performance

By evaluating the results of your drip campaign, you may find out how effective your strategy is at this point. You should keep track of your email drip campaign's open rate, click-through rate (CTR), and response rate, which is the proportion of all recipients that clicked on the campaign's link and took an action.

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How do I send a drip email?

Click "New Broadcast Email" to send an email. You could also click on the three dots if you want to select a certain builder. The two options are the same when you click on the three dots: Visual Builder or Text/HTML builder. Let's begin by selecting the graphic builder and pressing the "Continue" button.

How many emails should you have in a drip campaign?

Choose the number of touches your drip campaign will include.
B2B businesses should limit their monthly email sending to five, whereas B2C businesses can send a little bit more. Four to eleven emails, spaced four, seven, or fourteen days apart, can make up your drip campaign.

What is an email drip sequence?

A drip email campaign, sometimes referred to as a drip sequence, is an automated email marketing method created to send a subscriber a number of emails over a predetermined period of time. The emails are scheduled to be sent out at predefined intervals and are prompted by a client event or activity.

What does a good drip campaign look like?

The prospect should not even be aware that it is a pre-written, automated email; this is the sign of a successful drip email campaign. Your message should enchant your audience and give them the impression that it was created just for them.

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