How to retrieve your tweets if Twitter shut down

Safalta Expert Published by: Aryan Rana Updated Fri, 18 Nov 2022 11:11 PM IST


As concerns about Twitter's capacity to remain operational rise, the company is in a vulnerable position. According to reports, hundreds of workers decided to leave after Elon Musk gave them an ultimatum on Wednesday.

Table of Content
Is Twitter shutting down?
Why are workers at Twitter leaving?
How can I back up or download my tweets?

What other ways can I get ready in case Twitter goes down?
What Twitter alternatives exist?

There are growing concerns about Twitter's ability to remain operational, which has put the site in a precarious position. Following Elon Musk's ultimatum to the staff on Wednesday, hundreds of workers reportedly decided to leave.

According to those acquainted with the situation who talked to The Washington Post, the number of engineers in charge of several crucial systems had been cut down, in some cases to almost nil. Hashtags like #RIPTwitter, #TwitterDown, and #Goodbye have also become popular.

In case Twitter goes offline forever, some users, including lawmakers, embassies, and government agencies, have begun planning for the worst.

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Is Twitter shutting down?

Likely not (right now). Elon Musk, the owner, has continued to exhibit confidence in public remarks. He claimed that the business had "just set another all-time high in Twitter usage" over the course of the previous night, which is probably tied to the volume of individuals tweeting about Twitter.

The best employees are remaining, so I'm not overly concerned, Musk said on Thursday.

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Musk has a strong motive to stop Twitter from collapsing because he spent $44 billion on it.

People with knowledge of the issue indicate that many engineers working on crucial systems have departed, leaving the system exposed to faults and with few people left to solve them. This has led to concerns that Twitter could fall offline.

There may be an increase in online harassment or dangers for activists and others who use the site to communicate sensitive material as a result of the departures, which are also believed to have had a significant impact on teams working on false information and phoney accounts.

According to, which showed that hundreds of Twitter outages have been recorded in the last 24 hours, some users have been experiencing operational issues with the service.

Why are workers at Twitter leaving?

Staffing levels have dropped significantly since Musk took ownership of the business less than a month ago.

Approximately half of the employees were reduced in this month's initial wave of layoffs. Following that, Musk announced last Thursday that all employees would have to report to work, infuriating many of the remaining employees.

Then, on Wednesday, Musk gave the remaining staff members a choice: either join a new "hardcore" Twitter or quit the organisation with severance money. That choice deadline was 5 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday. According to current and former workers, hundreds of Twitter employees decided to seek severance rather than continue working.

The return-to-office compulsion has subsequently appeared to be abandoned by Musk, which is interpreted as an indication that more people than expected declined to sign.

How many Twitter employees are still working there is unknown.

How can I back up or download my tweets?

Downloading all of your previous tweets is a good place to start if you're concerned about Twitter going down.

Twitter provides a backup option, however, there have been allegations in the last week that the files are given to users either late or not at all. Twitter has previously said that it may take up to 24 hours for your data to be ready. To be safe, go ahead and submit a request.

Choose Download an Archive of Your Data under Settings > Your Account. You can use the "request archive" option to request your information as a zip file after clearing a few security checks.

Your account information, account history, apps and devices, account activity, interests, and Ads data should all be included in the preserved information.

Once you've submitted the request, you'll need to wait. When the archive is prepared for download, an in-app message should let you know. The time you have to access the files is finite.

What other ways can I get ready in case Twitter goes down?

Given how frequently Twitter is used for public communication, several political personalities and organisations are putting plans in place in case it is shut down.

A number of state agencies in the United States have revealed alternate means to stay updated, for instance, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) shared her Instagram username and email with her 13.5 million Twitter followers. In case Twitter goes down, Seattle's Office of Emergency Management has provided instructions on how to sign up for emergency notifications by text, phone, or email. Several journalists have started tweeting their email addresses and other contact information.

Post a tweet about your own alternate internet destinations and tack it to your Twitter feed. Reach out to those you only interact with via Twitter DM and request their other contact information. Make sure to only disclose facts on Twitter that you are comfortable having made public if you choose to give your contact information.

Don't immediately delete your Twitter account. That will stop your former user name from being made public and prevent it from being used for impersonation or scams.

What Twitter alternatives exist?

There isn't a precise substitute for Twitter, and since Musk took over, there hasn't been enough time for a genuine successor to appear. Links to popular creators' Patreon pages, newsletters, and Instagram accounts are being shared. On well-known options like Reddit, LinkedIn, Tumblr, or even Facebook groups, people might spend more time. The most well-liked option for scrolling for hours on end is TikTok.

The German social network Mastodon, which bills itself as the largest decentralised social network on the internet, has been one of the most discussed alternatives to Twitter.

Mastodon searches first increased when Musk declared a bid to acquire Twitter in April. According to the network, more than 70,000 individuals joined Mastodon the day after he assumed leadership, and over 1 million accounts had been added by November 12.

Mastodon is different from Twitter, though, as it has a much smaller user base and requires users to join individual sites or servers as opposed to a single, central site. Reviews have been mixed, with many people believing it to be extremely technical and complex.

Do tweets get deleted if a Twitter account is closed?

Prior to deactivating your account, you must request a download of your Twitter data. Your account's deactivation does not erase your data from Twitter's servers. To protect the security of its platform and users, Twitter may keep some information on your deactivated account.

Can I get my Twitter account back?

Within 30 days of deactivation, deactivated accounts can be reactivated by visiting or your Twitter for iOS or Android app and logging in with the account username (or email address) and password. Read the complete directions for reactivating your account.

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