How to secure domain name: Do's & dont's

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A domain name is a word or phrase that designates a sphere of administrative control, authority, or autonomy on the Internet. Domain names are used for application-specific naming and addressing as well as in a variety of networking settings.

Table of content
Choose a suitable domain extension
Use keyword fusions
Make an impact that sticks
Recognize your target market
Symbols, digits, and hyphens should not be used
Take a long view
Think about your brand

An essential component of your website's identification is its domain name.

Any website owner who wants to attract clients to their page should carefully consider the domain name they want to use.

If picked wisely, it may enhance SEO, impress readers, and strengthen your brand.

It is crucial to be aware of what to watch out for when registering, for this reason.

In this article, we'll go through how to pick a domain name that has a tonne of advantages. Find the perfect domain for your website with our advice, and your online presence will gain credibility.

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Choose a suitable domain extension

The final portion of your domain name is a domain extension, usually referred to as a top-level domain (TLD).

Why then should we begin our advice on selecting a domain name with it?

Because it's one of the most crucial elements that will impact your business as a whole, not simply your online presence.

Although the domain is undoubtedly already familiar to you, it's crucial to keep in mind that there are many different domain extensions accessible.


Additionally, each domain extension has a distinct function.

For instance,.blog is typically associated with individual blogs, is frequently controlled by governmental organisations.

On the internet, there are countless domain extensions that can be used, but a few of the more well-liked ones are as follows:
  • Perfect for commercial websites
  • Great for organisations
  • .net is a popular extension for business and brand networks.
  • Great for a project that provides information or a webpage for an event

Selecting a domain extension depending on your niche is a fantastic idea. By doing this, you may make it clear to readers right away what your website is there for.

The safest option if you are unsure of the domain extension to select. Although it was first designed for commercial websites, it has expanded to include nearly every type of website.

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After all, it is the most widely used extension.

Use keyword fusions

Visitors should be able to infer what your website is about from a superb domain name. Including target keywords in your text is one of the greatest methods to accomplish this.

Use phrases like a boutique, fashion, and apparel, for instance, if you own an online clothes store.

Use the domain name generator on Zyro if you're having trouble coming up with a name on your own.

Simply enter the desired keywords, and the programme will provide a list of all possible keyword combinations that you can use for your domain name.

The domain name is then instantly available for purchase on the same page for an affordable price.

Make an impact that sticks

You should abide by these three key guidelines if you want your domain name to have a positive first impression.

First, you should have a distinctive address because it will make you stand out from the competition. Your website would so stand a better chance of generating more traffic.

Second, it must be a brief domain name. Use one or two words with a few syllables apiece, as advised. It will be simpler to remember if you do that.

Last but not least, your domain name must be unique and catchy. You may use a call-to-action tagline or a rhyme that will stick in people's minds long after they have left your page.

Here are a few of the top domain name examples that fit all three of these requirements:

Recognize your target market

If you are aware of your target market, naming a domain is simple.

You'll be better able to provide potential customers with something they'll appreciate if you understand who they are and what they desire.

For instance, you have made the decision to advertise a fitness class to Seattle locals.

Therefore, the domain name that best expresses your area and your company, such as or, would be an appropriate new domain name.

Better better, speak with some of the people that make up your target market and pay close attention to the kinds of keywords they employ. Then pick a domain that accurately represents them.

Symbols, digits, and hyphens should not be used

Overcrowding a domain name with extraneous characters, such as hyphens, symbols, and digits, is a relatively common error made by website owners.

All of them lengthen your address and make it appear less professional rather than making it distinctive. Additionally, they are challenging to type and pronounce. You will therefore find it far more difficult to convince visitors to return.

But if you really must use a hyphen or other unique sign, keep it to one character.

You can use multiple numbers, but make sure they are sequential (for example, 123) or obvious (e.g. 247, 365).

A domain name that requires no effort from the visitor is, in general, the ideal domain name.

They will become frustrated and might not even give your brand another chance if they type your domain name incorrectly because it is too complicated and land on a website that reads, "This domain doesn't exist."

Take a long view

Do not rush the process of selecting the ideal domain name because your domain name is a long-term investment.

For many years to come, you will use it to develop your brand's reputation and search engine ranking.

Therefore, you should select a domain that is future-proof and will support your business both when it is just getting started and when it is receiving thousands of visitors.

Therefore, even if you broaden your niche, your domain name should still sum up your company's mission and core principles.

Consider potential (hypothetical) expansion methods and run the list of domain name suggestions through them as an excellent way to future-proof your company.

Think about your brand

Don't rush the process of choosing the ideal domain because your domain name is a long-term investment, therefore treat it as such.

You will continue to use it to raise your brand's visibility and search engine ranking.

As a result, you should pick a domain that will still be relevant in the future, even when your business receives thousands of visitors daily.

Thus, even if your expertise is expanded, your domain name should always sum up your company's mission and core principles.

Thinking about potential (hypothetical) expansion methods and running the list of domain name ideas through them is a fantastic strategy to ensure the viability of your company in the future.


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