Is IP Address A Google Ranking Factor?

Safalta Expert Published by: Priya Bawa Updated Mon, 05 Dec 2022 01:25 AM IST

Would the IP address of your website's server affect your search engine rankings? According to certain online sites, Google uses your IP address as a ranking indication. But, can your IP address have the capacity to assist or hurt your search rankings? Continue reading to find out if IP addresses are a ranking factor for Google. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing

Table of Content:
1) What exactly is an IP address?
2) A Past of IP Addresses
3) Should a change in IP address have an impact on my website's SEO?
4) The Advantages of Utilizing a Private IP Address
5) As A Rating Issue, IP Tackle
6) Our Opinion: IP Tackle Is No Longer A Rating Concern
7) How to Determine the IP Address of Your Website

8) Select the most appropriate IP address for your website
What exactly is an IP address?
As we go any farther down the rabbit hole, we first define an IP address. Everyone, whether he understood it or not, has seen an IP address. IP refers to Internet Protocol, and domain names use Email accounts to redirect users to the information of their site. To identify IPs, the DNS is utilized.

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Source: Safalta

Consider the DNS system to be a massive registry that stores all domain names and the IP addresses associated with them. Consider a phone booth with a gigantic phone book inside holding the phone numbers of everyone on the earth! The DNS system was designed to make people's life easier by allowing them to choose a "name" for their website rather than memorizing a lengthy number string and typing it in the browser anytime they wanted to visit it. Without DNS, instead of typing "" into your browser to access your preferred search engine, you'd have to write something like "," which is much more difficult to remember.

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A Past of IP Addresses
This is code that helps to identify the computer network. The Internet Protocol Version 4 was its first version (IPv4). An IP address was defined using a 32-bit address in this protocol. A subsequent version, known as Internet Protocol Version 6, was created in 1995 and is still being updated It standard establishes an IP address as a 128-bit identifier. This protocol's last update was released in 2017 and it has been in use since then.
Should a change in IP address have an impact on my website's SEO?
You've worked hard on your website's SEO and your company's online presence to ensure that you appear high in the results when potential customers search for your service or product. so you may be concerned that switching to a new telephone line provider and the close correlation in your IP address will jeopardize your efforts. Will the adjustment have an impact on your website's SEO? Thankfully, the answer is no. Changing to a new leased line provider will have no effect on your website's IP address because it is related to the server on which your website is housed.
The Advantages of Utilizing a Private IP Address:
  • Enhanced performance and security: For websites that receive a high volume of web traffic, a devoted IP address is the best option, as a shared hosting IP address would be shared by thousands of other internet sites, likely to result in continual server crashes and web page downtime (my experience with Namecheap), rendering your website unattainable to visitors and resulting in SEO juice loss.
  • Holding your own private SSL certificate: Google has made getting an SSL Certificate ranking criteria for websites that want to rank for keywords in Google search engine results. Google crawlers are programmed to index sites with SSL certificates and to prioritize websites that use HTTPS.
As A Rating Issue, IP Tackle:
According to publications on reputable marketing sites, Google has over 200 "accepted" ranking elements. Those lists frequently include claims regarding blacklisted IP addresses influencing rankings or higher-value hyperlinks since they are from distinct C-class IP addresses. Fortunately, these lists triggered several discussions with Google workers over the legitimacy of IP addresses as ranking components in Google's algorithm.
Our Opinion: IP Tackle Is No Longer A Rating Concern:
Google may have already tried IP-level measures against spammy sites. Unfortunately, it must have found this ineffectual because we haven't seen any confirmation from Google personnel that IP addresses, shared internet hosting, and unsafe neighborhoods are included in the algorithm. As a result, we will determine for the time being that IP addresses are not generally a rating concern.
How to Determine the IP Address of Your Website:
The site's IP address is public knowledge, independent of which web hosting provider it utilizes. There are numerous methods for determining its IP address, one of them being to utilize the Windows run command. After entering the command prompt, type tracert, then by a space, and then the domain name of your website. You'll notice your website's IP address after running this command. You may also check your site's IP address using a lookup service like Site24x7. Simply input your domain name, and it will display your website's IP. Of course, you may also log into your web hosting account to determine your website's IP address. Most web hosting companies display this information in their control panel.
Select the most appropriate IP address for your website:
Finally, your site's IP address, either devoted or shared, will not have an impact on your SEO efforts. Using a private IP address is usually suggested because it improves performance and security, but you're better off selecting the finest hosting package for your company.
Last Thoughts
IP addresses are of little importance in SEO. An IP address is just a label that informs the globe where the site is situated. They have a minor degree of effect on local rankings due to their geographic significance. Local SEO and email campaigns, on the other hand, are the only methods a website's IP address might affect its reach.
  Does the IP address of your site's server have an impact on your search engine results? Google, according to certain websites, utilizes your Ip as just a ranking indicator. But, does your IP address have the ability to assist or hinder your search rankings? Continue reading to find out if Google uses IP addresses as a ranking component.

How does IP address have any bearing on SEO?

The IP address of your website is unlikely to have any direct influence on its SEO. For a long time, it was thought that shared an IP address with untrustworthy websites may lead Google to penalise your site.

What variables influence Google ranking?

  • Page loading time
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Backlinks
  • Relates
  • Interstitials that are intrusive

Can Google collect IP addresses?

This implies that any website you visit, including, may obtain information about your geographical location. Google, like many other Internet services, can utilise information about your approximate location to perform certain basic services.

Is indeed an IP address sufficient evidence?

So because IP address is used to determine which device was used in a conversation among the millions of connected to the internet, it may be formidable evidence in the law enforcement's hands.

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