Is Technical SEO is a career for women in digital marketing?

Safalta Expert Published by: Aryan Rana Updated Wed, 22 Feb 2023 08:22 PM IST


Like in every field, there are some difficulties that women have encountered that perhaps their male counterparts have not. Most significantly, the women we spoke with described how they overcome difficulties to forge successful careers in SEO despite being outnumbered or even being put down at times.

Digital Marketing as a field as grown tremendously over the last few years. Various job opportunities have opened in this field which are attracting a lot of people. Many are getting professional degree certificates in digital marketing and applying for jobs in firms and companies. However, the gender bias plagues this field as well. A sort of gender imbalance has been observed in digital marketing industry.

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Men occupy majority of the positions in digital marketing. However, there are women who are working hard to establish themselves in this field. They are actively applying for various positions and technical SEO is one such position. Read this article to know all about career of women in digital marketing as a technical SEO.

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Table of Content

What difficulties did you encounter as a female SEO professional?
Where Do You See SEO Going in the Future?
What Part Do You Think Women Will Play in SEO's Future?
Who Do You Go to for SEO Advice?


What difficulties did you encounter as a female SEO professional?

Like in every field, there are some difficulties that women have encountered that perhaps their male counterparts have not. Most significantly, the women we spoke with described how they overcome difficulties to forge successful careers in SEO despite being outnumbered or even being put down at times.

The SEO expert and speaker Aleyda Solis told us about her decision to launch her own company. "One of the reasons I founded my own SEO firm was that I realised that if I relied on others to provide me with opportunities to advance professionally, I would undoubtedly be constrained by the fact that I am a woman of colour, a non-native English speaker, and a woman of colour. My USP is that I am a bilingual, remote-based international SEO consultant and the founder of my own remote-based SEO business, therefore I took the risks and offered myself the opportunities I knew others wouldn't give me.

"I recall the first SEO gatherings and events I attended in Spain," she continued. While there were 20 men, I was one of just two or three women. Thankfully, things are improving and there are now significantly more women working in the field, but we can still see how there is a lack of representation in executive roles within businesses or visibility at events; this is why it is crucial to have and support programmes and communities like the Women in Tech SEO community or the United Search SEO speaker accelerator to change this. For women to develop a sense of identity, they need to have role models and references to look up to.

Sadly, I still occasionally encounter "mansplaining" on social media platforms and irrational, inappropriate tweets from men I don't know, but unlike before when I didn't feel strong enough to call that behaviour out.

Dani Hawley, Director of SEO at LevLane, attributes her success today to overcome the difficulties she's encountered over the course of her ten years in SEO, rather than being constrained by the lack of female professionals in the field.

"I was first exposed to SEO marketing ten years ago when it was still a relatively new sector for people to enter. Women were underrepresented in the business at the time because there were so many men working there. In the last ten years, I've seen women take true control of the SEO industry, and technical SEO has experienced especially impressive growth.

The largest problem I still observe is sales teams' misunderstanding of SEO because it is challenging to understand. I saw that as a challenge and created a method for sales representatives to promote SEO without making exaggerated claims. I knew then that SEO was where I wanted to be. Here I am, managing a team as a Director of SEO, more than ten years later! I wouldn't have been as interested in going on this adventure if it weren't for the difficulties I encountered at that job.

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Where Do You See SEO Going in the Future?

Safalta has been driven by a single objective from the company's inception: to create an interface that automatically connects search engines and websites, unlocking untapped potential and generating quantifiable results. We are aware that as organic search expands, it will face numerous new difficulties (such as Core Web Vitals), but it will also present numerous novel opportunities.

The days of developing a strategic playlist that could be used only once, according to Venture4th Media COO Amy Aitman, are over. Additionally, great websites are not just the result of technological expertise! Nobody can guarantee that they know EXACTLY how to rank for any term or what will work every time because great SEO has many moving elements. To be quite honest, I find this to be a fun aspect of SEO. There will be many difficult decisions you must make along the way, and what works for one site or one brand may or may not work for everyone. In my opinion, it takes both art and science to balance the importance of great content, branding, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

According to Candice Bouchareine, Growth Marketing Manager at, "Voice search is unquestionably the next big thing in SEO since it will force marketers to reassess how they create content and how readers and listeners engage with it. Voice search is far more device-dependent and leaves no opportunity for error. Especially for the B2B sector, it will be interesting to observe how everything turns out.

What Part Do You Think Women Will Play in SEO's Future?

The future is looking good for women in SEO, from more of them entering the industry to them taking on more senior leadership positions.

It has been fascinating to watch SEO develop into a much more complex discipline that is now much better interwoven into businesses' digital marketing, product, and tech initiatives, with many more organisations having SEO departments and programmes, said Aleyda Solis. "I'm so thrilled to see more women running those programmes and departments, and I anticipate this trend to continue developing rapidly in the coming years!"

"Women have been crucial to the success of SEO," Dani Hawley remarked. Women continue to provide fresh and insightful research in the search field, from SEO account leads to SEO analysts. Women, I've discovered, typically understand customer wants differently and can effectively convey that. Men add a different perspective to the situation, and their collaboration produces insights that have an effect on our clients' clients' needs.

Who Do You Go to for SEO Advice?

Thank goodness, the female members of the SEO community are so inspirational. Amy Aitman singled out her friend Jennifer Priest from Smart Creative Social, while Aleyda cited "the wonderful Areej AbuAli, Judith Lewis, Lisa Paasche, and Michelle Robbins" as her sources of inspiration. "She is renowned as a Pinterest specialist, but I've learnt a lot from her as a clever, astute SEO expert as well. I was stunned when she once explained how she considered native internal links during a strategy discussion with me. Of course, I immediately put her suggestions into practice with our own authors and editors!


What does digital marketing technical SEO entail?

Technical SEO is the process of improving your website and server so that search engine spiders can more efficiently crawl and index your site (to help improve organic rankings).

What is included in technical SEO?

Making sure a website complies with the technical standards of current search engines in order to achieve higher organic ranks is known as technical SEO. Website architecture, crawling, indexing, and rendering are crucial aspects of technical SEO.

Why is technical SEO so crucial?

Technical SEO is crucial since it essentially guarantees that your website is user-friendly and devoid of any technical problems that would impede search engines from understanding and ranking it. Technical SEO should be used to draw organic traffic and convert that traffic into paying clients.

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