Web Developer Job Description : Job Duties and Job Summary

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Check out the complete job description of a web developer including the job duties and job qualifications here at Safalta.com

Top Responsibilities and Qualifications for a Web Developer

The initial point of contact between your firm and your new hire is the job description. With millions of individuals searching for jobs on Indeed every month, a well-written job description will help you attract the best candidates for your vacant position. Here are a few pointers on how to write a good job description to get you started.

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Job title: Web Developer

A good job title should include a general phrase, amount of experience, and any particular qualifications. The broad word will help your job title stand out in a broader search for similar positions. By emphasising the degree of responsibility and prior knowledge required, the level of experience will help you attract the most qualified individuals.

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Consider mentioning the specialisation in the job title if your role is specialised. To ensure that readers understand what your job advertisement is about before clicking, avoid using internal titles, abbreviations, or acronyms.
  • Web Developer
  • Senior Web Designer
  • Web Developer (with Java proficiency)
  • Web Developer (Part-Time)
  • Front End Developer
  • Full Stack Web Developer

Job Description for a Web Developer

A solid job description begins with an attention-getting explanation of the position and its importance in your organisation. Your summary should give a general description of your organisation as well as your job expectations. Outline the types of activities and duties required for the work so that job seekers may assess whether or not they are qualified for the position.

Example of a Web Developer Job Summary

Our company is looking for a creative Web Developer that can collaborate with our software application team to help us reach our digital objectives. The ideal applicant for this role is a hands-on expert with extensive experience with content management platforms and the ability to translate our business requirements into user-friendly functions that will increase our website's influence in our industry. The Web Developer will be in charge of maintaining and updating our present online apps, as well as establishing and implementing a usability testing procedure to ensure that future website applications suit our company's needs.

Responsibilities of a web developer

The most significant portion of the job description is the obligations and tasks section. Here you should describe the duties and responsibilities of this position on a regular basis, as well as how the job fits within the company and who the employee will report to.

Develop applications that address the SDLC phases (software development life cycle)

Create thorough application testing processes.

Update current applications to fulfil the company's website policies' security and functionality requirements.

Implement testing tools to track the company's website's performance over time.

Assist with the revision of application development policies to guarantee that all future apps satisfy the most recent technical specifications.

Qualifications and abilities of a Web Developer

Next, list the talents that are essential and desired for your role. Education, prior work experience, certifications, and technical skills are all examples of this. Soft talents and personality attributes that you expect from a successful candidate can also be included. While it may be tempting to add a comprehensive list of qualifications and skills, doing so may discourage competent individuals from submitting. Keep your qualifications list short, but include enough information with relevant keywords and concepts.

A bachelor's degree in computer science or a related discipline (a master's degree is desirable) is required.

2+ years of application development and testing experience

SDLC implementation experience of at least one year

Ability to develop entirely new application support documentation

Ability to work well with others

Proven knowledge of the most current security and web development programming languages

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