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Off-page SEO is a technique in digital marketing which helps us gain results and increase traffic on the back of the website. first, know little about SEO. Click here to buy a course on Digital Marketing-  Digital Marketing Specialization Course

Table of content:
What is On-page SEO?
 What is Off-page SEO?
Elements/technique  of off page seo
Advantages of off page seo

First of all, let’s know about SEO.SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. It is a technique that helps for increasing the ranking of our webpage and is visible on the top or on the first page of SERP(SERP stands for SEARCH ENGINE RESULT PAGE). With the help of SEO, we get organic results and get traffic to our website.SEO is a free and organic method to increase the rank of your website. It is time taken process.

SEO has 4 types of SEO.

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to the work/action that was implemented or posted on your website such as blogging, description, image, video, content writing, etc. Work that is done on the website 

   Elements of On-page SEO

The important element that should be kept in mind before starting seo

  • The quality of your content should be great and attractive 
  • Title tag
  • Meta  description 
  • SlugConclusion
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 What is Off page seo?

Off-page seo refers to those workers and actions that are out of the main or linking to other websites for promoting our website. With help of the off-page seo techniques, we can promote our website and raise traffic. with the help of off-page seo, we can get more traffic for our website and also for visibility on top of SERP.  There are some techniques from which we get more traffic to our website


.Elements/technique  of off page seo

  • Backlinks, Forum posting, connecting with others by messaging and comments
  • SMM stands for social media marketing in which we promote our website on social platforms such as Facebook, linked in, Instagram, telegram, etc.
  • Guest posting content when we add a post or blog in another
  • website and owner that  use our content in their web page or site is guest content
  • Local listing is a technique from which customers increase trust by getting full information about your goods and service.
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Advantages of off-page SEO 

  • An increase in ranking is a major factor for SEO with help of Off-page SEO we can increase our ranking by promoting 
  • Great exposure-ranking websites get more visibility and traffic on their website.
  • Page rank increases with off page seo technique our website visible on SERP's first page
  • Build trust by contacting directly to our customers and top visibility of the site increases trust for you to others.

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What is Off Page SEO?

Off Page SEO, is a technique that helps us for ranking and promotes our website from other social platforms, not inside our website.

Who use Off Page SEO?

Every Digital Marketer uses Off Page SEO for increasing traffic to the website.

What are technique of Off page SEO?

Technique of Off-Page SEO is :
  • Social media marketing
  • backlinking
  • foram posting

What are the advantages of Off Page SEO?

Page rank increases with off-page seo technique our website is visible on SERP's first page. Build trust by contacting directly to our customers and top visibility of the site increases trust for you to others.

What are Off page SEO elements?

Off-page SEO elements are:
1) Video
2) Link
3) Reviews

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