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As we all know that there are so many messaging applications on the internet and slack applications are also messaging apps. It connects people to their knowledge about business needs. Slack apps are different from other applications. Usually, this app is mainly used for business purposes. this software is paid software. Click here to buy a course on Digital Marketing-  Digital Marketing Specialization Course

From this app, people easily connect with their partners, team members, Colleagues, agents, dealers, and so on. With the help of this app, people can communicate easily and immediately according to their needs. 

The slack application was launched by an American company in August 2013. This application is suitable for every operating system like IOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows. 

Slack software was developed in the Java script language, C++.

Table of Content:
 Features of Slack Application 
Calling and Video calling feature
History of Slack Application
Platforms of Slack Application
 Research for slack application
To summarise



  Features of Slack Application 

  • Slack applications have many IRC (internal relay chat) features. Which includes the president chat room, private chat room, and direct messaging facilities. 
  • IRC, is majorly used for the company's private group discussions, and private chats.
  • This application is available in different languages such as Chinese (Simplified or Traditional), English (US or UK), French (France), German (Germany), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, and Spanish (Latin America or Spain).
  • You can read messages in your language and send them by adjusting spell check
  •  Integrating different tools also avoid context switching. 
  • This tool allows you to attach extra utilities like office 365.
  • This tool also grants you to attach with google, Trello, Zoho, outlook, click up, etc.
  • Slack also has a channel describing the feature, which means when people join the group to notify what is group about.
  • It also has a calling and video calling feature.

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Calling and Video calling feature

As we know, like other applications, you can also call or video call from the slack application, you can also make group calls with slack pro which is a paid feature.

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When you start calling you can also use many other useful features given below.

  • You can mute or unmute yourself
  • You can switch your on or off your video according to your need 
  • You can invite others on the same slack group call
  • You also can share your screen on desktop
  • Also can draw your screen 
  • And also let others draw your screen
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History of Slack Application

As we know before, the slack app was launched in August 2013. The inventor of the slack application is Stewart Butterfield and Cal Henderson. On a report by Stewart, slack stands for( Search Log of All Conversation and knowledge). In 2012 he replace the last codename, linefeed.

It was lastly suitable with common IRC and XMPP protocols, but the company closed the communication protocol in May 2018. 

  • On July 2018, Company announced the integration of slack with Atlassian service.
  • In June 2019, slack go to public with a direct offering to reach a market value of USD 19.5 billion.
  • In July 2020, the company focused on directory building.
  • On  January 1, 2021, the company announced the agreement for salesforce to the company approx. $27.7 billion.

Platforms of Slack Application

Slack give more platforms for their user, from where user can easily work or coordinate with others. such as,

  • Mobile IOS, Android
  • Web browser
  • Desktops
  • Apple Watch
  • application

 Research for slack application

According to the research,  Alexa software ranked this application in 282 ranks in 2020. In march 2015, the slack company announce that the software was hacked on February 2015. 

Between October 2015 to November 2016, more than 10,000 messages were sent through slack chat. Research assistants were sent by 53% of people, and 47% results were recorded.

The app was launched with 8.000 users within the first 24 hours. Since then more than 20 million users monthly activated. Company prediction that it may be increased by more than 80 million in 2025.

To summarise

The slack app is famous as a team chat application for so many reasons, it is easy to use, build-in, and so on. The app conducts shapes and outlines into a messaging group. and it is important the information doesn't get lost.

By conveying people together to work in teams/groups, slack change their way to organize communication. The application shows its visibility, flexibility, guarantee, integration, and automatic workflow.



What is slack appilcation?

Slack application is an app that helps you to connect with your business for communication.

Who is the inventor of slack application?

The inventor of the slack application is Stewart Butterfield and Cal Henderson.

Is slack appilication is available is other language?

Yes, this application is available in many languages such as Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

When slack application is launched?

slack application is launched in, August 2013.

Is slack appilication have calling feature?

The slack application has a calling and video feature included with the group.

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