Safalta Talks Master Session: The Children The Holy Grail of Marketing by Mr. Rahul Dhamdhere

Preeti Sharma

She is an English content writer and manages all the creative processes, respectively. Worked on many creative frontlines with proper result goals.

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Every market professional and their career is wonderful with lots of opportunities to start. If there is a sales career then you will get to know that field work is important likewise market specialists are also targeting sales to make a profitable business. Sales is the niche market of every industry but the core of specialisation for your career is you have to choose that field which you are loving the most and don't lose hope. India is a country where language, food, and that change every 100 metres and markets and children are more often watching TV for about 2-3 hours per day. Therefore, Products which are related to children are not authenticated for placing kids in the place of any promotional ads instead if you are pitching both audiences that are the parents and the children then your business will boost the market.

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Q1:-  The number of children aged 0 to 14 in the entire world will be 2 billion by 2023, so which companies are targeting? This means that when you are targeting children, you make them customers for a whole life span.


With such a marketing strategy, the market has reached more and more children. Going back 40-50 years, companies adopted the marketing strategy for children through radio, TV, magazines, and magazines, till around 2000. TV's Karishma ka Karishma, Shaklak Boom Boom, and Shakti Man, like the show's marketing work. And in today's time of technology, how can one directly ask anything to today's children?

Ans:- You have to think about the future because AI technology is here, and digital marketing and AI are also Involved in building the entire business. Every child is on Instagram at the age of 12 and above. Before that, they were on YouTube channels. Media and all channels are planned according to the behaviour, and demographic of the children's action. You have to focus more on marketing your business in creative ways. but children are still on YouTube, like us in Kidzania with 50,000 views. Dealing with more brands.
But like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Cadbury, they do not target children as the main target audience. Today's children don't know about CDs, haven't seen old phones, haven't seen pen drives but the transition of the future is implemented in every phase of a child's life.

  • Firstly, talk straightforwardly with children in explaining anything.
  • Secondly, from a business point of view Marketers must understand the parents' guilty consciousness in giving more priority to the children as both are working parents and they want to give everything to provide them attention.

Q2. What is Kidzania, How does it work and How did Kidzania become a brand with the concept?

Kidzania is a Mexican company started in 1998 in Mexico. The Founder Havier Lopez, got the idea of Kidzania by walking down the street and seeing kids playing but he thought of giving something that would help kids learn skills in any of the segments that they like. Therefore, He created a miniature city for kids as the name suggests Kidzania to provide children to learn and the chance of giving themselves to explore every activity. 

Kidzania has been in Mumbai for 10 years and has a 70,000 sq ft area and in Noida and Delhi, there is a 1 lac sq. ft. area for kids to study with the role plays of professional life and get the experience of how things work. Role-plays are dynamic interpretations that have been practised since the time of Mahabharata. Kidzania is a city where children may drive a car but first, they have to apply for a licence to drive, they can bake, they can operate, and they can operate the accounts in the accounting department but with all the procedures. In Kidzania, kids are taught about life, how to earn money and how to spend it wisely. For example, A kid comes to Kidzania the session for role play lasts from 5 to 6 hours and they are provided with 50 Kidzo currency the kid will decide what he or she is fascinated to become or interested in and when the Kidzo currency is all finished then there are kids who represent as a logistic expert who delivers the product and earn for the Kidzo currency. So, Brands are also associated with Kidzania which also gives access to participation in these brands are available such as kids learning how to operate the ATM machine, how banks work etc. So, Kidzania is providing real-life experiences for the kids to recognise how insurance works, how to build a house where the sun reaches your house etc.

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Q3. If kids are enacting the same actions that are picturised in the form of commercials, Nukkad Natak and if any kid gets hurt. Then parents are taking action and reporting the company. Therefore, what are the legal policy guidelines and how are companies dealing with them?

Ans. Brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Cadbury are not inducing any act or ad promotion using kids representing as models. These brands always keep taglines with the Actor resembling figures such as Ranveer Singh, and Adults. In Kidzania policy guidelines, no adult pictures are included in the promotion of any brand that is involved with Kidzania. For example: There is a Brand Skincare Company called X and the Brand Ambassador of the Brand is Deepika Padukone Singh. So, there will be no poster with the picture including Deepika Padukone in the Kidzania. Mental and Physical Safety is a high priority for Children in Kidzania as Kidzania is an Edutainment where children are provided the education in the form of entertainment.


Q4 What marketing strategies are being used to develop awareness around the kids in the world of Digital AI?

Ans.In Kidzania, the main communicator audiences are both: The Children and The Parents. As the Kidzania CMO, I am talking with Parents on Instagram as this platform is not accessible to children. So, I am telling parents to focus on physical activities and guide them to take their children away from mobile phones and laptops and give them the experience of Kidzania as this is the only platform where kids are learning with role play in a fun way.
Secondly, The campaigns are interactive with taglines like " The Child Dream" and "Track kro pata chalega" because the main motive is to let the children try and learn and standardise their goals with time. For example: Kidzania is collaborating with a travel company so we are encouraging kids to plan a trip or vacation as their own.
Thirdly, talk with the audience as a marketer. If Kidzania is there then they are talking with parents in one lingual form of presentation and for kids in the way they like it because they are a different target audience. Kidzania has 55 brands and all have a session of 20 mins.

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Mr.Rahul DhamDhere provided more about how to market professionally by choosing audiences and strategies wisely. If there is a Kid Product, then pitch both audiences by remembering the lingual used while talking, interacting and analysing your content by the behaviour of how kids talk and also parents.

How to reach Kidzania and what is the form of reaching Kidzania with an occasion or event?

There are three forms of inviting children.

  • Firstly, you may arrange the birthday parties while visiting the Kidzania website.
  • Secondly, the school picnics are also arranged with over 3 lac schools that initiated picnics with Kidzania.
  • Thirdly, the Dusshera is around the corner. Therefore, you may take your children to Kidzania and the event is also having surprising offers and deals.

Kids must come to analyse this experience of Kidzania as there are a lot of activities as a surgeon they may operate open heart surgery and they may practise as a lawyer as in the Supreme Court view.

What are the Standards a company must maintain when a product is off from the platform while a suspicious object in the product is involved like lead or anything?

In every company, where kids are a targeted audience then there must be a parent and a teacher panel induced in the system. For example: Parents must be involved in the participation if anything suspicious is caught then parents can avoid the system from reaching children likewise if everything is appreciatiable then they may reach more users and give the review to other parents too. Parents must be involved with a review section in the system as they can also provide their experience of good and bad activities.

How VR or virtual reality can be used in the form of marketing for other companies?  

Brands must interact with the audience in their preferred lingual as per the kids. Marketers must pitch with the ideology of how to interact with both kids and parents. Brands and Marketers must keep on innovating with the solutions. If the companies will not innovate they will fail. Thinking must be intuitive as a marketer.

Vivek question: In the early days, as kids, we were interested in learning everything that comes and seeking more skills by practising but today's generation is learning one skill and started mesmerising by how much I may earn from this skill. Therefore, how can a person communicate through Marketing that the motto must be learning and practically inducing skills and focusing first on earning?

India is the largest country that has a population below the age of 35 years and Modi ji's main motive is to make India a 35 trillion country in the economy. Therefore, India is the base of education and students. So, Education is the main system from which the students and college students will help to reach the vital economy. Therefore, Parents, the Education system, schools, and colleges play an important role in teaching life, practical lessons not a marketers.

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