Top 10 Advantages of Facebook Marketing + How it benefits business

Safalta expert Published by: Ishika Jain Updated Wed, 21 Dec 2022 01:45 PM IST


The only digital platform that helps with audience targeting at every stage of the consumer experience is Facebook, which is now available.

For businesses trying to grow their online presence, Facebook may be quite useful. These days, every business, from small startups to large enterprises, uses Facebook to establish an online presence. Therefore, if you believe that Facebook Marketing doesn't produce results, reconsider! Here are 10 advantages of Facebook advertising to help you comprehend why using Facebook to promote your company is a good idea.

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Table of Content:
1) Broaden Your Audience:
2) Identify your Particular Audience:
3) Outperform All Other Social Media Platforms In ROA:
4) Create Your Market and Budget Accordingly:
5) Obtain Detailed Information:
6) For the best results, test your advertising:
7) Forecasting ad performance and estimating results:
8) Easily retarget your audience:
9) Advertisements can be filtered for excluding people you don't want:
10) Transparency with the audience:

1) Broaden Your Audience:
Over the past ten years, Facebook has grown to become one of the most widely used marketing platforms in the world. The social media behemoth expanded its advertising network to support a wide range of businesses as it grew to have over 2.9 billion monthly active members (as of the fourth quarter of 2021).

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Source: Safalta

Therefore, it should be clear that you may quickly contact a variety of audiences using Facebook. But Facebook has also broadened its marketing network since obtaining Instagram in 2012, making it possible to access both channels quickly. Their ad network spans each of these social networks, giving marketers the option to easily set up their adverts to run on both sites. With more than 500 million daily active users, Instagram today has over 1 billion users. Additionally, Facebook and Instagram also boast high usage rates. Businesses and organizations of all sizes benefit from Facebook ads because they provide them access to audiences they otherwise wouldn't have had.

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2) Identify your Particular Audience:

Facebook is no exception. In addition to the enormous reach, advertising on social media enables advertisers to target ads to particular demographics based on user data. The fact that Facebook has a wealth of data is, in fact, one of the main benefits of advertising there. You can micro-target the customers who matter most to your business. Facebook gives advertisers the ability to target their audience's demographics more specifically if they so choose. You can segment your audience when you launch an advertising campaign using the following categories:
  • Gender \sAge \sLocation
  • Spoken dialects
  • Interests
  • education or background
  • Work title
  • Income
  • interests in Political affiliation
  • Purchasing patterns and recent actions
  • crucial life events
The platform's ad network makes use of "Audience Insights," which compiles information on all of the people that interact with your business page as well as information on how they interact with other Facebook users. The bespoke audiences can then be transferred by advertisers to Facebook's "Ads Manager" tool from Audience Insights.

3) Outperform All Other Social Media Platforms In ROA:

How efficient is Facebook advertising, you might be asking? or "why Facebook is effective for marketing?" Some people may even inquire, "How effective are Facebook ads?" Neither social media site offers a ROA as high as Facebook, according to Wolfgang Digital's KPI Report 2020. Although it is growing, Instagram is still lagging. As a result, Facebook currently holds the top spots in the social media market, including its Facebook Feed, Messenger, & Marketplace ads. Because of this, Facebook advertising dominates Google Shopping.

4) Create Your Market and Budget Accordingly:

Like many pay-per-click ad networks, Facebook Ads is free for all businesses, as is the Ads Manager application. The only expenses are those related to creating a budget and managing marketing initiatives. The price of running Facebook ads depends on several factors (your budget, the type of ad, the industry, the location, etc.), but marketers must normally plan to pay anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars for each click. Because Facebook advertising is relatively inexpensive for the results it produces, it is incredibly well-liked by marketers all over the world.

5) Obtain Detailed Information:

Businesses can access a variety of performance insights & compiled data using Facebook's Ads Manager. Their advertising tools allow you to measure each advertisement you produce. By combining ad demographic trends with anonymous user data, multi-channel data comparisons (similar to TV commercials), and negative advertising data, admeasurement offers insight into ad performance. Businesses can investigate data including audience age, gender, geography, device, and more through breakdowns in Ads Manager. There are also breakdowns for ad types and user actions.
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6) For the best results, test your advertising:

Facebook advertising has another benefit in that testing tools are readily available to assist your business in maximizing ad success. To determine which adjustments perform best over time and with data, marketers can display almost identical advertisements (with minor modifications) using A/B testing. Split testing can be used by businesses to test and display ad versions on Facebook's advertising platform. Additionally, split test advertising can indeed be set up for durations of 1 to 30 days, at specific prices, and with specific audiences.

7) Forecasting ad performance and estimating results:

Forecasting is yet another important benefit of Facebook advertising. Facebook can fairly forecast how many people can be actively engaged and the number of leads that can be created each day using data on the targeted audience. For brands interested in knowing more about modifications to their ad campaigns, their "Estimated Daily Results" option may be useful. When you create or modify an ad set, these forecasts include daily estimated reach and daily anticipated results.

8) Easily retarget your audience:

Retargeting is the process of advertising to groups of people or website users who have already engaged with, interacted with, or shown interest in your brand. Usually, cookies and session monitoring are used to do this. One benefit of Facebook advertising is that it may be used to boost sales, enhance conversion rates, or raise return on investment. The "Facebook pixel," a little piece of code you instal on the website to better target customers and visitors, is used in this technique. It keeps track of visitors as well as their behaviour and actions on your websites, including any Facebook advertisements they may have seen before coming, the pages they peruse, behaviours related to adding items to their cart, etc.

9) Advertisements can be filtered for excluding people you don't want:

Businesses can also stop ads from appearing in low-quality markets or in front of underperforming users using Facebook's PPC advertising strategy. This is one of the main advantages that this platform offers. By doing this, you'll be able to save money while still upholding the brand's standards.

10) Transparency with the audience:

Similar audience targeting options are offered by several programmatic networks, but Facebook's reach is quite transparent. Because you choose your target market, your company has a great deal of control & transparency. Target customers that share your hobbies or who are friends with your fans. By segmenting the campaign on Facebook based on these recognized audience groups, you can gain insights while other platforms automatically optimize. A campaign may perform well in any scenario. The only digital platform that helps with audience targeting at every stage of the consumer experience is Facebook, which is now available.

Why would a company in 2022 utilise Facebook?

Facebook may help you raise brand exposure, attract new clients, foster client loyalty, boost website traffic, boost sales, and improve client relations. To get started, all you need is a free business page.

What's hot on Facebook in 2022?

The continuous popularity of Facebook Live is probably going to be one of the main Facebook trends in 2022. Customers turned to Facebook Live in 2020 when lockdowns were implemented by governments around the world in an effort to stop the coronavirus from spreading.

What are Facebook's five guiding principles?

Facebook's five stated basic values are as follows: "be bold, focus on impact, move fast, be open, and produce social value," according to the company's website and a statement from CEO Mark Zuckerberg included in the prospectus for the company's IPO.

What social media trends will be most popular in 2022?

Shorter videos are more valuable. It's hardly surprising that short-form video will be a social media trend in 2022 given the growth of TikTok and Instagram's declaration of the value of video. All the main social media networks now provide Stories and videos in some capacity.

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