Top 10 Best Free Apps for Graphic Design: Effective for Beginners

Safalta Expert Published by: Aryan Rana Updated Thu, 01 Dec 2022 11:10 PM IST

Do you find the prospect of pursuing a career in graphic design exciting? Do you have a knack for branding and marketing? Do you just genuinely enjoy creating? You're in the right place if you said yes to any of those questions. The top free graphic design programs for beginners are discussed in this article along with ratings, a comparison chart, and benefits and drawbacks. We also walk you through the process of creating and editing digital media using PhotoDirector, our pick for the best free graphic design software.

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Table of Content
Graphic Design: What Is It?
How to Choose a Graphic Design Software:
The 10 Best Free Graphic Design Software for Beginners

Graphic Design: What Is It?

A type of visual art and content are known as "graphic design" conveys a message to its audience.

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Daily visuals of graphic design can be found in commercials, brand logos, book covers, and other places. Graphic design is essential for brands and businesses to connect with a target audience because it is such a significant aspect of modern life.


How to Choose a Graphic Design Software:

Your current skill level is the most crucial factor to take into account when selecting the best free graphic design software. If you're just starting in graphic design, pick free design software with drag-and-drop templates that are simple to use. You might want the option to start from scratch if you're an experienced user.

The next thing to think about is whether the majority of your designs will be illustrations or vector art. Although some of the top free graphic design programs on our list have incredible Illustrator drawing tools and brushes, they don't have photo editing features or stock image libraries (and vice versa).


The 10 Best Free Graphic Design Software for Beginners


1. PhotoDirector.

Regardless of your level of graphic design expertise, PhotoDirector has the tools to help you realize your creative vision. It is our top choice for the best free graphic design software overall and is ideal for artists of all experience levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. From the fundamentals of graphic design to AI-powered features like sky removal, colour gradients, colour correction, masking, and layer editing, PhotoDirector gives you access to a vast array of tools. As a result, making logos, branding materials, illustrations, and basic animations is simplified.

2. Figma.

Many well-known companies design their websites using Figma. We concur that Figma's collaborative design platform makes it among the best free graphic design programs for creating websites. It's simple to create a website with your entire team thanks to features like comments and live chat. Use live prototypes to test the site before launching it. Before the website goes live, you can test-drive every feature and even send it to shareholders. Vector networks in this free design program let you draw in any direction without returning to the starting point of the path. As well as advanced font features to match the typography of any brand, there is an arc tool to aid designers in creating perfect circles and arcs.

3. Vectornator

On Apple devices, Vectornator is a free design program for vector illustration, UI design, and print. It is the best free graphic design tool we've come across for lettering and typography. You can import unique fonts and turn any text into vector shapes using Vectornator. For perfectly framing text and text outlines, it has path guides. Because of the built-in pressure sensitivity, using your Apple Pencil with this free design software feels exactly like writing with a pen on paper. One of the top free graphic design programs for vector graphics, vector illustrations, and vector typography is called Vectornator. However, since Vectornator lacks image manipulation tools, you should try PhotoDirector if you need to create designs with photographs or images.

4. Vectr

For those who prefer to work directly within their web browser, Vectr is a free design tool for creating vector graphic designs. Vectr's live collaboration tool, which enables anyone to view a project in real-time through their browser while someone else designs, makes it one of the best free graphic design programs in our opinion. Additionally, there is a chat feature, which allows for real-time collaboration without the need for extensive post-design note-taking. Many of Vectr's flaws are offset by the fact that it is an entirely free design program. First off, using Vectr offline is impossible because it always requires an internet connection.

5. Krita 

Krita is a cross-platform, free, open-source graphic design program that is perfect for artists who enjoy starting from scratch. If you want to make concept art, illustrations, comics, matte paintings, and 2D animations, this is the best free graphic design software available. Krita has a wide range of tools for graphic design and digital painting, including a huge selection of brushes for fine detail work. The best free graphic design program for illustrators who want to perform digital free-hand painting is Krita. While Krita caters to digital painters, comic book creators, and illustrators, its photo editing and image manipulation tools could use some work.

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6. Sketch.

For Mac users, Sketch is the best free graphic design program. Long-time Mac users won't have any trouble navigating the program because Sketch has made every effort to look and feel like a natural extension of macOS. Full support for Retina and non-Retina displays, dark and light user interfaces, Touch Bar support, integrated spellcheck, and native fonts and emojis are all provided by Sketch. Users can now collaborate and share their work with non-Mac users thanks to a cunning workaround. A web-based version can be distributed among team members for comments or developer handoff.

7. GIMP 

A free, open-source photo editor with sophisticated design tools is GIMP. One of the best free programs for graphic designers who want to advance to the professional level is this one. The cost-free price will enable newcomers to test the waters without making any financial commitments. Learners of GIMP will be rewarded with high-caliber, expert results for their efforts. One of the first open-source photo editors, this free design program is maintained bug-free by a passionate developer community. Excellent brush-based tools are available in GIMP for free-hand illustration, and you can choose from a huge selection of plugins to personalize the interface.

8. Mega Creator 

Mega Creator is a free online graphic editor for creating designs using already-created components. Because you can easily drag and drop millions of design elements, including icons, illustrations, photos, backgrounds, and text, onto ready-made templates, we believe it to be the best free graphic design software for non-designers. Mega Creator makes it simple for non-designers to quickly create beautiful designs. It's simple to get started; just click the website to begin designing.

9. Corel Vector 

Web-based vector graphics software called Corel Vector (previously known as Gravit Designer) has excellent colour tools. Our top pick for the best free graphic design software for colours has a live colour palette that changes as you design and an intuitive colour picker with HEX colour input and output, HSB, RGB, and CMYK modes. You can take the eight colours that are used the most frequently in any design and create a palette in Corel Vector to use in subsequent designs. For creating stunning illustrations, typography, geometric shapes, and much more, Corel Vector provides a ton of precise adjustments and a variety of tools. Unfortunately, the beloved free version of Gravit was replaced with a 15-day free trial when it became Corel Vector.

10. Inkscape

Another open-source, free design program with serious graphic design aspirations is Inkscape. Because Inkscape has a simple user interface and is also a vector graphic editor, you can use it to produce scalable vector graphics or SVG. Inkscape is a respectable free alternative to Adobe Illustrator, according to many users. Inkscape can be used to design a website, user interface, poster, flyer, or business card, or simply to practice your skills. For intermediate-level artists and aspiring graphic designers who want to create SVG images, Inkscape is ideal.

It's time to put your knowledge of the best free graphic design software to use now that we've given you all the information you require. PhotoDirector, which offers streamlined editing and designing, is our top choice for the best free graphic design software. With millions of stock photos, thousands of effects, tools, and design packs, PhotoDirector makes it simple to learn the fundamentals of graphic design. We adore its simple user interface and strong AI-driven editing tools as well. PhotoDirector is the best free graphic design software you need to realize all of your artistic goals, regardless of your level of expertise as a graphic designer. Additionally, it is not just excellent for graphic design.

What program does the majority of graphic designers use?

Graphic designers use a variety of software, depending on their preferences, the type of project, and other factors. For professionals, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, as well as PhotoDirector for beginners, is the most widely used graphic design programs.

Is there a free graphic design program on Google?

Although Google doesn't offer a separate program for graphic design, many of its free programs have templates you can use to create different documents and presentations.


Is it difficult to learn graphic design?

That depends on the individual and whether they are naturally talented in the arts and design. While some aspects of graphic design, like where colors belong on the color wheel, can be taught, a lot of it comes naturally.

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