Top 10 Strategies to grow more views and like on your youtube

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The most effective strategy to increase traffic and expand your YouTube audience is to create a video around a specific theme or phrase. Find the most popular keywords in the niche you wish to target by using a keyword tool, such as

Table of Content
Construct Your Videos Around One Keyword or Subject
Reuse currently successful content

Activate Your Audience
Get a Name
Promote your YouTube content on additional social networks
Participate & Stand Out
Post Outstanding Thumbnails and Use YouTube Cards
Encourage subscriptions
Increase the frequency of your uploads
Become an expert in social videos (and YouTube)

There is no doubt that video marketing has become more and more popular and available to brands over the past few years. While investing in well-known platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and your website is a wonderful idea, starting a YouTube channel may be the greatest way to market your business given that one billion hours are spent watching videos on the site every day.

If you know a few tips and have a basic understanding of how to create engaging videos, YouTube—often referred to as the "second-largest search engine" in the world—can help people find your content fast and increase interaction. Here are the top 10 suggestions for expanding your YouTube channel.

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Construct Your Videos Around One Keyword or Subject

The most effective strategy to increase traffic and expand your YouTube audience is to create your video around a specific theme or phrase. Marketers that are unfamiliar with SEO run the risk of skipping this phase in the video ranking process, but it is essential to do so if you want your videos to receive the most views possible. Find the most popular keywords in the niche you wish to target by using a keyword tool, such as the YouTube-specific

Prior to creating your video content, it's crucial to choose your keyword because doing so will help you create the greatest material possible on that particular subject. Additionally, it reminds you to weave your keyword naturally into the text so that YouTube will recognise it when closed captions are applied. Once you've selected a keyword, make sure your title and description are always optimised and that you're on the correct track in terms of purpose by looking at the videos that currently rank for that subject. You will increase search traffic with SEO on YouTube by doing this.

Reuse currently successful content

Of course, producing and sharing quality material is the greatest approach to expanding your YouTube channel. However, the content need not always be created from scratch. Some of your best videos can be made using the interesting, worthwhile, practical, and useful stuff you currently have.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people binge-watched 4 billion hours of "how to" videos in only one year, many people turned to YouTube to discover solutions and instructions. Therefore, generating traffic with content that addresses problems for your audience is a terrific idea. Perform a content audit to identify the blogs, how-to articles, and other high-performing items you already have. Then, consider how you may repurpose these materials to produce informative and interesting films.

Don't feel like you need to create a film or write a novel; instead, keep in mind that the most popular YouTube videos are often between one and five minutes long. Be succinct and to the point.

Activate Your Audience

It's critical to remember that YouTube is a social media platform and necessitates social interaction. You're missing a trick if all you do is post videos without promoting debate and comments.

YouTube rewards channels that receive high levels of interaction, which includes comments, overall time spent on the channel, watch time, likes, and dislikes. In order to encourage users to interact with audio/visual prompts, attempt to reply to every comment you receive (if at all possible).

You can also take the time to engage with brands you admire or that are comparable to your own by visiting their channels. Likewise, don't always wait for the audience to initiate a conversation. Asking questions about the content or even just requesting feedback on what kind of content people like to see on your channel or would like to see more of can help you post comments or questions that can increase engagement. Additionally, be sure to express gratitude to users that share on YouTube and other channels.

To keep track of important engagement data on YouTube, consider employing a social content distribution and engagement dashboard.

Get a Name

Although your channel's design may be excellent, does your content? You must appear professional if you want viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel and take it seriously.

Enhancing your company's social branding will make it easier for users to recognise your material. Therefore, if you have a blog or website, you probably already have a certain style and feel that helps you set yourself apart from other people and/or businesses. Therefore, extending that branding to your YouTube channel makes sense. Here's an example from the video game industry giant Nintendo. With 8.12 million subscribers, they offer excellent content about games and systems, including quick gameplay videos and behind-the-scenes clips.

Promote your YouTube content on additional social networks

You may cross-promote content across platforms on social media, which is one of its wonderful features. The simplest strategy to increase your audience is to promote your YouTube videos on your other social media accounts.

There is a substantial amount of user overlap across social media platforms, with YouTube witnessing massive interaction of over 90% across users of all the top channels, according to the Digital 2021: Global Overview Report. This means that when it comes to marketing efforts and engagement, it's a medium to be taken seriously.

So, consider the channels you are watching. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or TikTok? There are tonnes of options and fantastic concepts for social media videos. Additionally, you can always create a teaser for the full-length video on YouTube if there's a channel (like Facebook) where you want to broadcast videos straight in order to obtain the best engagement possible across all of them. Don't overlook your blog either, as you can submit movies there as well! Additionally, a podcast can work seamlessly with your YouTube channel if you have one.

Participate & Stand Out

Personalizing the channel by taking part in videos can be quite helpful if you're running YouTube by yourself or as a small group. Your audience will be able to relate to you as a person more readily if you put a face to a brand. This is crucial for solopreneurs, fitness, life, and business coaches, as well as vloggers.

Your face doesn't have to be in every video you make, but you should appear frequently enough to draw in viewers. Use a picture of yourself on your channel if you are this kind of YouTuber (not your logo). See the illustration provided by marketing guru Adam Erhart below.

Post Outstanding Thumbnails and Use YouTube Cards

Thumbnails may seem insignificant, which they are, yet they may have a significant influence. You want your film to stand out from the competition since YouTube uses thumbnails in its sidebar to promote other videos.

Likewise with YouTube search. Even if the material isn't as valuable, videos with a catchy title and eye-catching thumbnail typically rank higher since they have a greater click-through rate (CTR). Use strategies like highlighted text, arrows, huge text, and unexpected or eye-catching imagery to increase your CTR. See Neil Patel's.

We are aware that YouTube compensates channels for retaining visitors to their pages. These increased average viewing times show that viewers are interested in your material. (YouTube statistics can help you determine how long viewers watch your videos.) You can include connections to other videos or pertinent content right where visitors are leaving off by adding YouTube cards. You can feature five cards for each video, which display as a rectangular box or teaser in the right-hand corner of the video, and there are many other card kinds to pick from, including a playlist, poll, or donation. Users may stop viewing the video they are watching, but they will still be routed to other content on your channel and this will improve your rating.

Encourage subscriptions

When viewers subscribe to receive notifications of any new videos that are released, this is one of the ways you may be certain that they are interested in your channel. In every video, you upload, ask people to subscribe to your channel and stay in touch with those who have already done so. (Here, you can view your subscription list.) Here's an illustration of the subscribe button on a video:

Never pay a subscription fee. In the long term, this will only lower your interaction and damage the veracity of your account. Remember that you can be losing out on a lot of prospective subscribers if you don't ask your viewers to subscribe. After all, the more followers you have, the greater your chances of getting more YouTube views.

Increase the frequency of your uploads

Although it may seem frightening at first, you must post more frequently—at least one video every week—if you want to expand your audience. Don't worry, you won't need a large advertising agency or design studio to complete this. With tools like Animoto, it's simple to edit films and produce video content on a budget with today's smartphones, which have outstanding video-capturing capabilities. The need for consistency cannot be overstated. Depending on how frequently you upload, try to post at the same time every day or week. Also, inform your followers when new videos will be released. After that, follow your timetable.

Become an expert in social videos (and YouTube)

The popularity of video as a content format keeps growing. Eighty-six per cent of companies use video as a marketing tool, and eighty-seven per cent of marketers say it performs well in terms of ROI. Marketers should comprehend the function of video and how to use it effectively across all social media channels as audiences become more visually oriented and platforms like TikTok gain in popularity.

You will learn how to successfully set up and manage a YouTube channel with the help of DMI's certified Social Media and Marketing course, as well as how to develop tactics that will set your channel apart from the competition. Additionally, you will comprehend how to increase your online audience and integrate video into your content mix across platforms and leverage advertising and analytics to create visual campaigns that are effective.


Why aren't my views expanding?

Your YouTube channel's growth may have slowed down due to poor recording quality, among other factors. The quality of your recording is mostly influenced by two elements: audio and video. Your films might not run as smoothly if one or both are considerably degraded.

How quickly can I advance on YouTube?

The early growth of the typical YouTube channel is rather slow. The majority of channels need a full year to hit the 1000 subscriber mark. However, it has been demonstrated that channel growth on YouTube happens more quickly and easily once some momentum has been established.

Is 100 YouTube views per day a good number?

A YouTube channel does not need to receive a minimum amount of daily views in order to be deemed successful. In some markets, a channel is deemed successful if it has 100 views per day. But in other markets, a channel with 100 views per day is almost unimportant.

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