Top Common Graphic Designs Mistakes to Avoid

Safalta Expert Published by: Trisha Bharati Updated Wed, 31 Aug 2022 12:57 PM IST

Being a Graphic Designer might a hectic for many. Don’t you think so? This is hectic because there are a few common mistakes that every designer do without even realising it. Don’t surprise. This is a true fact. You must involve in activities where you can enhance your designing skills one of the best ways is by enrolling on our Graphic Designing Course which will provide you with the best direction for your career growth. 

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These typical graphic design errors may surprise any designer and perhaps do a lot of harm, whether you're a rookie designer eager to dive into your first order or an experienced designer looking for a refresher.

So, have a look at some important errors you need to watch out for.

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None of these issues should concern you as long as you remain cautious and double-check everything. Let’s have a close look into each of these errors that Graphic Designers made. 

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Know Top Common Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid 

The following is the list of the most common graphic design mistakes that everyone should avoid: 

Complications in Understanding Instructions

The communication between the designer and the client might be critical. The customer is free to give detailed directions, but the designer must make sure they are understood, even if it means sending the client more questions.

Think Within the Box 

This is the most common error that the designer made while thinking out of the box. Don’t be! You have to think and create while staying within the box. It might be sounding astonishing to you. But this is so true when you asked to create a logo design sticking to the demands of the clients.  However, it doesn’t mean that you should comprise with your creativity. Graphic Designing is the creation process hence you have to be creative to become truly successful. 

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Usage of Too Many Fonts 

The most interesting thing that everything designer like is to play with the fonts.

But what happens when someone read something in your creative and comes across several fonts frequently? It would be annoying for the reader. The experts always suggested not to use more than three different fonts in a single layout. 

Spellings Check 

Although you are a graphic designer rather than a writer, this does not preclude you from using good spelling. While you might think that conducting a cursory spell check once your project is finished will be enough, there are many errors in graphic design that word check systems might overlook. Thus, before sending your creation to print, pay great attention to the details, and thoroughly review it.

Overthinking Everything 

You shouldn't necessarily include anything in your design just because you can. There are several advantages to simplicity on its own. So, use caution while using Photoshop filters in excess. Although overdesigning is not a catastrophic error, it can nonetheless result in substantial issues.


What are some common graphic designer mistakes?

Common graphic designer mistakes such as overthinking everything, spelling mistakes, over-promise than under deliver and much more.  

What attributes horrible graphic design?

Bad graphic design may take many various forms, including using an unpleasant colour scheme, paying too much attention to the visuals, and ignoring the user experience.

Why do design blunders happen?

As a consequence of a process that is different from what we anticipate, the foundation of design errors emerges. These errors are crucial to the evolution of our products and are what help us learn. Mistakes may happen as a result of low standards compliance, incorrect interpretation, or poor analysis.

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