What Tools Do Graphic Designers Use?

Safalta Expert Published by: Trisha Bharati Updated Tue, 09 Aug 2022 11:36 AM IST

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Software for graphic design is most frequently used by graphic designers. The most popular option in the sector is Adobe Creative Suite, although there are other strong design tools out there, including Sketch. Graphic designers also use hardware like computers, iPads, and cameras in addition to software.  If you have artistic taste and searching for the best Graphic Design online course then you are in the right place. Check our Graphic Design online course and start learning with us.

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Here we have compiled the list of graphic designing software in one place. Check the details below.

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What is a Graphic Design Software?

Artwork may be created, edited, and viewed using graphic design software. Graphic design software comes in a wide variety of forms, each with a unique set of tools and features. Users can format layouts, generate multimedia, stylize or edit photos, and create graphics, depending on the programme. If you are curious to know more about Graphic Design required for business in detail then read: Know Top Graphic Design Types That All Businesses Need

Graphic Design Tools 

Software is essential for graphic designers to realise their visions. Among the top programmes for graphic design are Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects.


An application for Mac that focuses on online, app, and interface design is called Sketch. Designing icons, advertising banners, social networking graphics, and presentation materials are all made easy with this application. Additionally, it features a wide range of UI and UX applications, including icon design, prototyping, and user flow creation.
For image editing, Photoshop excels as a graphic editor. It is the industry standard for photo and computer-generated art manipulation. Compositing, video editing, picture analysis, and 2D and 3D image manipulation are all available in Photoshop.


Everything from vector images and logos to graphics and fonts may be made with Illustrator. Although Illustrator and Photoshop have many comparable features and tools, Illustrator is focused on vector design, so you may scale and resize creations without sacrificing picture quality.

After Effects 

Graphic designers that use motion in their work should use After Effects, a motion graphics and visual effects programme. Designers may produce animations, movie titles, transitions, and even 3D designs with After Effects.


For designers working in publishing, InDesign is an application for page layout. This programme may be used to design reports and brochures as well as layout magazines and newspapers. Designers can efficiently arrange text using InDesign. They can also design layout formats, include picture placeholders, and save documents in a print-ready format.

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What are the other tools Graphic Designers use?

Graphic designers use a variety of tools in addition to design software, such as pen and paper, computers, styluses, graphics tablets, storage devices, and cameras.

Paper and a pen

The quickest and simplest approach to communicating thoughts is with pen and paper. Pen and paper are used by graphic designers to jot down ideas and draw designs.


Graphic designers need this tool. Graphic designers require a computer that can run a variety of applications as they typically utilise design tools to perform their work. Designers may find a big, high-definition monitor to be especially helpful.

iPad with stylus and graphics

A tablet and stylus are a wonderful substitute for paper and a pen, and they are especially helpful for designers who want to work or sketch anywhere. The experience is similar to sketching by hand, but it also has extra features like editing, filters, and immediate colours.

Storing apparatus

Large files and software used by graphic designers can quickly use a lot of computer capacity. Graphic designers employ cloud or physical storage devices to make sure there is enough space for their creations. Typically, graphic designers need at least one terabyte of storage.


A good digital camera is necessary for graphic designers who use unique images and movies in their creations. While smartphone cameras might be useful in an emergency, graphic designers who want to routinely take photographs should consider investing in a DSLR camera.

  These are the few hottest graphic designing tools which the graphic designer uses to create artwork. 

What are the two main tools that the graphics designer uses?

The two main tools that graphic designers use are Photoshop and illustrator. Without these two tools, the creativity of the work of the graphics designer is incomplete. 

Which tools are best for the logo maker?

There are several tools available for designing the logo but the best is the Canva maker and Adobe Illustrator. As it has an easy-to-use interface and the designer finds it suitable to use and design the logo easily as these tools are user-friendly.

Is Illustrator difficult to learn?

The amount of time it takes to learn Adobe Illustrator might vary based on your background, the fundamental skills you need to master, your knowledge of related programmes, how much time you want to dedicate to preparation, and the length of any lessons you decide to enrol in. It is so intimate.

Does Safalta offer a Graphic Designing online course?

Yes, it offers Graphic Design online courses to all individuals irrespective of age and years of working experience. 

Who can enroll in Safalta’s Graphic Design online course?

Anyone whether a fresh graduate to build their professional career, students for academic purposes or the professional who wanted to enhance their skills are eligible to pursue the course from Safalta.

Does Safalta offer placement after completion of the Graphic Designing course online?

Yes, Safalta offers 100% placement to the students after the completion of the course. The average package starts from the 3- 5 LPA. 

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