UI or UX Which Career Should I Choose?

Safalta Expert Published by: Trisha Bharati Updated Thu, 04 Aug 2022 12:23 PM IST

Today in the digital era, businesses are demanding more and more UI/UX designers and paying them a handsome salary. With this tremendous growing demand more and more people are seeking to pursue courses on it to build their professional careers. If you too are in search of online Graphic Designing courses then you can enrol on Safalta’s Graphic Designing courses online to start your learning journey. 

Many people get confused and constantly search “Which career path should I choose UI or UX?” If this is your concern too then you are at the right place. At the end of this blog all your confusion will wave off and you will know which UI or UX is right for you. Before that, you should also know Why UI/UX design is important for business growth?

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UX Designer Responsibilities
UI Designer Responsibilities 
UI or UX Which Career is Better?

UX Designer Responsibilities

The majority of the work performed by UX designers often occurs early in a project. The following are typical duties for UX designers:

  • Conducts user research to determine what the average user wants or requires from the digital products they are developing.

  • Establishing a design approach for the product, including user journey maps, product requirements, and the best ways to satisfy user wants.

  • Examining interactions to determine how consumers like to utilise the product in practice, as opposed to only in "best-case" circumstances

  • Making wireframes and prototypes to serve as a design manual for the real user interface, while considering the demands of the user and the entire product flow into consideration.

  • Ensuring that user demands are taken into account when the design is being developed and doing user testing.

Even though UX designers spend a lot of time at the beginning of a project, they must remain active throughout the product design phase to guarantee the optimum user experience from the completed product.

UI Designer Responsibilities 

UI designers frequently begin the majority of their work after a UX designer has produced wireframes and prototypes. Your primary duties as a user interface designer for a digital product will often be:

  • Constructing the final designs using the prototypes and wireframes. This entails paying close attention to every little detail to ensure that the end product fits the requirements specified by the UX designer and has a consistent visual appearance and functioning across all pages and parts.

  • Interacting with the technical team and the UX designer to ensure that the design meets user demands and performs as intended.

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    If a certain function isn't possible, they could also help with problem-solving if a particular function isn’t feasible from an engineering perspective. 

  • Examining rival products to see how their visual design affects how customers use and view the product. The designer has the opportunity to devise methods that are superior to those used by the rivals.

  • Designing a responsive layout that looks excellent on any screen size.

UI designers should be involved in the process earlier to address any potential design concerns as early as feasible, even though they frequently begin the bulk of their work after the UX designer has given them wireframes and prototypes.

UI or UX Which Career is Better?

Although UI and UX design work hand in hand, you don't have to be an expert in both to succeed. It's crucial to take into account the major competencies needed by UX vs. UI designers as well as the normal day-to-day responsibilities of each profession when deciding which career path is best for you.

We've outlined the key hard, soft, and transferrable talents for both UX and UI designers in the infographic below.

Additionally, we'll talk about the primary duties and obligations in the following areas.

Which career should I choose UI or UX?

It is important to understand the user for UX designers to think from their point of view. To develop a product or website, UI designers must be imaginative. While UI focuses on making a product visually appealing and engaging, UX is all about making it usable and functional.

What is the salary of a UX?UI designer in India?

The average yearly income for UI/UX designers in India is 5.5 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 2.1 Lakhs to 15.0 Lakhs.

How can I learn UX/UI?

To learn UI/UX design you should opt for the online Graphic design course

Is UX a steady career?

UX design is a rewarding job, yes. UX Designers are among the most sought-after jobs in technology because they are involved in so many phases of a project's life cycle. According to 87% of hiring managers, finding UX Designers is a top priority.


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