Web Developer Salary In India : Check The Average Web Developer Salary

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Check out the average salary of a web developer in India here at Safalta.com

Salary of a Web Developer in India

What your salary can't say is what your words and deeds can't say. A web developer's role and responsibilities start with designing and end with the efficient implementation and maintenance of a website. As a result, the salary range will be determined by the developer's expertise and skills.
A Web Developer's typical income ranges from $125,000 to $890,000 per year.

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The Factors That Influence Web Developer Pay

Aside from the job's demand and location in the country, a number of factors play a role in determining the final wage.

The following are some of the elements that have a significant impact on a web developer's salary:

Experience: It goes without saying that a developer's remuneration will be determined by the number of years he or she has worked in the field. A newcomer to the field may have the talent, but because of their experience, an experienced person may know how to handle the issue better.
When it comes to the expense of living, it is undeniable that urban areas have a larger pay range than rural areas.

Employer: The firm you work for will undoubtedly influence your salary structure, as a startup will be willing to hire more freshers, whilst large, reputable companies will be willing to pay more due to their market position and financial status.

Skillset: The greater the number of skills, the better. Every organisation has its own set of essential competencies, especially when a role is as diverse as a web developer.

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As a result, the more skills you check off, the more likely you are to earn more money.

Job Roles: We've spoken about the various job roles that a web developer might have, and one of the determining aspects of your pay structure will be their demand in the country.

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Salary of a Web Developer for a Fresher

With less than a year of experience, an entry-level Web Developer can expect to make an average total compensation of $241,239 (including tips, bonus, and overtime pay).

Early Level Web Developer Salary in India

An early career Web Developer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹305,745

Salary of an Experienced Web Developer in India

The average total remuneration for an experienced Web Developer with 10-19 years of experience is $850,000.


Web Developer Salary in India: Based On Location


Web Developer Salary in Bangalore

The average salary for a Web Developer in Bangalore is ₹398K per year.


Web Developer Salary in Mumbai, Maharashtra

The average salary for a Web Developer in Mumbai is ₹339K per year.


Web Developer Salary in Pune

The average salary for a Web Developer in Pune, Maharashtra is ₹307K per year.


Web Developer Salary in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The average salary for a Web Developer in Chennai  is ₹314K per year.


Web Developer Salary in New Delhi

The average salary for a Web Developer in the capital region is ₹350K per year.

Salary of a Web Developer in India is Determined by the Employer-

There are numerous companies in the technical industry that pay web developers in India a lot of money. The most noteworthy statistic is that even the lowest average compensation among the top employers listed below is $245K/year, which is not bad for a newcomer.

The following are the Top Employers for Web Developers, along with their average salary:

Employer Name

Average Pay Range

TATA Consultancy Services Limited

₹239k – ₹897k/yr


₹245k – ₹2m/yr


₹266k – ₹979k/yr

Infosys Limited

₹354k – ₹590k/yr

Zoho Corporation

₹600k – ₹745k/yr

Amazon Inc.

₹403k – ₹2m/yr

Sapient Corporation


HCL Technologies






Do Web developers get paid well?

A web developer’s salary like any other profession will be based on many factors. Starting from location, a web developer’s salary in India will be average upon as 300k/yr. 

However, if you are a fresher in Australia, your income would be on the average of 2.9m/yr.

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The difference is huge. 

But location is not always the deciding factor. A developer can be eligible for so many job roles, one being a Full-stack developer. This job position is considered to be one of the highest-paid jobs in India. 


How much money can a Web developer earn?

A web developer has the potential to grow in so many sectors. From a range of experience to acquiring varied skills, the pay scale also starts to differ. In India, a web developer’s salary for a fresher is approximately a minimum of ₹125,000 while that of an experienced developer’s salary is approximately ₹890,000. 

So, a web developer has quite an earning escalation to look up to.


Is being a web developer hard?

Everything is hard if you don’t have the passion or the curiosity to learn in your field. Likewise, a web developer’s job comes with defined roles and responsibilities and, if you are willing to grow and explore this field with sincere passion, then this will be rather a productive opportunity for you.


What is the minimum salary of a web developer?

In India, the minimum salary of a web developer as a fresher is approximately ₹300,000/yr. This could vary in terms of location, skillset and job role. 


Can Web developers work from home?

Yes, web developers can work from home. After covid, every job aspirant wishes for a profession that could be suitable for work from home option. 

Web Developer in itself is quite a desired profession and it being suitable for work from home option is like a cherry on the top. It allows for more freelancing opportunities for aspiring coders with no professional degrees.


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