10 Web Push Notifications Examples for Engaging Visitors

Safalta Expert Published by: Priya Bawa Updated Fri, 25 Nov 2022 10:54 AM IST

Even without King of Bingeable Content, a list of messaging examples would be fantastic. That's correct, we're referring to Netflix's legendary push alerts. Anybody who has watched Narcos will understand why this push notice is so amazing. That is precisely the objective There's a rationale Netflix can compete with companies like Disney and Amazon. Netflix has a deep understanding of its audience since it functions as a content discovery network instead of a search engine.

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And therein lies an incredible marketing lesson: knowing your audience allows you to customize your push alerts based on their interests. Later in this post, we'll show you some more examples of customized notifications. Continue reading!
However, if you want to send tailored push alerts through PushEngage, you can do so. More great ideas and a tutorial on how to develop customized campaigns for your brand can be found in our post on personalized push notification campaigns that work. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing

Table of Content:
1) Use Browse Abandonment to Persuade Readers to Continue Reading
2) Send Location-Based Messages
3) Make use of Emojis
4) Reactivate Inactive Subscribers
5) Weave a Narrative
6) Send out Drip Campaigns to collect donations
7) Mashable
8) Publish Event Hype
9) Send customized product information

Use Browse Abandonment to Persuade Readers to Continue Reading:
Browse desertion ads can be used to encourage readers to return to their reading. You may tell readers that dropped out in the middle to read the entire article so they don't lose out. Push alerts for browse abandonment are fantastic for media websites and publishers. The most difficult problem for any news site or publisher to overcome is audience engagement.

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Send Location-Based Messages: Push alerts depending on your geographic location to provide actionable information. Geotargeting (targeting a specific geographical place), geofencing (creating a virtual geographic boundary), and framing (granular geofencing) might all be used in your advertising campaign to trigger real-time push alerts. These messages may include directions to the next real or pop-up store, a weather prediction, a traffic report, a promotion, or even information about ongoing or upcoming events.
Make use of Emojis: According to Hubspot research, push notifications with emojis increased open and conversion rates by 85% and 9%, respectively. It is one of the fastest methods to customize messages without devoting too much time to on copywriting. As a result, when you run out of push message ideas, it might be an effective alternative for words. Consider it a condiment to dress up an existing comedy and make it more entertaining.
Reactivate Inactive Subscribers:
You may eliminate idle subscribers with PE to save money and resources.
However, before clearing up the expired subscribers, you may try sending out a customized push notice to reactivate them.
Ad income from visitors is the major source of revenue for many news sites and publishers. If this is you, restarting your inactive customers can produce a significant amount of extra cash in a very short period of time.
Weave a Narrative:
The aptitude to spin a yarn is the key to a good marketing effort. Even if you are stating the same thing that 10 other applications are giving the receiver, it is how you say it that makes the difference. Unputdownable stories increase user engagement and encourage recipients to touch on app or web push alerts for additional information. This method will be successful if you have some exceptional copywriters on your staff who can sell even the most banal topics as click-worthy news stories.
Send out Drip Campaigns to collect donations: Many media channels are not supported by large companies or political parties. As a result, these platforms rely on donations from individuals. This is also true for a non-profit publishing platform like Wikipedia. Movember showed a 220% rise in contributions on Android and a 374% increase in funds on iOS in the United States alone:
Mashable: Have you ever heard of the button?
Click-baiting, according to experts, is no longer effective and may turn off your readers. The reality is...
One of the most stunning methods to create interaction is to click-bait someone and then deliver on your promise. Take a peek at Mashable's inventive push notification:
Pure shock value is one aspect of click-baiting The second step is to follow through on your commitment. Mashable accomplished both. As predicted, it's a wonderful essay that's definitely worth reading. More significantly, the push notification campaign was quite effective.
Publish Event Hype: Topical or scheduled events that are frequently the talk of the town might provide an ideal foundation for sending push notifications to your app users. It demonstrates that your brand is "aware" of what is going on in the world around you. Inserting your brand into a seemingly unconnected event, on the other hand, will need every ounce of inventiveness you can generate in order to avoid such a gimmick backfiring. And, as always, time is crucial here, so you cannot afford to make a mistake. To guarantee timely delivery in this instance, it is always advisable to employ an automated pushing notification system.
Send customized product information: Sending tailored product information is a must-do for eCommerce firms when it comes to online push initiatives. This is one of the finest retargeting methods you can use, and it usually results in a significant quantity of visitors and conversions.

You may send many sorts of product marketing. Notify a user when a product they are interested in is out of stock, back in stock, or even on sale, for example. Since this campaign is tailored to what a user has glanced at, this will actually do better, and when paired with the appropriate text and CTAs, you will get excellent results.

What are the three kinds of notifications?

To alert the user, Android has numerous notification kinds, including announcements on the system bar. Alert sounds Vibrational alerts

What exactly are web push notifications?

Web alerts are brief messaging alerts that appear when a guest's web browser is activated on their desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

How many different kinds of push alerts are there?

Push notifications are frequently divided into two groups depending on their targeted use case and textual information: transactional alerts and marketing notifications.

Are push notifications effective at increasing engagement?

For an app to flourish, it must engage users as well as drive downloads. Push notifications may significantly increase in-app exchange rates, customer loyalty, connection, and income.

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