What is Google message app and how it works?

Safalta Expert Published by: Aryan Rana Updated Mon, 28 Nov 2022 09:57 PM IST

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Online shoppers still demand a quick response when they are looking for information, even though they are unable to approach a salesperson and ask a crucial question. Businesses can meet this expectation with the aid of Google Messages. The live chat function in Google Business Profile is called Google's Business Messages.

Table of Content

What are Google’s business messages?

How Google’s Business Messaging works

5 benefits of Google’s Business Messages

How to set up Google’s Business Messages.

7 Google’s Business Messaging best practices.

Google’s Business Message examples

How do I publish posts on Google’s Business Profile?

What are Google’s Business messages?

People can contact your company directly from your Google Business Profile listing on Google Maps and Google Search using Google's Business Messages, a free real-time chat service. It makes it simple for customers to get in touch with your company to express questions or concerns. As a result, customers can get in touch with your company directly as opposed to visiting your website and looking for a phone number or email address.

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Introduction to Digital Marketing

2. Website Planning and Creation


How Google’s Business Messaging works

Users will see a Google Business Card when they search for a company by name in Google Search or Google Maps. There are buttons on that card that users can click to contact the company, go to its website, or request directions. Google is used by both big and small businesses.

5 benefits of Google’s Business Messages

The customer experience is enhanced by Google's Business Messages for the following five reasons:

  • With Google's Business Messages, customers can contact you from your Google Business Card whenever they need to. They can chat with you directly through the message button rather than visiting your website or looking for your social media profiles first.
  • Automate and integrate customer touchpoints. Using the API, you can connect Google's Business Messages to any existing messaging or social media management program. To start the conversation with customers, you can create up to five welcome messages in GBM.
  • Personalized on-demand assistance. Rich media files like photos and carousels can be shared through Google's Business Messaging, giving customers a more customized experience when you respond to their inquiries.
  • Cut back on response and resolution times. Maintain multiple conversations at once in Google Business Messages to speed up resolutions and decrease customer wait times for responses.
  • Boost consumer spending and revenue. If you run a brick-and-mortar business, being able to respond to queries instantly can help you give customers information on parking or directions, which could lead to an increase in foot traffic.

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How to set up Google’s Business Messages.

Step 1. Log in to your account.

Click the button in the top right corner to access your Google Business Profile.

Step 2. In the menu, choose Messages.

Choose Messages from the left menu screen.

Step 3. Activate messaging.

The top-right corner of the screen should have a blue button that says Turn on messaging. You're done once you click that. Now, clients can message your company directly.

Step 4. Customize.

Don't forget to tailor and personalize your communications with your clients. Whether it's creating an automated chatbot system for after-hours inquiries or sending out a warm welcome message.


7 Google’s Business Messaging best practices

For the best use of Google Business Messaging, abide by the seven best practices listed below.

1. Write a greeting message.

People will see your welcome message when they click the Message button in your Google Business Profile.

2. Employ a group inbox

Using a shared inbox that many people can check for messages and notifications is a good idea. Make sure you manage permissions so that only the team members with the best qualifications can respond to inquiries.

3. Respond within a day.

Consumers who mention or message a brand on social media 79 percent of the time expect a response within 24 hours. Google agrees and may disable chat for companies that don't answer customer inquiries within 24 hours.

4. Switch on notifications.

Setting up notifications will help you stay informed whenever a new message arrives. When you comply with Google's demand for a 24-hour response time, you can make sure you'll keep the message button on your profile active.

5. Be succinct

Be precise, succinct, and conversational when responding to a customer's question. During a brief exchange using Google's Business Messaging, you can request or provide more information if necessary.

6. Include images

In addition to text messages, Google's Business Messages also support visuals like images. In some cases, using visuals to answer a question is more effective and efficient.

7. Never request private information

Credit card numbers are one type of personal information that should never be requested via Google Business Messages.

Login information.

For customers to recognize any suspicious requests, let them know that it's against company policy to request such personal information.


Google’s Business Message examples

Now that we are aware of how to use the feature, let's examine an illustration of how various brands have used Google's Business Messages.

1. The biggest supermarket in Australia, Woolworths, uses Google Business Messaging to assist customers in product searches and availability checks at nearby stores:

2. By using Business Messages: Dish Satellite is using GBM to handle customer support requests, DISH (Satellite TV) has decreased the average handling time for customer support requests by more than 22%.

How do I publish posts on Google’s Business Profile?

You can publish posts to your Google My Business profile from a single platform thanks to Sprout's integration with Google My Business and Google's Business Messages. Open Compose and select one of your Google My Business locations to publish content to your Google Business Profile in Sprout. Put the text or picture you want to use in there. Screenshot of the Google My Business update and message setup in Sprout. Select your Post Type by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the send button. The options are What's New or Event. You must enter text for the What's New? post type; however, you can also choose to upload an image.

Responding to Google's Business Messages via Sprout will give your customers a chance to speak with a live agent and increase their trust and loyalty. Be sure to enable notifications and communicate in a succinct, friendly manner. And make an effort to reply as soon as you can.



What is the purpose of Google Messages?

Google created the SMS and instant messaging program Messages for the Android and WearOS mobile operating systems.



What benefit do Google Messages offer?

With Google Messages, you can use the "Device pairing" option from the three-dot menu on the welcome screen to view and respond to messages from your phone on a computer.



How much do Google Messages cost to use?

Sending and receiving messages should be free as long as you're connected to a Wi-Fi network that you don't have to pay to use; otherwise, the cost will depend on your mobile data plan.



Can Google Messages be deleted?

Click the message, then Click the messages you want to delete while holding down the Shift key.

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