What Makes Integrated Marketing Communications Important?

Safalta Published by: Ishika Kumar Updated Thu, 14 Jul 2022 12:21 AM IST


if you wanna know what makes integrated marketing communication important, then read this article for more details.

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Brands now use a variety of digital media for marketing and advertising. To improve the success of their advertising initiatives, firms must create a unified story. A marketing strategy that aids brands in coordinating all of their marketing initiatives are integrated marketing communications.


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What Is Integrated Marketing?

Public relations, social media, and advertising are all included in integrated marketing, which provides a seamless, customer-focused experience. It suggests that your message should have a consistent appearance, feel, and voice throughout all of your platforms. Given the rise of new digital marketing channels over the past ten years, channel integration has never been more difficult or important.

2. Why Should Your Business Use Integrated Marketing Communications?

Power has been substantially increased by integrated marketing. It offers several advantages that could boost the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.
  • Consistency - Even if they are already aware of your brand, you must coordinate your messaging to remind them of it if you want your marketing to have an impact. If you want to change how people perceive your marketing values and what it delivers over time, you need an integrated marketing strategy that focuses on the key messages across all channels. This is why having unified messaging across all platforms is crucial.
  • Cost-effective - Integrating your marketing channels allows you to reuse the same content across several channels, which can reduce the price of creating marketing content. This approach not only lowers your costs but also improves the efficiency of your communications.

3. Getting Started With Integrated Marketing

Although the process of creating integrated marketing communications seems straightforward in theory, there are several layers at play. The first step in creating a strong marketing strategy is introducing interesting and engaging content to communicate your message.
Each marketing tactic you choose should draw attention to the others. As customers connect with your business, they will gradually gain more knowledge. The marketing channels can be integrated into a variety of ways.

 Sample Integrated Marketing Strategy

  • Utilizing consistent terminology and presenting your goods in the same ways across numerous media is one technique to create integrated marketing communication.
  • Choose your strategy based on your needs and available resources for marketing. The ability to change and adapt is essential for integrated marketing campaigns to succeed.
  • To ensure that new assets have the same typeface, colors, and visual motifs as existing assets, make sure your campaign has established standards. You must develop an intriguing idea.
  • The foundation of all successful integrated marketing campaigns is an intriguing idea. To begin, you should decide what sets you apart from your rivals.
  • Align your brand's core values, reasonable costs, and exceptional design with your captivating notion, such as your ultimate objective idea.
  • It can be difficult to decide which marketing strategies will work best for integrated marketing before taking the step, so test your content first.
  • A well-planned process from the beginning ensures that no steps are skipped, nothing gets tangled up in the flow, and all goals are achieved.


4. How to Develop a Successful Integrated Marketing Strategy?

The gathering and analysis of consumer behavior data should serve as the foundation for your integrated marketing communications strategy. Using the data that has been obtained, you can modify your marketing strategy and improve its performance. By compiling and assessing their data, you can also learn which marketing methods are effective. It gives you the freedom to decide where to invest extra money to make your point stronger.
When creating your marketing strategy, take into account the stage of the buying process you want to impact. Examining your internal and external settings will help you gain new insights while developing your marketing strategy. It will help you identify your weaknesses and talents so you may work on them. Knowing the resources that are available to you is crucial before starting to build any concepts or methods. Your company's budget for marketing initiatives may be a percentage of sales or a percentage of profit.
Your budget will also depend on the size and financial strength of your business. Analyzing how effectively your strategies work can help you gauge their efficacy. Communication is integrated marketing is circular.

5. IMC Case Study

1. Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is an American technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses distributes, supports, and offers support for personal computers, consumer electronics, and related services. Its mission is to "provide every person and every government on the planet the power to accomplish more." Print and media are important parts of Microsoft's marketing strategy. Microsoft invests more than $1.5 billion in just print and media. Artificial intelligence (AI) now has a key position in Microsoft's product lineup as a result of the company constantly taking on AI projects. In order to sell its AI solutions, Microsoft collaborated with Carlsberg to use AI to hasten the development of new beer flavors. This program has been marketed by the corporation through a variety of media and an integrated marketing plan.

2. Coca-Cola

The integrated parts of Coca-Cola adopted a mass media strategy that included a banner, print, and television advertising. Advertising, marketing-related activities, and interactive and interesting online media marketing were all part of the strategy's marketing mix. Coca-Cola is one of the most successful advertisers in marketing history. Numerous advertising efforts have frequently had a substantial impact on society and culture during the course of the company's 129-year history. The key integrated marketing communication techniques used by The Coca-Cola Company include advertising, public relations, sponsors, and promotional activities. The seamless blending of numerous tools and their implementation in real life is one of the crucial elements in the business' success.

3. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo, a titan in the financial services sector, is the third-largest bank in the world. Despite having a fraud problem, the company employed integrated marketing and rebranding strategies to win back the trust of its stakeholders and clients. The implementation of Control Tower, a feature that provides consumers with safe, centralized access to their banking information, is the subject of advertisements. Wells Fargo successfully used the channels for integrated marketing communication to develop a campaign that was well-liked by its target market.

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Why are integrated marketing communications important?

IMC gives a business a competitive advantage and increases revenue. The brand establishes a relationship with the customer through communication and develops a seamless purchasing process, which finally results in a devoted, lifetime customer base.

How effective is integrated marketing communication?

Your brand's consistency raises recognition and trust. For instance, according to a Gartner research report, lead management programs that integrate four or more channels perform about 300 percent better than single-channel campaigns.

What are the 5 forms of integrated marketing communications?

Five essential communication tools work well with integrated marketing communications. These include public relations, advertising, direct marketing, online marketing, and sales promotion.

What is the main goal of integrated marketing communication?

Making sure that customers hear the same message when they engage with a business in different ways is the aim of integrated marketing communications.

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