10 Excellent Hotel Social Media Campaigns 2023

Safalta expert Published by: Ishika Jain Updated Mon, 02 Jan 2023 03:25 PM IST


Posting solely on a single or two different social media platforms used to be considered social media advertising in the tourism sector. It now makes up a significant portion of practically every hotel's advertising plan.

When looking for a hotel in the past, one may have started by surfing the internet, visiting comparison websites, or even asking for suggestions from print or television advertisements. No longer.
Nowadays, a lot of consumers use social media to find accommodations. Platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or even Pinterest are popular places for consumers to find inspiration, whether they are looking for recommendations from dependable influencers, going to follow travel accounts that post content that makes them itch to travel, or simply looking for a brand name they've seen before. For hotels to stay current and draw in younger consumer groups, they must create a social media presence, especially in markets with intense competition. A hotel's online presence plays a big role in what makes it an attractive place to stay, therefore brands that want to expand their client base and become well-known in the sector should make creating a solid social media strategy a top priority.
Here are the top 10 suggestions for your plan, regardless of whether you're just getting started with social media marketing or searching for fresh angles to broaden your angle.
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Table of Content:
Display Your Face (s)
Make use of short-form video
Join Forces With Influencers
Specify exclusivity
Think about seasonality
Be Timely in Your Replies
Follow up on comments
Learn From Successful Content
Engage In Paid Ads On Instagram And Facebook
Promote TripAdvisor testimonials

Display Your Face (s)

One of social media's biggest advantages is that it enables you to display a much more human side of the brand.

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Source: Safalta

Giving you your hotel's name a face—or several faces you give your hotel's name a face—or several faces—will have an even bigger impact. Showing actual individuals in your images and videos will assist your fans to form what feels like such a human connection, enhancing their connection to your brand, as opposed to maintaining a more business-oriented online presence. Direct audience (or camera) communication from your personnel will improve the impact and make for more interesting viewing. Your hotel will appear more "human" on social media if you feature personnel there.

Make use of short-form video

Users of social media have limited attention spans. The hotel needs to make sure that the content you share is seen given the abundance of content accessible from many businesses. With the rise of social media sites like TikTok, short-form video is arguably the most popular content format right now. To reach a larger audience with this very engaging content, you can make and distribute films on Instagram as "Reels" as well. You may even post brief clips on Facebook, any website, or email marketing material. You can accomplish a lot with short-form videos, from capitalizing on viral trends to performing mico interviews with workers and clients.
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Join Forces With Influencers

Influencer marketing is an excellent method for hotels wishing to enhance their social media marketing strategy In addition to expanding your access to prospective new clients, it can also enhance your brand's reputation through affiliation. Hotels have a wide range of alternatives when building an influencer marketing plan.
For illustration, you could:
  • Encourage influencers in the travel or leisure industries to tell their followers about their experiences by giving them compensated vacations.
  • Make the hotel available as a location for an influencer event. It can then show up in both their material and the content of event attendees.
  • Establish a collaboration where an influencer posts several pieces of content that specifically promote your hotel as well as the experiences it offers.
  • Create a loyalty program with influencers that reward them with discounted stays when they advertise your hotel or provide their followers access to a special rate.
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Specify exclusivity

On social media, sharing consistent material throughout all channels is crucial, but so is providing something unique on each platform. As a result, your followers will be inspired to interact with the profiles of your hotel on various social media platforms, which will increase engagement and build your brand's reputation. Sharing original information and providing your followers with the insight they won't find in any other social media network is what uniqueness on social media sounds like. This could involve:
  • Organising contests.
  • Revealing first looks at upcoming spaces or amenities.
  • Providing reductions.
  • Allowing users to participate in the creation or selection of features for new services
Think about seasonality

All hotels often take seasonality into account when planning their sales, but you should also consider it while developing any social media strategy. Depending on whether it's the high or low season for the hotel, you'll probably have various goals, so first, check that the social media posts you're publishing are in line with these objectives and aim to capitalize on attention during the peak season. On the other hand, you should also adjust your social media content to keep followers or increase interaction during slower seasons of the year by promoting specials or highlighting unique experiences to improve reservations.

Be Timely in Your Replies

Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn responding to comments and mentions as soon as possible are crucial. The digital world moves quickly, and the majority of social media users anticipate instant pleasure or reactions. Although it may seem laborious to respond to or engage with comments made on social media, doing so helps your business in several ways. In the beginning, it makes your audience feel heard and appreciated. Responding to your consumers will help build relationships, make customer service appear more personal, and promote more reviews, whether you're managing a complaint or just saying thank you for a review. Your brand's reputation is enhanced in the eyes of many other followers by responding to their comments and engaging in conversation with them. You'll build a good reputation and once again promote additional engagement if your hotel establishes a reputation for being a company that values and pays attention to its clients. This enhances the social media performance of your material.
Follow up on comments

In keeping with the last recommendation, be sure to include a feedback loop in your social media plan. Accepting criticism and responding to it is one thing; acting on it is quite another. Customers may express their opinions about your hotel as well as the services you offer directly to you on websites like Facebook and Instagram, which makes it tremendously easy for you to figure out where your brand needs to improve. You must take steps based on what your customers are telling that they want to see if you want to increase your following and have a great brand image. As an illustration, you might post a behind-the-scenes look at a hotel location, which attracts a lot of interest and positive feedback. Consider creating a series of related pieces of content to capitalize on the attention this popular post garnered in addition to spreading it across all of your platforms.

Learn From Successful Content

Talking of taking action, depending on which of the posts are the most popular, you may modify and improve your social media approach. The easiest way to determine what your audience desire from content is to analyze interaction and popularity, taking into account metrics like:
  • Likes.
  • Shares.
  • Comments.
  • Participation within the first few hours after publication.
  • Followers' responses in the comments and replies.

Facebook might not be the apparent choice for developing original and engaging social media content. However, if you want to incorporate paid advertising into your hotel's social media marketing plan, it is one of the greatest channels to invest in. Through paid Facebook advertisements, you can reach individuals who aren't involved with the content but fall into the demographic that makes up your target market. If you want to incorporate retargeting into your strategy, it's a good way to increase conversions as well as develop your fan base and brand recognition. You may employ the same marketing strategies to run paid advertisements on Instagram because the same firm owns both Facebook and Instagram. If you want to boost visibility and increase traffic to your hotel's website, Instagram is another wonderful medium to invest in. However, the demographics you're targeting and the types of advertising you generate will probably differ.
Promote TripAdvisor testimonials

TripAdvisor is a network with a sizable following that has the power to greatly affect the perception of your hotel, even though the fact that it may not initially look like a traditional social media channel. To create a profile that is consistent with your brand identity and appears interesting to visitors who are browsing the site, hotels can claim their listings on the website and change the information. If you use TripAdvisor as a main component of your marketing strategy, you can also acquire analytics for the hotel based on the site's information, which is quite helpful. Staying active on TripAdvisor also allows you to interact with and reply to consumer reviews. Posting solely on a single or two different social media platforms used to be considered social media advertising in the tourism sector. It now makes up a significant portion of practically every hotel's advertising plan. Posting solely on a single or two different social media platforms used to be considered social media advertising in the tourism sector. It now makes up a significant portion of practically every hotel's advertising plan.

What about social media marketing in 2022?

Marketers can engage their audience with a solid social media strategy and the ability to provide interesting content. In 2022, social media will still be a crucial tactic, and businesses can always improve how they use it.

In 2022, what will be popular on social media?

Shorter videos are more valuable. It's hardly surprising that short-form video will be a social media trend in 2022 given the growth of TikTok and Instagram's own declaration of the value of video. All the main social media networks now provide Stories and videos in some capacity.

What are the top five social media platforms for 2022?

Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, & Facebook Messenger are the world's top five social networking sites. Following that is TikTok, while Snapchat is ranked number 11, Twitter is ranked number 15, and LinkedIn isn't even listed.

What social media sites have the fastest growth rates?

According to the most recent data, TikTok is the social network with the quickest growth.

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