Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for the hotel industry

Safalta Expert Published by: Vanshika Jakhar Updated Tue, 13 Dec 2022 11:48 PM IST

Digital hotel marketing is unfamiliar or uncharted territory for many owners. While well-known marketing techniques may still be useful in some circumstances, shifting consumer behavior calls for fresh approaches that work well if you want to boost sales. It is also critical to recognize that experiences and conveniences are now dominating the market and that adaptation is required to remain competitive. This article examines some of the nuances of hotel digital marketing and the specific steps you can take to advance in the field.

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Table of Content
How do hotels market themselves?
An overview of hotel digital marketing  

How do hotels market themselves?

A successful digital marketing strategy for hotels will include all the ideas presented in this article.

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Source: Safalta

The customer is always right is a common theme throughout these initiatives, even though some experiences might be digital and others much more personal. In either case, creating a marketing strategy that will enable the hotel to succeed is more important than just doing a little bit here and there.

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An overview of hotel digital marketing

Many visitors use booking websites to look for the most affordable accommodations. You will also be aware, though, that a large number of internet users will subsequently look up the hotel's website in search of additional details or a lower nightly rate. For the best outcomes, you must have an appealing website in light of this. And whether you work in the hotel industry, the digital healthcare industry, the financial industry, the IT industry, or any other industry out there, having a great website is essential.

2. Write articles for your website.
A person with a laptop, a cup of coffee, and office supplies lying around is reading a blog. Although content marketing appears to be in vogue right now, there is a valid reason for it. In other words, creating this content is without a doubt the most efficient tactic if you want to drive consistent traffic to hotel listings. Simply put, your visitors won't know what you don't tell them, and most people consider these features when deciding which option is best for an upcoming stay.

3. Control online reputation and reviews
As you may be aware, Tripadvisor has recently come under fire for publishing fake reviews and engaging in other dubious activities. In addition, it has been accused of ruthlessly retaliating against offenders, leading to charges and prison sentences. However, in the hotel business, reputation is everything, and the only way to get an unbiased perspective on a hotel experience is still through online reviews. Even one negative review can seriously harm a hotel's reputation, whereas hundreds of five-star reviews will unavoidably lead to additional bookings. For this reason, it's crucial to request positive reviews from clients and leave notices of this request all over the place.

4. Digital hotel marketing using SEO
Digital hotel marketing is heavily reliant on SEO, which can be divided into two types: on-site SEO and off-site SEO. Off-site SEO is frequently the most efficient way to gain traction online, even though on-site SEO is much quicker and simpler to implement.

5. Prioritize local SEO
Any kind of SEO is beneficial, but local SEO can give a hotel website results right away. There is much more to local SEO than simply optimizing the images, descriptions, tags, or titles on a website, as many people tend to believe. Tripadvisor and other listing websites, for instance, contain crucial data about your website. The details on these listings can be optimized and improved as a starting point for your local SEO efforts. Additionally, Google My Business is getting better at ranking for local search queries, so if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, make sure every aspect of this profile is complete.

6. Hotel social listening
people who are receiving notifications while looking at their phones. In case you were wondering, social listening is a digital marketing tactic used by hotels to monitor online mentions using trackers and other tools. So take advantage of this opportunity to engage with guests and impress potential clients.

7. Check out Facebook Dynamic Ads
In case you were wondering, Facebook ads are still very much in use, and many companies still allocate a large portion of their marketing budget to them. With five million users, Wish is one of the biggest online stores in the world. Over the past few years, this platform was almost entirely developed using Facebook ads. A recent initiative called Travel Ads enables hotels to target customers most likely to travel by showing their ads on Facebook and Instagram. Travel advertisements, for instance, will display your hotel in front of users who are looking at hotels but have not yet made a reservation for specific dates and prices.

8. Hotel email marketing
In the hotel industry, email marketing is becoming more and more significant. This is especially true now that advertisements and social media marketing are so prevalent. This remains one of the most cost-effective methods of audience engagement while also requiring no initial investment.

9. Enable online remarketing.
Hotel remarketing is a procedure that aids establishments in interacting with prospective guests who may have browsed the hotel website but stopped their search. In other words, you can use this tactic to persuade these users to visit the website again and buy something the second time around. When you think about it, this is very powerful.

10. New technologies
The hotel industry is finding new technologies to be very powerful, with chatbots, in particular, having a big impact. As you may know, chatbots are created by developers and have a variety of features that improve a website's functionality and user experience. As the Amazon Echo does in the kitchen, voice-enabled devices can use Alexa to enhance hotel guest experience and offer helpful assistance. As you can see, there is a lot to learn about hotel digital marketing, but the aforementioned advice is some of the most useful for breaking into the field. A strong marketing strategy is typically enough to guarantee that your hotel is improving at every turn and moving in the right direction, even though some methods do require a financial investment.

What is digital marketing for hotels?

Building and maintaining your hotel's online presence is referred to as "hotel digital marketing." This includes search engines like Google as well as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How can digital marketing benefit the hospitality sector?

Through various online platforms like blogs, social media, websites, and the like, digital marketing helps increase awareness about a hotel's services, restaurants, and other amenities to reach a larger customer base worldwide.

What demographic does a hotel cater to?

The specific segment of all hotel guests from whom a given establishment hopes to attract business is known as a hotel's target market. This could be families on vacation looking for resorts, or business travelers looking for lodging close to an airport or conference center.

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