Is NDA Exam tough? Check how to prepare for NDA/NA Exam here!

27th April, 2021 Published by: Saloni Bhatia Updated Wed, 16 Feb 2022 10:28 PM IST

Wondering if NDA Exam is tough? What is the right strategy to crack this exam? The NDA Exam is the most common among students who want to join the Indian Defence Forces. The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) is in charge of this test. It serves as a stepping stone for students interested in joining the Indian Army, Air Force, or Navy. It is a national inspection that takes place twice a year. This article is recommended for students seeking advice and preparation tips for the NDA written test. We've included all of the useful details on how to plan for NDA Exam in this article. If you are preparing for NDA/NA (I) 2022 Exam and are looking for expert guidance, then join now: NDA 2022 (1) Champoin Batch.

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Tips to Prepare for NDA Exam

  • Begin your preparation early and make a study schedule.
The next move is to begin your training as soon as possible to pass all phases of the UPSC NDA Exam. It will ensure that you can adequately cover and subject and topic while still leaving time for revision. Students must begin their training with a Concrete Study Plan to pass all phases of the UPSC NDA Exam.
A good study strategy and timetable for all parts of the exam should be included in a good study plan. A timetable will assist you in planning and keeping track of all of the subjects that you have already discussed and those that remain. The study plan aims to help you develop time management skills that will help you in the future. Avoid cramming your schedule with tasks that would interfere with your planning plan. Always remember that working smarter is preferable to working harder. As a result, spend the majority of your time practicing relevant subjects.
  • Increase your knowledge by reading every day.
Developing a regular reading routine will help you prepare for the UPSC NDA Exam in a variety of ways. To build a solid understanding of General Knowledge and Current Affairs subjects, try to read every day. Keep your General Knowledge up to date by reading magazines, newspapers, yearbooks, and other related material. Still stay up to date on important democratic news from around the world and in your own country.
Also, if you're taking the English Language Section of the exam, you can focus on feature articles, editorials, business journals, and other materials that will help you improve your reading and comprehension skills more quickly.

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  • Mock Tests and Practice Papers from Previous Years
To boost your pace and precision, make it a routine to practice previous year's papers and mock exams. Solve previous year's papers because many of the issues are the same. They will assist in defining and ranking relevant topics. Daily practice can aid in the development of time management skills and the achievement of a high exam score.

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  • Keep an eye on your physical and mental health.
The final allocation/selection for admission to the National Defense Academy's Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as the Indian Naval Academy's 10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme, will be made up to the number of vacancies open, according to the candidates' eligibility, medical fitness, and merit-cum-preference.
As a result, if an applicant is not physically and medically fit, he or she will not be chosen for the Indian Army, Navy, or Air Force. To pass the physical and medical examinations, candidates should not only prepare hard for the exams but also keep themselves physically and mentally fit by physical exercises.

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  • Focus on general knowledge and the English language
To pass the NDA test, you must be able to communicate in English. Your English is not just checked in a written exam; if you speak English fluently, it will make a positive impression on selectors during the interview.
Since General Knowledge is a requirement of the syllabus, you should study it thoroughly. You will improve your GK by reading newspapers, magazines, journals, and referring to books by well-known authors who concentrate on current events, among other things.

Candidates can also refer to NDA GK E-Book by Team Safalta.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on How to prepare for the NDA exam?

When is the best time to start focusing on your preparation for NDA Exam?

Six months prior to the notification's arrival is the best time to start preparing for the NDA.

How much time can I devote to studying for the exam?

Candidates can devote at least three to four hours a day to studying.

Is it necessary for me to take a practice test?

Yes, the practice test will assist you in improving your pace and accuracy.

What is the best way to prepare for the English language for the NDA exam?

Candidates must have a good command of grammar and vocabulary in order to prepare for the English Language.

Is NDA Exam tough?

Every year the number of applicants for NDA Exam is increasing. Given the limited number of vacancies, the exam is becoming highly competitive which has made this exam appear tough to a lot of candidates. However, with dedicated preparation and the right strategy and guidance, you will be able to crack this exam.

Can female candidates apply for NDA Exam?

Yes, female candidates can also apply for NDA Exam.

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