10 Steps to Building Your Brand on Social Media

Safalta Expert Published by: Samyak Jain Updated Wed, 06 Mar 2024 01:33 PM IST


By 2024, it is estimated that there will be a significant increase in the number of people using online social media platforms, reaching 5.17 billion users worldwide. 
Between January 2023 and January 2024, the number of individuals utilizing digital communication worldwide increased by 320 million.

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In today's digital era, creating a unique brand identity is increasingly crucial, especially on social media platforms where individuals can reach large audiences effortlessly. Whether you're a business owner, self-employed, a creative professional, or simply looking to establish a strong online presence, having a strong personal brand can open up new opportunities and connections.Well, the impact of digital networking in the current technological age reaches into both our personal and work spheres. Having a robust online presence can set you apart, draw in fresh opportunities, and enhance your earnings.

Additionally, a personal emblem enables you to showcase your unique personality and information, which can help you connect with like-minded individuals and form a community of loyal supporters.When employees share brand messages on digital platforms, the arrival rates increase by 561 percent compared to messages shared by the brand's digital channels.
On average, employees have ten times the number of followers compared to their organization's online communication platforms.92% of people trust recommendations from other people, even if they are not personally acquainted with them, more than they trust recommendations from brands.

By 2024, it is estimated that there will be a significant increase in the number of people using online social media platforms, reaching 5.17 billion users worldwide. 
Between January 2023 and January 2024, the number of individuals utilizing digital communication worldwide increased by 320 million.

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Table of Contents:

1. What is a personal brand ? 
2. Why is Personal Branding Important? 
3. The 10 essential steps to help you craft and cultivate your brand on social media.
4. How to Use Different Social Media Platforms to Achieve Different Branding Goals ?

What is a personal brand? 

A personal brand is a unique combination of skills, experiences, characteristics, and knowledge that an individual presents to the world.

Source: Safalta

It represents how one portrays themselves both personally and in one's career, and how others perceive them. Just as companies develop brands to stand out in the market, individuals can cultivate their brands to stand out in their work, social groups, or areas of expertise.

Creating your signage is not a brand way to promote yourself (although it is a crucial aspect). These are the essential elements of a customized sign:

Voice and values : In other words, it is important to consider what you say and what you believe. Your way of communicating should not be uniform or automatic.
• Content. What do you suggest building your audience? How are you showcasing it? Whether it is for entertainment or educational purposes, it is your material that attracts your viewers.
Creativity : It is not necessary to be exceptionally attractive or intelligent to create a customized sign. However, possessing some sort of creative trademark can give you the support you need to be unique among others.
Personality : There are no unexpected elements in this location! That's great: there isn't a universal template for your astrological sign. Are you energetic? Relaxed? Professional? All good! Once again, it's important to be true to yourself.
Authenticity: Many people are discouraged by the concept of creating a persona. Your identity mustn't be artificial or imposed. It should come naturally to accurately reflect your true self on the internet. Once you figure out how to achieve this, your unique identity will always feel genuine.

Why is Personal Branding Important? 

Your branding plays a crucial role in advancing your career. In reality, a remarkable 85% of hiring managers state that a candidate's unique signature impacts their hiring decisions. Your signature should highlight your strengths, establish credibility, build trust, and showcase the unique qualities that contribute to your overall or desired field.When cultivated effectively, your brand will indicate to potential employers whether you are the right fit for an available position.
Creating a unique brand is crucial when transitioning to a different career path and delving into a new field of study. Employers need to understand your reasons for this change and how your skills and experience can be applied to various industries. In addition to a strong resume and cover letter showcasing your transferable skills, your brand allows you to effectively communicate your story to potential employers.

Here are 10 essential steps to help you craft and cultivate your brand on social media:

• Define Your Brand Identity: 
Before delving into creating a brand using online networking, it is crucial to take a moment and recognize your distinguishing factors. Take a step back and contemplate your skills, distinctive characteristics, interests, and the specific audience you want to appeal to. Your brand image should authentically represent your authentic self and the qualities you aspire to be known for.

• Choose the Right Platforms:
Not all digital communication platforms are created equal. Research and find the platforms that best align with your unique brand and target audience. Whether it's Instagram for visual content, LinkedIn for professional networking, or Twitter for live updates, choose the platforms where your audience is most engaged.

• Optimize Your Profiles:
Ensure that your online communication accounts serve as the virtual storefronts for your unique brand. Make sure that your profiles are complete, coherent, and visually appealing. Incorporate high-quality images, well-crafted bios, and relevant keywords to enhance your profiles' visibility and engagement.

• Create Compelling Content: 
The foundation of building a successful private brand on digital communication lies in the content. Create content that showcases your expertise, interests, and personality. Whether it's sharing industry knowledge, behind-the-scenes moments, or personal stories, strive to provide value and captivate your audience consistently.

• Be Authentic and Transparent: 
Honesty encourages trust and connection on digital platforms. Be accurate and transparent in your conversations, share both your achievements and errors, and do not be afraid to show your side. Transparency builds credibility and cultivates strong relationships with your audience.

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• Engage with Your Audience: 
The exchange of information through technology is a two-way process. It is important to engage with your audience by responding to their feedback, messages, and mentions. Encourage interaction and gather input by asking questions and sparking conversations to foster a sense of community around your brand.

• Collaborate with Others: 
Collaboration has the potential to enhance your customized signature and expand your reach on social media. By joining forces with individuals, influencers, or companies who share similar values, you can collaborate on creating content, organizing joint events, or promoting each other's posts. These partnerships not only introduce you to new followers but also bring diversity to your content.

• Leverage Visual Branding:
Images have a significant role in influencing viewpoints and capturing attention on social media. Create a unified strategy for developing a visual brand that incorporates appropriate colors, fonts, and imagery to reflect your unique identity. Craft visually appealing elements, videos, and pictures that convey your brand's values and message.

• Stay Consistent: 
Maintaining consistency is crucial for building a positive personal brand in online communication. This involves establishing a regular posting schedule, staying true to your brand's voice and tone, and ensuring that your brand's message is consistent across all of your social media platforms. Consistency helps to solidify your brand's identity and keeps your audience engaged and connected.

• Monitor and Adapt: 
The internet environment is constantly changing; therefore, it is important to monitor your effectiveness in online networking and adjust your strategy accordingly. Keep track of important metrics such as engagement, reach, and follower growth to assess the effectiveness of your efforts. Experiment with new methods, analyze the results and improve your approach to stay relevant and competitive.

How to Use Different Social Media Platforms to Achieve Different Branding Goals

How digital communication platforms are built varies. The specific program you need for your brand's growth goals will depend on the type of content you plan to share, whether it is visual, video, short-form written or long-form. 
Here are some tips on how to effectively use different online networking tools to achieve your branding objectives.


Instagram is a social media platform that primarily focuses on visual content, making it ideal for sharing images, videos, and written descriptions. If you work in fields such as photography or real estate, where captivating your audience with visuals is crucial, Instagram is the perfect platform for you. However, there may be times when you need to post content more frequently, such as once or twice a day.


Twitter is a highly effective tool for building a personalized brand, specifically designed for brief makeup-related content. What's more, it's a comprehensive platform that also effectively supports GIFs, images, and short videos. Twitter enables live discussions, converting it into a valuable tool for individuals whose strategy for building their brand includes frequent updates (such as industry updates). Twitter's ability to offer immediate communication often results in frequent postings. It is recommended to post on Twitter five times daily.


There is no need to provide an introduction for Facebook. With 2.95 billion users registered monthly, it has become the most popular online social platform. It also serves as the largest digital communication channel, allowing for the sharing of various forms of content.

Facebook allows you to share a variety of content, including images, captions, and lengthy written pieces. If your personal branding strategy involves delving into topics in depth occasionally, then Facebook is the perfect platform for you.
Although it is important to post frequently, Facebook does not require as much posting as other social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. Posting at least three times a week is sufficient. One way to increase your following is by asking people to like your Facebook page. Due to its widespread use, there are various Facebook groups available for networking and gathering ideas for content.


LinkedIn is often referred to as the "professional equivalent of Facebook" because it is an online platform primarily used for business and job-related interactions. Its users typically consist of employees and employers who create profiles and connect on a social media network designed for building real-life professional connections.

If you have goals to grow your brand and showcase your skills to others, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you. It also offers a great opportunity for networking and job opportunities. Creating a unique profile on LinkedIn does not require frequent social media activity. Posting once a day or a few times a week is sufficient.


Every minute, YouTube receives over 500 hours of new video content, making it the ultimate platform for sharing videos. If your brand strategy involves regularly posting vlogs, then YouTube is the perfect fit for you.
Consistently uploading content to your channel is key to achieving the best results. However, in some cases, uploading one video every two weeks can also be effective.
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In short, creating a strong and tailored online presence can greatly benefit your career or business. This article provides helpful suggestions for establishing yourself as a respected authority, increasing your visibility, and attracting new opportunities. It's important to be authentic, consistent, and purposeful in your communication and engagement.
Remember to evaluate your progress and modify your approach. This implies that right now is the ideal time to start creating your login for electronic communication. Therefore, take action, devise a plan, and begin. Good luck!

What's a personal brand, and why does it matter on social media?

The way you present yourself online is represented through your customized signature. This is crucial in the realm of online networking as it shapes others' perceptions of you and can lead to potential opportunities such as employment or collaborations.

Do I need to be an expert to have a personal brand on social media?

No, you don't. The significance of your symbol is centered around expressing your true self and discussing what you are passionate about, whether it be art, style, or anything else.

How do I choose which social media platforms to use for my brand?

Consider the location and preferences of your audience when deciding what information to share. Instagram may be the best option if you enjoy visual content, while LinkedIn could be a good choice for professionals.

How often should I post on social media for my brand?

No, you are not required to do so. Your symbol represents embracing your true self and expressing your interests, whether that be art, fashion, or any other topic.

Should I share personal or professional stuff on social media for my brand?

The combination of sharing both personalized and expert content can help individuals connect with you. Just be sure to make it relevant for your audience.

How can I tell if my brand is doing well on social media?

Observe elements such as likes, comments, and followers to gauge the level of engagement your content receives. Also, take note of any feedback you receive.

What should I do if I get negative comments or feedback on social media?

Stay calm and respond politely. Use it as a chance to learn and improve. If it's really bad, you can delete or report it.

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