Digital marketing Careers in Canada: scope, job opportunities, and more

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The field of digital marketing is one that is expanding quickly in Canada as a result of commercial globalisation. This trend is anticipated to last for a very long time, therefore marketers should be aware of prospects for digital marketing in Canada.

The field of digital marketing is growing at a very high rate in Canada due to commercial globalization. This trend is anticipated to last for a very long time, therefore marketers need to be aware of prospects for digital marketing in Canada.

The most popular destination for international immigrants is Canada and the  Canadian government has done a great job of assisting its residents and promoting immigration to Canada. Canada provides a wide variety of digital marketing career opportunities in many areas of marketing and industry. The person may begin a fantastic career in Canada's digital marketing industry with the appropriate training, technical skills, and work experience.

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Table of Content:
What is Digital Marketing?
Scope of Digital Marketing in Canada
Increasing Demand
Job Possibilities
Types of Jobs
Skills Required

What is Digital Marketing?
The utilization of marketing techniques, tactics, and technologies to establish a brand identity online and grow a firm is known as digital marketing.

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It enables companies to connect with customers globally through various digital platforms. There are several variations of digital marketing which are available and let's look over some of the most well-liked digital marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
The fundamental goal of search engine optimization is to promote a brand in the Google search results rankings and it can be achieved by including particular phrases and terms in the material for the brand. Consumers often and frequently utilize certain words and phrases, also known as keywords, while looking for specific information.
Consumers often and frequently utilize certain words and phrases which are also known as keywords, when looking for specific information.

Content Marketing
Creating material for the reader rather than merely trying to sell something is known as content marketing. It focuses on producing blog-style content giving readers in-depth knowledge about a subject and encouraging them to take action. Publishing content that is SEO-optimized includes building a loyal audience.

Utilizing social media
One of today's most effective technologies is social media. On social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, almost everyone has the access to the internet and has a profile. Social media marketing is the process of producing and disseminating information on social media platforms by providing customer service in a way that draws customers to the brand. Consequently, smart thought and artistic flare are needed for social media marketing.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) 
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) PPC refers to sponsored search engine results and paid adverts and it relies on payments and is aimed at boosting search traffic to the website. The ads will stop appearing on websites & search engines once the available credit has been used up.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Canada

Due to its high rates of internet usage and rapid growth in the digital marketing sector, Canada is considered one of the greatest advertising markets in the world. Over 8.45 billion CAD was spent on digital advertising campaigns in Canada in 2020 which accounts for approximately 54.1% of the country's overall media advertising expenditures. The cost of digital advertising is anticipated to increase in the future years. Engaging in digital marketing in Canada is considered merely the tip of the iceberg. Let's get into more detail about the particulars.

Increasing Demand

Consumers in Canada spend 329 minutes a day, on average, on digital media which constitutes  5.4 hours out of a full 24 hours. Companies have the ideal opportunity to use digital marketing campaigns to put their items in front of customers due to their significant online presence. In-house marketing teams now handle a type of marketing that used to be handled by a digital marketing firm. The demand for digital marketers has been rising in Canadian cities including Ontario, Toronto, Montreal, Richmond, Calgary, and Vancouver, among others.
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Job Possibilities

There are many types of job opportunities in digital marketing. The job market is as boundless as the options because digital marketing is a broad sector including several specializations. A LinkedIn poll revealed that major metro areas lacked 230,000 digital marketing specialists. Digital marketing has replaced traditional marketing as the preferred strategy for businesses because of its accessibility and statistics.

Jobs in digital marketing are very closely related to the person's area of expertise. Some of the most sought-after positions in Canada for graduates in digital marketing are an email marketing manager, SEO, copywriting, content management, and social media, e Expert in digital advertising, digital Marketing Manager SEM Manager, etc

Pay Range

Digital media has evolved as the most effective means to sell products to consumers as over 92% of the population now has access to the internet. As the market is based on supply and demand, a strong demand produces a good pay scale. This rapid digitalization has boosted the need for digital marketers.

The pay scale for digital marketing is based on the level of specialization, place in the organization, and type of position held. The average annual compensation for a digital marketing specialist is $55,369, according to While entry-level employees might earn up to $42,525 annually, experienced grads can expect to make $77,870.

Types of Jobs

The flexibility of the job is one of the major advantages of being a digital marketer. Proficiencyproficiency in digital marketing is needed in practically every sector. Digital marketers can look for opportunities that fit their skill sets as job platforms like LinkedIn gain in popularity. Digital marketers can work in one area of various job classifications part-time, permanent, temporary, internship, contract, or Freelance.
Skills Required

Digital Marketing is a broad field that includes many different sorts and specializations. It involves occupations that allow people to continually advance their skills, obtain certificates, and acquire different disciplines to find better-paying work and broaden their knowledge. However, there are several fundamental abilities and particular requirements to work in digital marketing in Canada.

General Abilities
  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Having some knowledge of French is also advantageous.
  • Good organizational abilities, attention to detail, and presenting skills
  • Writing abilities
Specific Skill Requirements:
  • A bachelor's degree in an area relating to marketing, such as marketing, communication, advertising, designing, etc.
  • The chances of obtaining a higher-paying job increase by having a postgraduate degree or qualification.
  • Specializations in line with shifting market trends and technological landscapes
  • competence in marketing, including SEO, SEM, and Google Ads, among many others
  • Understanding of analytics software like Google Analytics
The field of digital marketing is one that is expanding quickly in Canada as a result of commercial globalisation. This trend is anticipated to last for a very long time, therefore marketers should be aware of prospects for digital marketing in Canada.

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Is there a demand for digital marketing jobs in Canada?

Demand for digital marketing is always increasing as digital media takes over as the most efficient form of communication in the modern day. Canada is a nation renowned for its lucrative work opportunities in the digital industry.

What digital marketing talents are in demand in Canada?

Digital strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and video marketing are in-demand marketing skills.

Is Canadian digital marketing profitable?

Digital marketing will rank highly in the Canadian job market in 2022 when compared to other sectors. Because of its great demand and the ensuing employment opportunities, it distinguishes out from other specialties as a specialization. The most popular area for marketers to pursue their graduate education is this one.

Are jobs in marketing in demand in Canada?

In several Canadian provinces and a variety of industries, marketing positions are in high demand. Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers are in high demand in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

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