How to Get High-Quality Backlinks for a Completely New Site for Free

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  • There are more than 7.5 billion people alive at any given time, and more than half of them are online.
  • Backlinks go hand in hand with organic traffic, which occurs when someone reaches your site on or through a search engine results page (SERP).
  • This helps to position your page relevantly on the SERP so that you can attract organic traffic for the right search queries.

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With enough website builders and content management systems (CMS) to fill a book, and almost as many web hosting companies, developing an online platform has never been easier. But therein lies the problem many new bloggers and businesses face now.

There are more than 7.5 billion people alive at any given time, and more than half of them are online. This means that, except for those who do not have access to the Internet (and those who are too young or too old to use it), almost everyone has some form of online presence. This may be limited to social media accounts and a few subscriptions for many people, but there are still billions of business websites and personal blogs.

So whatever the nature of your online platform, you have to be smart and resourceful if you want your site to be visible. Long gone are the days of simply posting online and adding a few keywords.


The world of search engine optimization has evolved to the point where even most beginners know that there are hundreds of factors that contribute to your ranking.

Some of these factors—especially keywords—are very popular. The problem is that with the rise of voice search, keywords are no longer the primary SEO tool. Many SEO experts have come forward to say that keywords are somewhat outdated. And while they are unlikely to ever go away completely, relying solely on keywords is suicidal. This is where backlinks come in.

Hello, advanced pioneers! Have you at any point felt like your business site is caught in the shadows, trusting that a second will step into the spotlight? Indeed, you are in good company. Establishing a connection in the enormous universe of the Web is certainly not a simple accomplishment. However, dread not because we have found the way to open the unmistakable advantage of quality backlinks.

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Envision this: Your site isn't simply an objective but a computerized force to be reckoned with, ascending to the highest point of web crawler results. This isn't a fantasy; This is the genuine article. This post will make sense of the troublesome course of getting excellent backlinks, which is your key to progress on the web. Thus, lock-in, and how about we plunge into the universe of advanced redesigns?

In any case, before that, how about we find out what backlinks mean in the advanced world?

Table of Content

  1. What are Backlinks

  2. Internal Backlinks

  3. Guest Posting

  4. Help a Reporter (HARO)

  5. Blog and Forum Comments

  6. Blogger Reviews

  7. Broken Links

  8. Link Reclamation

  9. Website Feedback Sites

  10. Google+

  11. Scoop it Up

  12. Best Blog Posts


What are Backlinks: 

One of the most crucial SEO elements, if not the most, is most likely backlinks. Unfortunately, they're also pretty high up on the list of SEO metrics that you don't have much control over, but we're going to help you with that in a bit.

Simply put, a backlink is an external link that directs users from one site to another. You want to include some backlinks in your content, but most importantly, you want the backlinks to act as incoming redirects. In other words, you want other sites and pages to reference you with a link.

Backlinks go hand in hand with organic traffic, which occurs when someone reaches your site on or through a search engine results page (SERP). This is because search engine website crawlers specifically look for backlinks when building their search engine indexes, so the platform can better understand how your pages are linked. More significantly, backlinks inform search engines about the relationships between your content and other online pages and websites. This helps to position your page relevantly on the SERP so that you can attract organic traffic for the right search queries.

The way search engines index and display your pages is directly related to the quality of your backlinks. Of course, all backlinks will help search engines index your content according to relevance, but it alone don't have much of an impact on your rankings.

That is why it is important to generate backlinks from authoritative websites. These are recognized sites that already rank well for topics like yours.

Building quality backlinks can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.


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Internal Backlinks: 

In our introduction above, we mentioned that backlinks are the term best associated with external links to your site and pages, but internal links also fall under this term. All backlinks contribute to the way search engines interact with your website because they help site crawlers used to develop and update search engine indexes understand how your content compares to content on other websites. How is it related?

Internal links contribute to developing a great user experience, as visitors can easily navigate your site and find relevant articles that connect to or match the page they are already viewing. This is paramount in SEO because it allows you to retain visitors. Instead of having to type in another search query to find additional, relevant information, you are providing them with a means to find it on your site.

This is one of the most common ways it can benefit you if your content includes technical terms relevant to your industry. You want readers to understand your writing, but adding a definition in the first instance of each technical term messes up the content structure.

That's why you have another page elaborating on that term, as it's relevant to your industry and your target market. By changing the principal example of a specialized term on your page to secure text with an inward backlink to the definition page, you guarantee that your perusers have all that they need.

In any case, be mindful so as not to have such a large number of inner connections on your pages. A decent guideline is to keep backlinks per page under 100, and you'll need to remember outer connections for the count (you'll see the reason why in a little).

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Guest Posting :

It might seem like you are assisting one more site with building their assets and creating more perspectives for them, yet everything revolves around aiding one another. After all, guest posting is very different from ghostwriting. As a ghostwriter, you do not get any credit for the content. However, each guest post is credited solely to the author, not the hosting site.

Of course, this helps the host site generate views, but it's fine for the guest author because it often includes a backlink to your site. Guest posting is one of those cases where it's not just about generating backlinks to improve your search engine index ranking for SERPs, that shouldn't be your sole focus. This is a great way to get your name out there, make your content available to new readers, and increase online visibility. Guest posting, especially for authoritative sites in your industry, builds your reputation online in a big way.

But if you approach it wrong, finding opportunities to create guest posts can take a lot of time. A surefire means of discovering new, relevant opportunities is to use sites like Twitter. Using the search feature, you may easily locate reputable websites that frequently seek guest post writers. Simply type in “your topic” + guest post (e.g., “SEO” + guest post) and scan the results for new opportunities.

Help a Reporter (HARO) : 

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a great online resource for generating backlinks to authoritative news sites. All you have to do is sign up as a source, which takes less than a minute to do, and you'll get three updates a day every Monday through Friday (at 05:35, 12:35, and 17:35 ET). You will receive emails. These are source requests, a list of articles for which journalists need information.

Each includes a summary (usually the intended title for the article), a topic category, and the journalist's email address (where you will send the information). It will also include the name of the site where the article will be published, the reporter's deadline, and a description explaining what type of information they need.

Of course, you won't be able to contribute to every question. For one thing, you may receive over a hundred emails, and not all of them will be relevant to your industry. All you have to do is scan the list to find people covering your area, and then send a contribution pitch to the reporter's hidden email!


Blog and Forum Comments : 

Everyone turns to the blogs they follow for information, but sometimes readers want or need a little more than what's offered in a post. This is where you step in. Find blogs that cover your industry, whether directly or by posting on certain products and/or services that are a part of your own, and start following them. There are many reasons why you might do this, and we'll talk more about them later in this article, but one of the easiest ways to do this that can help you build backlinks is to visit the comment section.

Many bloggers (and we're also including vloggers on sites like YouTube) often invite their readers to ask questions or add their opinions, stories, and ideas in the comments section. Questions are often answered by the original poster, and most bloggers will attempt to respond to every comment, but often some of the best answers come from other readers. And this is where you step in.

Blogger Reviews : 

Testimonials on other sites are an excellent way to generate backlinks, but there is also an equally good option that allows testimonials on your product or service to become a backlink source to your site.

how come? By providing it for free to bloggers in your industry. Although this is not exactly a free means of building backlinks, the costs are very low, and the results should pay off quickly.

So what you want to do is search for bloggers that provide some reviews for products and services in your industry. Narrow the results down to the most authoritative ones before moving on to the next step.

Broken Links : 

This technique is similar to the Moving Man method, except that instead of looking for links with old or empty pages, you are looking for links that return a 404 error. If you've ever spent time on the Internet, chances are high that you've encountered a 404 error at least twice. When a site is completely removed, existing backlinks to other sites will result in a 404 error. We call these “broken links,"  and they're bad news for the SEO of the site hosting them.

Yet again, you ought to find asset pages connected to your area and examine them for breaking down joins. We don't anticipate that you should tap on each connection to view it as one—simply utilize a program expansion like Really Look at My Connections for Chrome. Broken links will be highlighted in red, making them easier to find at a glance. Your next step is the same as the Moving Man Method. You will send an email to the resource page site owner to notify them of the broken link, making sure to tell them what the broken URL is as well as where on their page the link is found. To do this, you may want to include the anchor text they used as well as the URL of the page containing the broken link.

Link Reclamation : 

Sometimes, your business or brand will be mentioned online without a link to your site. This step is usually caused by human error, but the good news for you is that it can be a new source of backlinks.

Link recapture is simple but very powerful. Typically, you'll find that someone mentioned you on their blog because they liked one (or several) of your products or services. Posts aren't always reviews; in some cases, they spotlight your brand or business as part of a larger narrative.

To find these mentions, you just have to use a tool like BuzzSumo, which generates a content alert every time someone writes about you. Most of the time, you'll find that they've already included a link to your site, which is good news, but sometimes the link is missing.

Website Feedback Sites : 

An excellent way to not only generate backlinks but also get input on how to improve your site's user experience is to submit your website to one of the many feedback sites.

These are designed to help site owners make the most of their site's potential in terms of layout and conversion. Of course, usability evaluation techniques are also an excellent way to do this, and we recommend that you perform this at least once a year (especially if you just launched Maybe, or you're planning a redesign). But these often don't result in backlinks, so when it comes to killing two birds with one stone—improving your UX as well as your SEO—website feedback sites are the way to go.

All you need to do is create an account on one or more of these sites, and then submit your site for review. Add a little description of how you think or want to improve it and that's it!

The best website feedback sites automatically add a backlink to your site. This appears to be an undeniable element, as it permits supporters to find your site effectively, however, a portion of these stages don't add connections normally.


If you haven't created a Google+ profile yet, we advise you to do so, as it's an easy way to get backlinks to your website. All you need to do is go for free, include a link to your website in the "About" section, and start collaborating with other Google+ users. Like all SEO techniques, this will take time and effort to maintain; the more you share and communicate, the more exposure your backlink will bring to your website. Your Google+ profile will get more and more referrals over time, giving it more and more authority as a backlink.

Something significant to remember is that you should be logged out of Google+ to have the option to see the connection as a follow interface, also called a do-follow connect. It's a bit strange, but when you're logged in, the link shows up as a nofollow, which means the backlink exists and is present on your profile, but doesn't show up as a link and doesn't appear to redirect users. Therefore, it cannot be clicked.

However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't add it. There will be users who are not logged in when they view your profile; for example, if it pops up on a SERP, they will see the link and hopefully follow it. Additionally, having that backlink available will help search engines (obviously Google, but Bing and Yahoo will pick it up as well) index your site and improve your SERP ranking.

Scoop it Up : 

Scoop It offers a simple solution for those who want to earn quality backlinks along with curating content. It is a common tool among industry leaders, especially those looking to grow their brand on professional networks. You might think of it as another blog aggregator, except that it's much more than that.

On Scoop It, users can create their own online magazines of content they enjoy from across the web and share curated content with other industry members and customers. Including your name in the mix can greatly improve the SEO of your website because the software's fast search techniques guarantee that users receive high-quality content from reliable sources.

Consider it a secondary platform for disseminating and advertising your content, combining it with other pertinent online information to build backlinks to other websites that might be motivated to reciprocate. distributing your scoop Its entertainment material on the internet will also be entirely up to you.

Best Blog Posts : 

A few sites and web journals discharge "best of" records that provide clients with a careful summary of the top sites and online journals in an industry or field.

Although you may not be able to do this yourself, which will create backlinks to other sites that you can persuade to reciprocate, you can use existing links to find blogs and platforms for your pitch. You can utilize it. This is perhaps the simplest method for doing this, as you have a rundown of the best possible locales in your industry previously spread out for you; no further exploration is required.

You shouldn't restrict yourself to only one site's postings. Finding at least three that you can compare is a decent starting point, and then you should make your list. This list is what you will use to develop your email marketing strategy.

You should also be on the lookout for relevant local sites that are unlikely to be found on "best of" lists. The explanation for this is straightforward: voice search is transforming how search engines engage with consumers and consider their location when producing search engine results pages (SERPs). Having links from other, more established local businesses can help you rank well not only for text-based search queries but also for the increasingly popular conversational voice search queries.

Assembling great backlinks is fundamental for working on your site's permeability and authority in the advanced scene. Following the demonstrated procedures examined in this article, you can construct serious areas of strength for a solid backlink profile.

Keep in mind that the criticality lies in a smart and vital methodology. Center around delivering a huge, viral substance that commonly draws in joins from dependable sources. Make ties within your area and take part in the undertaking to make connections with other trustworthy sites.
We should zero in on the major areas of strength for creating a profile and continue to push ahead in the serious universe of web porousness!

Notwithstanding, building backlinks through part display requires an essential methodology. Cautiously pick your branch-offs, give them eye-getting thing depictions, offer them serious commission rates, and watch out for their show to ensure they are building advantageous backlinks. By making these moves, you might utilize part-promoting to get excellent backlinks and improve your site's general website streamlining.

How to get backlinks for Website optimization

One of the most outstanding ways of acquiring website design enhancement backlinks is to make a quality substance that individuals will normally need to connect to. This content can be instructive, provocative, entertaining, and so on, insofar as individuals need to connect to it. For example, you publish a video or blog post that teaches people how to do something.

Can you get free backlinks

Start an Outreach Process to Ask for Free Backlinks You can either ask for a backlink to a relevant URL on your website or offer to contribute a guest post. I have gotten the best results from contributing high-quality guest blog posts.

How do I get backlinks from YouTube videos

Video Description: Backlinks Making these is also easy. When you upload a video, simply enter the URL in the description field. You can link to your home page or any other relevant page or post on your site. Make sure your video content is related to the content of the website page you linked to in the description.

How to create backlinks

If you want to create a free backlink to your blog, then create an account on Wikipedia and then click on the edit option, add some information, and then give the link to your blog there. What are the benefits of using backlinks in blogging? A backlink is a link that creates a path from another website to your website.

Why are backlinks important

Backlinks improve your rankings in SEO because they view the quality and quantity of links from other websites as a vote of authority and trust. Therefore, the more backlinks you have to your website, the higher it can rank for search terms.

Why are backlinks not working

Indexing delay: It takes time for search engines to crawl and index new content, including backlinks. It may take some time for your backlinks to appear in search results. Inferior quality or nasty backlinks: If the backlinks you are building are from bad quality or malicious sites, web search tools may not value them so much.

Is the span's expectation for backlinks to be filed

A backlink's impact on Google rankings commonly requires ten weeks. Notwithstanding, the genuine period relies upon many factors, and results will fluctuate from one site to another. While some backlinks can affect rankings in as short as one month, others could require as long as a half year.

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