Content Analyst Jobs: Salary, Skills, Eligibility, and Vacancies

Priya Bawa

She has started her career as a Content Writer and writes on blogs related to career.

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Are you fascinated by the power of words and skilled in analyzing content? Content analyst jobs might be the perfect fit for you! In India, the demand for content analysts is on the rise, driven by the growing need for data-driven insights and content optimization. According to a report by, the job market for content analysts in India has seen a remarkable growth of 78% over the past year.

As businesses increasingly focus on creating engaging and relevant content, the role of a content analyst becomes pivotal in ensuring quality, accuracy, and effectiveness. Content analysts are responsible for evaluating content performance, conducting keyword research, optimizing metadata, and analyzing user behavior to enhance content strategies. With the digital landscape evolving rapidly, the ability to extract actionable insights from data and adapt content strategies accordingly is highly valued. So, if you possess a keen eye for detail, a passion for content analysis, and a knack for deriving meaningful insights, content analyst jobs in India offer a rewarding and exciting career path.


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Table of Content:
Companies Hiring For Content Analyst Jobs 

Data like advertising text, site content, translations, product descriptions, and print media are all evaluated and interpreted by content analysts. They advise authors on article themes and work in print media, data translation, or advertising. After authors submit pieces on recommended subjects, they analyze and review their work for correctness, paying close attention to language and facts. They also look at the readability of the text to ensure that it reaches the intended consumers in the appropriate way.

Content analysts have great language skills, a love of terminology and grammar, and the ability to understand and apply what they've learned. They are exceptionally proficient at analyzing data and selecting pertinent information while demonstrating exceptional creativity and ingenuity. They assess using a variety of content measures. They employ a variety of content metrics to assess readability, purposefulness, expressiveness, and the impact of the material on the reader. They assemble data from many documents and transform it in an understandable manner. A bachelor's degree in communication, marketing, or public relations is required for content analysts. 
Companies Hiring For Content Analyst Jobs:
1) Content Analyst, McCormick & Company, Gurugram:
  • Use Sitecore to create new pages and experiences, change current web content, review page correctness, and publish new content.
  • Understanding and implementing digital best practices for website administration, such as SEO, UX, analytics, and accessibility.
  • If relevant, identify possibilities to improve the online experience.
  • Ensure that website concerns are documented for monitoring and escalated as soon as possible.
  • Coordination of required technical upgrades and QA in accordance with requirements
  • 2-3 years of professional expertise in Digital Marketing and website publishing. Sitecore experience is desired.
  • Capable of managing a large number of projects and activities in a fast-paced workplace.
  • Must be adaptable, changeable, detail-oriented, and deadline-driven.
  • Capable of recommending optimized work methods to increase efficiency and speed without losing accuracy.
  • Microsoft Office programs are second nature to you.
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2) Content Analyst at ICG Analytics, The Lancet, Mumbai:
Position and Responsibilities:
  • Create industry and sector-specific material for clients and client-facing bankers.
  • Recognize industry trends and seize possible opportunities
  • Examine market size, growth factors, main players, and their sector positions.
  • Develop ideas for investigating emerging industry trends and develop analytical papers on them.
  • Collaborate with the team to ensure high-quality production
  • MBA Finance / CA, 2+ years of industry report writing experience
Skills / Competencies:
  • Technical and knowledge abilities Accounting and corporate finance principles are well-understood.
  • Ability to comprehend and analyze industries and deliver information in a reader-friendly way
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication (written and spoken) abilities
  • Attention to detail - Client-ready work product delivery
  • Working in groups Accountability for finding and acting on the potential for growth, encouraging constructive discourse, and sharing best practices
3) Content Analyst,, Haryana's Gurugram:
  • Implementing various components of our content marketing strategy in accordance with the rules in order to provide unique (plagiarism-free) material for our channels
  • Must have an understanding of SEO for creating as well as optimizing website content and blogs to bring in more traffic
  • Content writing and professional posting Press release writing (as well as other forms of PR--media pitches, articles, etc.)
  • Infographic creation and promotion
  • Participating in client conversations before campaign launch and as needed thereafter
  • Researching hot themes across many sectors
  • Must have professional and/or academic writing experience. Should have prior experience writing for a web-based readership as well as a functional understanding of HTML.
  • Experience writing for a web-based audience is required, as is a working awareness of search engine optimization best practices and how they apply to content marketing. A bachelor's degree in English, mass communication, or a related field is required.
  • Salary: INR350,000 - INR600,000
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4) Content Analyst, AlphaSense, Delhi:
Responsibilities and Roles:
  • Onboarding and Maintenance of Content: Examine content processing alerts. Verify and submit content from business, regulatory, and other websites. Create new web scraping tasks using the admin interface. Maintain current scraping operations, modifying parameters as necessary to guarantee excellent content absorption. Define the requirements for quality reports and carry them out.
  • Research & Analysis: Find new sources of material on the web to supplement our content offering, as well as analyze web sources to be onboarded. Strategize and help in the development of operational frameworks to best meet project objectives.
  • Troubleshooting Content difficulties: Contribute fresh ideas and concepts to the development of novel and effective methods of troubleshooting content difficulties.
  • Content assistance: As a subject matter expert, you will be in charge of third-level assistance, answering content-related questions. When required, escalate to internal teams and external content suppliers, raise tickets, and track issues. Regularly coordinate with technical teams, product managers, and content producers.
  • Content help: As a subject matter expert, you will be in charge of providing 3rd-level help.
  • Quality Assurance and Control: Examine documents for property classification and tagging across our content processing pipeline.
  • Monitoring and Reporting on Content Flow: Track processing status, produce content utilization data, and keep a history of content requests (through Productboard or similar solutions, for example).
  • Work with content producers to coordinate: Proactively follow up with content suppliers and internal organizations to fix concerns as soon as possible. Keep stakeholders/requestors informed of any concerns that have been reported.
  • Documentation: Create, maintain, and document processes for onboarding content.
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  • Capacity to distill and explain difficult topics in simple words.
  • A strong aptitude for learning and a willingness to study. Because of our wide customer base, most of the technical expertise necessary for success will be gained on the job.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Expertise in MS Office, Google Suite, and basic technological knowledge
  • Effective time management and task prioritization while under pressure.
  • Knowledge of financial information/data and analyst procedures
  • Must be able to work a late shift to help the revenue team in the United States.
  • Energetic and creative individual with natural curiosity and the capacity to learn fast and adapt.
  • A bachelor's degree is required.
They also consider the readability of the language to ensure that it reaches the intended audience. Content analysts have excellent communication skills, a passion for vocabulary and grammar, and the capacity to comprehend and apply what they've studied. They excel at analyzing data and picking relevant information, all while exhibiting extraordinary originality and innovation. They use a range of content metrics to assess. They use a range of content metrics to evaluate the readability, purposefulness, expressiveness, and the material's influence on the reader. They compile data from many publications and alter it so that it is intelligible. Content analysts must have a bachelor's degree in communication, marketing, or public relations.

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What is the qualification for content analyst?

Bachelor's Degree
Most content analysts possess a bachelor's degree that focuses on Public Affairs, Government, Business, or other related fields. Some employers, however, prefer candidates who have at least two to three years of working in the field and knowledge of engaging stakeholders at all levels.

What is the job description of a content analyst?

Data like as advertising text, site content, translations, product descriptions, and print media are all evaluated and interpreted by content analysts. They advise authors on article themes and work in media outlets, data translation, or advertising.

What are the soft skills required of a content analyst?

Detail focused, analytical capabilities, and communication skills are three common soft talents for a content analyst.

What does a content analytics salary look like?

Content Analyst salaries in India range from 1.9 Lakhs to 5.5 Lakhs per year, with an average yearly income of 3.5 Lakhs.

What are the requirements for content writing jobs?

A bachelor's degree in communications, marketing, English, journalism, or a closely related subject is required. Proven experience in content writing or copywriting. Knowledge with content management systems is required. All Microsoft Office apps are proficient.

What is the educational background of a content editor?

Bachelor's degree in journalism, English, or a related discipline is required. Outstanding mastery of the English language. Experience in writing, copyediting, and proofreading. Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities.

What exactly is SEO in content analyst?

The SEO / Content Marketing Analyst is in charge of putting SEO and content marketing plans into action for customers.

What is the definition of analysis content in a resume?

Resume analysis is a multi-step process that includes both automatic and manual resume checks. The goal is to extract crucial information about job seekers from resumes in the most effective way feasible.

What is the definition of soft talents in a CV?

Soft skills, also known as people skills, are the combination of social and interpersonal abilities, character qualities, and professional attitudes required by all occupations. Just a few examples are teamwork, patience, time management, and communication.

What exactly are job content skills?

Profession content skills are those that are unique to a particular profession or occupation. A secretary is proficient in typing, word processing, answering phones, handling business communication, and filing.

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