Top 12 Podcast Directories and Recommendations in 2023

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To help in the discovery of new shows, directories are often organized alphabetically or by genre. Apple Podcasts and Spotify constitute two of the most common listening services, according to Chartable. A podcast directory is where podcasters list their shows in order for them to be heard. There are specialized mobile apps, desktop-only locations, and hybrids combining the two, but they all serve to promote a podcast to a bigger audience. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing
Table of Content:
Podcast Directories and Recommendations in 2023:

Podcast Directories and Recommendations in 2023:
1) Podcasts from Apple:
With a 43 percent market share of unique podcast listeners, Apple Podcasts is without a doubt the largest podcast directory in the industry. Because of the growing number of iPhone users, it is a popular platform.

Source: Safalta

It's also one of the podcast directories where you can list all of your podcasts. For others, it represents the pinnacle of podcast dissemination.
2) iHeartRadio:
iHeartRadio is a podcasting and streaming radio company with about 150 million monthly active listeners. If your podcast is already available on Apple/iTunes, it is most likely also available on iHeartRadio.
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3) Podcasts from Google:
Following the demise of Google Play Music, Google Podcasts became the primary option for listeners for listening to different podcast programs on the Google search engine. This podcast directory makes podcasters' tasks easier by methodically searching the web for podcast material.
Furthermore, podcast episodes are now appearing in Google search results, increasing the likelihood that your program will be discovered. Users may also listen to podcast episodes online. Users may also listen to podcast episodes immediately from search results, just as they can browse photos relevant to their queries.
4) Podchaser
Podchaser is the ultimate podcast database. Individual listeners can rank and review your podcast's episodes here to assist other users. Each podcast receives a profile, details regarding the episodes and authors, reviews, information on guests and producers, and so on. Podchaser also has a "list" option that its customers like. The user may filter podcasts based on their interests and share them with friends and family. Create a creator account, upload your RSS link, and publish your podcast to Podchaser.
5) Audible and Amazon Music:
Audible is best known for its audiobook collection, but its parent firm, Amazon, is also expanding into podcasting—and its relatively tiny listening base of 41.8 million is anticipated to grow rapidly. It's an excellent move to provide your RSS feed to Amazon Music and Audible if you are interested in catering to an audience that enjoys listening to podcasts via their Alexa-enabled devices.
6) Spreaker:
Spreaker is a podcasting app. It includes a podcast hosting platform, a podcast directory, desktop software, a podcast app, and other features. The nicest thing about Spreaker is that it has agreements with practically every major directory, including Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and others. The nicest thing about Spreaker is that it has agreements with practically every major directory, including Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, and others. You can have your podcast featured on all of these big sites with just a few clicks on Spreaker.
7) Stitcher:
Before Google Podcasts joined the podcasting scene, most Android users relied on Stitcher, while Apple users relied on Apple Podcasts. To date, a sizable number of individuals utilize our podcast directory. A significant amount is from when it was an alternative to Apple Podcasts. Stitcher provides a unique feature that allows you to learn about how well your podcast channel is performing. Furthermore, the app is available in over fifty different automobile types. Isn't that incredible? As a result, if your podcast program is the type that people listen to while driving, you should consider using Stitcher.
8) TuneIn Radio:
TuneIn is primarily an internet radio streaming service, but it also includes podcasts, making it a popular alternative for customers who want to pay attention to all of their sports, information, and other conversational radio material in one spot. TuneIn is now Alexa-compatible, so your listeners can discover and play the podcast utilizing their smart speakers.
9) Audioboom:
Audiboom is a service that allows you to host, broadcast, and monetize your podcast. They assist you in connecting with targeted listeners and communicating a compelling brand image through advertising. The fact that Audioboom has collaborated with Apple Podcasts, CastBox, Deezer, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, RadioPublic, Spotify, Stitcher, and TuneIn is the finest part. Thus, by listing your podcast on Audioboom, you may distribute it on all of these other sites as well.
10) The Podcast Directory:
In a nutshell, The Podcast Index is a free and open-source podcast directory. This implies that similar to Wikipedia, anyone may contribute to it. What size is it? It had around 4 million podcasts as of late June 2021. And it's expanding quickly. However, like with many open-source initiatives, it quickly becomes technical and nerdy. So, in our Submit Your Podcast To The Podcast Index tutorial, we go through the fundamentals.
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11) YouTube:
The video streaming behemoth might also be a possible home for your podcast. You may post episodes to YouTube with several hosting providers (Transistor, RedCircle, Libsyn). Once published, this generates a static picture "video" on the platform that is distinct from your typical podcast download statistics on all other platforms. You may label these videos as "a podcast" on your YouTube channel. According to whom you ask, podcast performance on YouTube is a mixed bag. However, there is no harm in having your program available there. For more information, see our complete tutorial on how to upload a podcast to YouTube.
12) Castbox:
Castbox is a distinct podcast directory in that it employs Search Engine Optimization and Artificial Intelligence to simplify the podcast-searching experience for listeners. It is a popular site for podcast listeners who prefer to try out new podcasts. It is also straightforward to find the podcaster by using only the episode name and genre. Castbox provides podcasters with useful tools like as subscriptions, downloads, rivers, and social network sharing. Listeners can also provide comments on your podcast episodes, which boosts overall engagement. To have your podcast included on Castbox, just join their Creator Studio and then submit your RSS Feed.
Directories are frequently organized alphabetically or by genre to aid in the finding of new shows. According to Chartable, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify are two of the most popular listening services. A podcast directory is a place where podcasters post their broadcasts so that they may be heard. There are specialized mobile applications, desktop-only destinations, and hybrids that combine the two, but they all serve the same purpose: to promote a podcast to a larger audience.

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What will be the most popular podcast in the world in 2023?

  • Audiochuck's Crime Junkie
  • This Is Your Life (Serial Productions)
  • The New York Times' The Daily
  • (Wondery) Morbid: A True Crime Podcast
  • (Spotify) The Joe Rogan Experience

Is there a podcast directory?

A podcast locator is a listening tool that connects podcasts with their listeners. Podcast listeners use their preferred podcast directory to find, subscribe to, and listen to your podcast. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts are all popular podcast directories.

What is the most well-known podcasting website?

The most popular listening to podcast platforms in the United States. According to a recent poll, the most popular podcast platform among US listeners is YouTube. One-third (33%) of all podcast listeners utilise it. Spotify comes in second with 24%. Together, YouTube and Spotify account for more than half of all listeners.


What will the future of podcasting look like in 2023?

According to the estimate, the global number of podcast listeners will exceed 465 million by 2023. Furthermore, income from the podcast sector is expected to exceed $2 billion in the same year. Another consideration is the ever-increasing quantity of podcast programmes and episodes.

What percentage of Indians listen to podcasts?

India's listener base has expanded from over four million in 2016 to a projected 90 million in 2022. Quality has improved as a result of much simpler access to creative tools and a significant expansion in the ecosystem that allows actual monetisation.

What exactly is the podcast about top ten lists?

The podcast is a weekly humor and edutainment podcast that discusses and breaks down a Top 10ish List in real-time, including the highest-grossing films of all time, the worst U.S. presidents, the deadliest animals, the best-selling video games, the most visited websites, the deadliest cults, and much more.

Is Apple's podcast available for free?

Apple Podcasts, formerly known as iTunes Podcasts, is Apple's dedicated podcast listening site. It's free to download and install for both podcasters and listeners (but paid alternatives are now available), and it's available as a mobile and desktop software.

Who has the most podcast listeners?

Joe Rogan's Experience. Joe Rogan, a comedian and UFC pundit, hosts the renowned podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.

Is Spotify a better option for podcasts?

According to new US statistics from Podtrac, Spotify has the most overall podcast listeners, while Apple has the most downloads. According to the firm, Spotify has the fewest episode requests per listener, with only three: Users of Apple Podcasts download more than a quarter as many.

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