What is SMS-Based Mobile Marketing With Examples

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SMS marketing is a type of mobile marketing in which text messages are used to sell products or services. SMS marketing may be used by businesses to deliver a range of messages, such as promotional offers, discounts, coupons, event invites, time-sensitive offers, and urgent information. SMS marketing is comparable to email marketing in many ways. Businesses can send permission-based communications to the inboxes of their consumers. Customers must register for SMS marketing.
Here are some SMS marketing statistics: Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing
  • 75% of customers are willing to receive promotional offers over SMS.
  • SMS has a greater CTR rate than any other digital marketing channel, at 9.18%.
  • 60% of customers read SMS messages within one to five minutes of getting them on their phones.
SMS marketing is one of the most often used kinds of mobile marketing.

Source: Safalta

Billions of messages are transmitted each day.
Table of Content:
1) What exactly is SMS marketing?
2) What is the purpose of SMS marketing?
3) What SMS marketing tools are there?
4) The Benefits of SMS Marketing:
5) What Is the Process of Mobile Marketing?
6) What is the significance of SMS advertising?
7) Examples:

What exactly is SMS marketing?
SMS marketing, also known as text message marketing, occurs when a firm provides promotional content to customers by SMS or text message, such as special discounts, product updates, customer loyalty program incentives, and marketing information. SMS is used by businesses to develop permission-based marketing campaigns. Customers, in other words, opt-in to receive your marketing offers by SMS message. Customers can agree to be included to your SMS campaign and database in a variety of ways:
  • Opting in over the phone
  • Texting a keyword to a shortcode (often a five-digit number)
  • Choosing to participate when visiting your physical place
  • Participation via an online form
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What is the purpose of SMS marketing?
SMS marketing is an excellent method to send out reminders, delivery announcements, and limited-time offers consumer base will benefit from exclusive deals and redeemable coupons. SMS marketing may also be used to drive client interaction through polls or survey-type communications.
What SMS marketing tools are there?
Among the several SMS marketing methods accessible are the following:
  • Twilio: Twilio offers SMS and Facebook Messenger marketing choices, as well as classic email marketing tools. To understand more about the company's comprehensive digital engagement platform, see our Twilio Flex review.
  • Mobiniti: Mobiniti offers limitless free support and interfaces with a variety of email and content marketing platforms.
  • EZ Texting: EZ Texting provides keyword choices as well as text-to-landline functionality. Learn more about this feature-rich text message marketing tool by reading our in-depth EZ Texting review.
  • Textedly: Textedly allows for the easy construction of shortcodes, list opt-in tools and text message scheduling. For a full look at the solution's features, see our Textedly review.
  • Avochato is a market segmentation tool that interfaces with several internal datasets.
The Benefits of SMS Marketing:
SMS marketing has various benefits, including the following:
  • SMS allows for automatic responses: Text message marketing frequently includes automatic response features. You may send messages that trigger follow-up answers and actions from your software based on your subscribers' activities to further engage consumers.
  • SMS offers personalization options: Many SMS marketing systems allow you to tailor messages, increasing your digital marketing ROI. Personalized communications are more likely to pique the attention of recipients and increase response and conversion rates.
  • SMS marketing allows you to advertise directly to your audience: SMS marketing allows you to market directly to your target audience and rapidly establish client loyalty.
  • SMS allows for contact management: SMS marketing technologies provide for simple segmentation and contact database administration.
What Is the Process of Mobile Marketing?
Mobile marketing can involve advertising provided by SMS text messaging, MMS multimedia messaging, downloaded applications with push notifications, in-app or in-game marketing, mobile websites, or scanning QR codes with a mobile device. Proximity networks and services that use location-based information can notify users based on their geographic location or proximity to a service provider.
Marketing on smartphones has become a crucial tool for organizations of all kinds as mobile devices become more ubiquitous. Mobile advertising targets consumers based on behaviors rather than demographics (though demographics may play a role, such as the fact that iPad users tend to be older).
One significant mobile marketing habit is "snacking," which occurs when mobile device users check in to media or communications for little period of time. The device (particularly screen size) makes a difference in mobile marketing; users of smartphones and iPad tablets react differently to mobile marketing. For example, although smartphone users prefer informational material, iPad users are drawn by interactive advertising that includes rich media presentations with eye-catching images (the meaning of the content is secondary).
What is the significance of SMS advertising?
  • It has a global audience. SMS services may send a company's message to anybody who has a mobile phone anywhere in the world. SMS advertising may play an important role in your marketing approach since five billion individuals have a cellphone connection.
  • It promotes a high level of interaction. People check their cell phones 80 times every day. SMS advertising has a high open rate, allowing businesses to raise brand recognition and efficiently send proposals to clients with a higher possibility of being seen.
  • SMS advertising enables local businesses to communicate time-sensitive offers to clients who can visit at any time.
  • It is simple to make. If you have the phone numbers of your customers, you can establish an SMS campaign for advertising in a matter of minutes (notice that you do not need their email addresses to send SMS campaigns).
  • It is compatible with various marketing mediums. SMS marketing is most effective when combined with email marketing and online push alerts. SMS advertising is frequently used by marketers to enhance email marketing initiatives. If an email is not opened, SMS advertising might transmit the message to a mobile phone.
  • It generates new opportunities for local companies. Marketers may focus SMS advertising inside a specified geographical region, making SMS campaigns an effective tool for local use. Local businesses may use SMS advertising to give time-sensitive offers to clients.
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  • Offers of Welcome: If you want to give a prize for joining up, welcome offer messages are the way to go. Sending a promo code or link through text message is an excellent starting step. And if it doesn't result in a sale, you can always send it by email again. Because SMS cannot keep attachments or display photographs, it may be preferable to combine your text messages with a multimedia messaging service (MMS).
  • Updates on order progress and delivery: SMS marketing shines in two areas: order confirmations and shipment updates. Customers should not have to check their inboxes again after making a transaction from you. Furthermore, your text eliminates any ambiguity if the email is delayed. It communicates the point subtly yet effectively.
  • Customer care: SMS isn't only used for business. You may also utilize it to avoid problems by addressing possible issues early on. You may console people who are having troubles with your firm by using text message marketing. The more intimate character of this distribution channel for subscribers makes it easier to keep clients updated and show the human side of your company. People prefer conversational texting, and SMS gives a good platform for doing so.

SMS marketing is a sort of mobile marketing that uses text messages to sell goods or services. Businesses may use SMS marketing to convey a variety of messages, including promotional offers, discounts, coupons, event invitations, time-sensitive offers, and critical information. In many respects, SMS marketing is similar to email marketing. Businesses can send permission-based emails to their customers' inboxes. Customers must register in order to get SMS marketing.

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With an example, what is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a type of marketing in which organizations send promotional messages to clients via text messaging. SMS marketing, in other words, is the same as text marketing. SMS marketing, like email marketing, is opt-in, which means customers must sign up for it.

What are some mobile marketing examples?

Mobile marketing tools are digital marketing tactics used by businesses to contact their target audiences via a number of channels available on smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices. These can include adverts on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, as well as pop-up ads on browsers.

What are some examples of SMS keywords?

These SMS keywords are used to communicate with your company via a special phone number or a 5 to 6 digit short code (e.g. 12121) associated with a specific text messaging campaign. For example, if a musical venue instructs you to text MUSIC to 1-800-MUSIC in order to win a free ticket giveaway, the SMS keyword is MUSIC.

What exactly is SMS mobile marketing?

SMS marketing, often known as text marketing, is a permission-based, immediate delivery messaging system that connects you with your target audience in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Is an SMS a type of text?

An SMS is a text message of up to 160 characters that does not include an attached file, whereas an MMS is a text message that includes a file, such as a photo, video, emoji, or a website link.

What are four marketing examples?

(Explaining the marketing mix) Product, pricing, location, and promotion are the four Ps. They are an example of a "marketing mix," which refers to the combination of tools and strategies utilized by marketers to achieve their marketing goals.

What are the three different sorts of SMS?

There are three types of SMS: one-way SMS, two-way SMS, and conversational SMS. See Message Center: Subscription plans for additional information on plans and pricing. All three types of SMS texting can help your company's communications.

How many different kinds of SMS are there?

SMS Formats. SMS is categorised into P2P,A2P,P2N, and I2P categories based on the application and how it is sent from the originating system to the terminating system. The same is explained below. P2P (person-to-person): This SMS type is exchanged between two mobile customers.

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