The Power of Visual Storytelling in Business Marketing

Priya Bawa

She has started her career as a Content Writer and writes on blogs related to career.

Visual storytelling is one of the most important themes affecting the growth of content marketing. This newest iteration of storytelling - a proven and true method that makes organizations stand out - is driven by the pandemic, the rise of e-commerce, the expanding importance of video, and the increasing usage of future technologies like virtual reality. Consider the power of video on its own. YouTube was leveraging the power of video to attract the attention of young people long before TikTok became the world's fastest-growing social network. YouTube has a vast, expanding, and diversified user base. 

Unsurprisingly, 86% of organizations now utilize video as a marketing tool, and 92% of marketers have made it a key component of their marketing plan.

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According to 88% of marketers, the video gives a favorable return on investment. Businesses have combined visual material and narrative to interact with and educate their consumers in response to the problems of the previous two years. Because the target audience drives the tale, visual storytelling is quickly becoming a potent brand-building and engagement technique.   

Table of Content:
1) What exactly is visual storytelling?
2) Who makes use of visual storytelling?
3) Stunning Visual Storytelling Examples:

What exactly is visual storytelling?

Visual storytelling is the art of conveying messages, emotions, tales, and facts to viewers at a deep and enduring level. Rich visuals are delivered via rich images that are either filmed from actual locations or developed by painters and visual thinkers. And, like flat-pack furniture, it comes in a variety of forms and sizes. This is by no means an entire list because pictures and the stories they provide play a part in our lives on practically every level.

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This is the efficacy of visual storytelling in a nutshell. This is due in part to the artist's or director's abilities and in part to the efficacy of the narrative itself. Our brains are hardwired to comprehend and decipher tales, deriving meaning from their structure, narrative, characters, allusions, and tone. That list alone demonstrates how many chances narrative offers for increasing engagement, meaning, and knowledge. And our brains absorb all of that meaning and information in flat-pack form and construct it into linked, memorable, and sophisticated thoughts.

The way visual storytelling operates differs depending on your solution and media. Because we are pioneers and professionals in whiteboard animation, we will concentrate on it. The beauty of whiteboard animation is that it allows you to construct whatever you can imagine, making it a sandbox for inventive and personalized storytelling that may get to the core of ideas and messages. Going a step further, whiteboard animation may layer and combine your storytelling and facts to provide visitors with a complete and integrated image that fits together and connects.
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Who makes use of visual storytelling?

Visual storytelling is used by many people in a variety of sectors. People frequently use visual means to deliver news and information, such as when journalists report information from a place where a story is occurring. Many types of entertainment, including films, television shows, and graphic novels, rely on visual ways to communicate tales. Visual storytelling may also be used in marketing and advertising to highlight a business and its offers, showing people what they might experience if they become a customer.

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Stunning Visual Storytelling Examples:
  • Slack:
Everyone seems to be using Slack these days, even NASA. This one visual narrative element on their homepage says a lot. And the tale it conveys is about ROBOTS ON MARS, not team meetings or group chats. That has to be the most exciting three words a nerd like me has ever heard. (Right next to "Aliens on Mars," which would be far more thrilling. But what about robots? Still, it's quite great.) And this image, with its great slogan, reminds me that this tool enables teams like mine to achieve extraordinary results. It's almost as if I'm sending a robot to Mars personally when I view this image.

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  • Stats Internet Live:
Internet Live Stats is a component of the Real-Time Data Project and was built by a multinational team of developers, researchers, and analysts with the purpose of making data available to everyone in a dynamic, time-relevant manner. It's one thing to read that there were 7,162 Tweets in a single second, but their data visualization team isn't bad either. It's quite another to actually witness it. The image of 7,162 birds has a significantly greater impact than the headline "7,162 Tweets sent in 1 second." It's a new form of visual narrative, but it's still captivating.

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  • Twoodie:
Twoodie's photos are easily identified since everything is grey except for the toys. Each graphic depicts a scene from a game. Thought. Beauty. Simplicity. These games aren't simply for entertainment; they're works of art. The brand's aesthetic is one of simplicity and beauty, which these product images authentically depict. They're energizing, vital, and fundamental.
  • Offerman Woodworking:
Nick Offerman, well known for his portrayal as Ron Swanson on NBC's "Parks and Recreation," is a skilled carpenter as well as an actor and comedian. And he has a bad attitude. This kid is full of personality, and it shines through everything he does. There will be no nonsense. Back to the basics. Rough. Bacon. These are the words that connect with Offerman fans, who will gladly spend $145 for a "Build Your Own Damn Stool" kit.
Why? Because you're getting so much more than a disassembled stool. You're signing up for an elite club of unashamed carnivores, masculine guys, and those who believe that if an Abacus was good enough for their forefathers, it's good enough for them. It's a belief system. It's a dream and an idea. And it's all reflected in every single image. There are no smiles. Smiles are unnecessary. You could get a twitch of the lip if you give that man bacon. Unsurprisingly, video is currently used as a marketing tool by 86% of organizations, and 92% of marketers have made it a fundamental component of their marketing strategy. According to 88% of marketers, video provides a good return on investment. In reaction to the challenges of the preceding two years, businesses have integrated visual material and stories to communicate with and educate their customers. Because the story is driven by the target audience, visual storytelling is fast becoming a powerful brand-building and engagement method. 

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What is the significance of narrative marketing?

Storytelling increases the relatability of your brand.
Stories captivate people because they bring context, emotion, and empathy. It brings your brand to life. One of the most essential skills that marketers may have nowadays is the ability to articulate a brand's narrative.

What is the significance of visual storytelling in business?

Visual storytelling may help simplify difficult stories and, as a result, communicate a more powerful message.


What is the significance of narrative in business?

In business, storytelling is the act of using human connection to entice an audience to do a desired action, such as purchasing a product or service. Stories bring people together and are an excellent method to develop trust in a company.

What is marketing visual storytelling?

Visual storytelling is a method for communicating a story using visual content. An efficient piece of visual storytelling elicits an emotional reaction from the audience, educates them, and/or leads them to a certain conclusion.

What is the power of three storytelling?

The rule of three is a narrative guideline that implies groups of three individuals grasp concepts, circumstances, and ideas better. Anthropological specialists have established the rule over time as an archetypal concept that operates on three levels: words, circumstances, and tales.

What is the significance and power of storytelling?

For thousands of years, stories have been used to transmit learning and information. A excellent narrative piques our interest, emotions, and imagination.

What is business visual storytelling?

"Visual Storytelling is an advertising technique that employs compelling tales, placing the client at the heart of the tale, staged with an emotional visual media experience, and effectively distributed across your buyer's journey - in order to empower customers' lives and drive business results."

What are the advantages of marketing storytelling?

The 5 Most Important Advantages of Brand Storytelling
1) Brand narrative distinguishes you.
2) It brings your brand to life.
3) It assists you in attracting the correct folks.
4) It assists you in communicating your worth.
5) It provides you greater control.

What is the primary goal of visual storytelling?

You may communicate in both obvious and subtle ways using visual storytelling. The style and tone that support your visual narrative may aid in the creation of emotion and the setting of moods. You may combine your brand and personality through colour and visual selections.

What are the five components of effective business storytelling?

The five important parts of brand storytelling are discussed more below: consistency and authenticity, identifying your target, explaining the problem you address, establishing your character, and engaging with your community.

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