Top 12 Brand Tracking Tools for Your Business

Priya Bawa

She has started her career as a Content Writer and writes on blogs related to career.

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Brand monitoring is the practice of tracking numerous mediums in order to analyze all online activity related to your brand. This covers where your brand is discussed or labeled, as well as what is said about it. It is virtually impossible to follow everything manually with the number of web channels at our disposal. Brand monitoring software allows you to keep track of your company's internet activities. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing

Brand Tracking Tools for Your Business:
1) BrandMentions:
BrandMentions, unlike Brandwatch and Brand24, is a newer player in the market, having only debuted at the end of 2017. It differs from many other programs in that it provides more than just simple listening.

Source: Safalta

Instead, customers are provided a thorough picture of every mention on the internet in order to better understand their online presence. This implies that, in addition to social media websites, it will detect mentions of the brand on blogs, review sites, and any other non-social site. All of its plans additionally include a variety of initiatives that you may employ to watch the social handles of your rivals. This might be a useful measure for evaluating your brand's performance. Furthermore, it will provide you with useful information about their target demographic and how they sell to them.
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2) Google Alerts:
Google Alerts is perhaps one of the greatest brand monitoring tools available. It enables you to select the settings for monitoring your brand. It may search for your keywords depending on how many times they have occurred in searches in publications, web pages, news, and so on. There are several filters with which to experiment. You may have all the information in a feed or have it sent to you. It is free to use, but there are some drawbacks, such as a lack of sophisticated features that other programmes give. The findings are not always totally accurate, and you cannot monitor your social media sites.
3) Brand24:
Brand24 is an older brand monitoring tool that is trusted by large businesses such as Twitch, Tailor businesses, Uber, Intel, and Stanford University. They rapidly made a reputation for themselves once the firm was launched in 2011, and they remain one of the main tools for monitoring a brand to this day. One of the primary reasons for this tool's popularity is that its set of features is constantly updated. Along with contributing to brand monitoring, it provides first-rate data to assist you in improving your advertising and promotional tactics. It not only lists social mentions, but it also lets you understand the impact of such mentions, such as engagement statistics on comments and shares. While it has extensive capability, it is rather simple to use. Its configuration is adaptable enough to monitor many brands or particular campaigns.
4) SentiOne:
SentiOne assists you in paying attention to what your clientele or others are saying regarding your brand in general. You may monitor brand mentions, social profiles, and other keywords. You may quickly restrict the number of terms you're following to minimize information overload. They also provide data visualizations and aggregations to aid with information management. You may sort the results by good or negative mentions, with the latter allowing you to move fast to prevent a catastrophe if required.
5) Keyhole:
With Keyhole, you can monitor when the name of your company, its products, or a competitor is referenced on all major social media platforms as well as millions of other web pages. You'll also be able to acquire an overview of statistics pertaining to post volume, interaction volume, number of impressions, and reach volume via its user-friendly dashboard. It then goes on to provide sentiment analysis, which is important for competitor analysis.
6) Kontentino:
With over one billion frequent users of social media today, services such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Pinterest and Facebook are critical in determining your brand's social media reputation. Customers' perceptions of your brand are formed by the interactions that you have on these platforms. It has the potential to either attract customers to your online presence or drive them away to rivals. That is why businesses use brand asset management systems like Kontentino.

It enables you to work seamlessly with customers to develop social media content that connects with your target audience and to build communities where you can discuss your brand. Kontentino is your one-stop shop for social media brand asset management, from managing your team's workflow to scheduling its release. You can secure speedier content approval, save time, and ensure your postings are properly accepted by your audience by using Kontentino. Brands with the most interactions with their target audience have a favorable brand impression. It also increases brand awareness.
7) BuzzSumo:
You may set up notifications for mentions of your brand, its goods, and other important terms and issues that affect your company on the site. You may also use it to keep track of your competitors. For example, you may configure it to receive notifications in real time when one of the other companies is referenced online, or you can establish a dashboard for the purpose. Buzzsumo also allows you to browse for up to 12 months of data, making it easy to discover which content has been most beneficial to your company.
8) Mention:
Mention is a brand instrument for monitoring that allows you to search the web and social media platforms for mentions of your brand. It allows you to discover significant talks while also identifying and analyzing patterns. To discover brand references, the program monitors internet forums, news sites, blogs, and social media channels. Audience analytics will help you better grasp your target demographic. You may also keep an eye on what your competitors are doing by monitoring their activities. You'll become aware of your brand if they discuss it. Mention offers a free plan, however, it is restricted to 1,000 mentions each month. This may not be sufficient for certain people who work on a greater scale. The least paid plan is $25 per month, which is pretty reasonable, but there are more options.
9) Gorilla Test:
Brand management is concerned with how consumers and workers view your brand. With half of workers unwilling to work for a company with a negative image, controlling your employer's branding is just as critical as managing your brand's impression. Hiring skilled and talented individuals is one method to improve employer branding. Such prospects will ultimately get acquainted with your brand and have an influence on every part of your organization from top to bottom. Companies such as TestGorilla, which provides customized exams such as problem-solving assessments, customer service tests, cultural add tests, and English proficiency tests, may assist you in hiring such competent and talented employees.

You select the best and eradicate prejudices from your hiring process by using these tests, which improves your company branding. Furthermore, these examinations evaluate all possible candidates, making recruiting selections quicker and easier. These tests will assist you in thoroughly understanding each person who can fit culturally in your organization and will aid in the improvement of your branding. Instead than relying on gut instinct, you may employ individuals based on statistics. TestGorilla is your one-stop shop for improving your employer branding by assisting you in developing a powerful brand both online and offline.
10) MomentFeed:
MomentFeed is the best app for managing mobile customer experiences. MomentFeed draws more consumers by influencing client decisions on mobile, as opposed to the other apps on our list that mostly focus on maintaining your web presence. It is a platform for optimizing the controllable signals used by search engines to rank local companies, such as consistency, data correctness, social media presence, and engagement.

MomentFeed allows you to concentrate on your brand at the local level. Using an easy-to-use interface, you can learn how your brand appears in near-me searches and gain insights about how to increase revenue and exposure. If you have many locations, you can use MomentFeed to impact your Proximity Search Optimisation (PSO) to guarantee your brand is seen across local discovery channels. More clients and traffic to your shop benefit from acing your PSO. MomentFeed can help you locate consumers on the road if you own a restaurant, mobile store, or hospitality business.
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11) Reputology:
Reputology is ideal for reviewing and tracking comments. Their name reflects what the firm performs and how it assists businesses. Reputology might be the go-to tool for a company wishing to maintain a close check on online customer reviews. The review administration and response monitoring solution assists organizations with several locations in monitoring and managing internet reviews. Reputology provides information on reviews on industry-specific review sites in addition to what customers are saying about your business on social media.

As a result, it may assist businesses in managing adverse feedback before it erupts or becomes viral on social media sites. As you answer reviews in real-time, it becomes simpler to reassure a consumer who has most likely had a negative encounter with your business. What's more, Reputology combines listening to social networks, customer interaction, and media tracking, making it your one-stop shop for determining the core reason for negative and good consumer feedback. Reputology might be the difference between a favorable and poor internet reputation if you work in the restaurant, hotel, retail, health, or medical sectors. You may also turn any unstructured text from comments and reviews into useful data utilizing their straightforward semantic analysis technology.
12) Talkwalker:
Brands such as Adidas and Duracell rely on Talkwalker's complete features. Its brand monitoring service provides access to mentions on 10 social media platforms as well as over 150 million entries on non-social websites such as online news locations, blogs, and forums. Furthermore, using its picture and video recognition features, you can keep an eye on where your company's brand appears. It is, in fact, the only technology that allows companies to analyze brand exposure in video. Unlike some of the other apps on our list, Talkwalker requires more effort to configure the various subjects that you wish to monitor. It costs around $9,000 each year to use its listening capability. As a result, it has greater potential for larger brands that require an enterprise-class technology solution.
The practice of tracking many mediums in order to analyze all online activity linked to your business is known as brand monitoring. This includes where and how your brand is mentioned or labeled, as well as what is said about it. With the multitude of web channels at our disposal, it is nearly difficult to keep track of everything manually. You may use brand monitoring software to maintain track of your company's internet activity.

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What is an illustration of brand tracking?

Examples of Brand Tracking:
Content downloads are an excellent example of operational data that can be tracked over time. But how useful was the information they obtained? Sending a simple automatic follow-up email asking if they found the information beneficial is one approach to find out.

What what is brand tracking software?

A brand monitoring tool is a piece of software that can assist you in gathering information on critical brand health measures such as reputation management and brand awareness, to mention a few. Brand monitoring software should not be confused with social listening solutions, which frequently just look at social media mentions and comments.

What are the tools for determining brand health?

Three typical methods for measuring brand health include customer feedback, social listening, focus groups, and surveys.

How do you keep track of a brand?

Marketing teams often utilise a mix of the following approaches to collect this information:
  • Ongoing and Custom Panels are available.
  • Brand Trackers Based on Surveys.
  • Surveys of Consumers.
  • Surveys of Brand Impact.
  • Analysis of Sentiment.

What exactly is a branding tool?

Brand management tools are pieces of software that assist firms in managing and maintaining their brand's image and reputation. They offer services including crisis management, analytics, and social media monitoring.

What what is corporate brand tracking?

Brand tracking is the continuous assessment of your brand-building activities in relation to important indicators such as brand awareness and perception. Trackers assist brand owners in understanding the health of their brand and making educated decisions to enhance sales, offer a higher return on marketing spend, and gain market share.

What exactly is brand monitoring data?

Brand tracking research is intended to follow a brand's success in the market through time from the perspective of customers. Brand tracking is accomplished by continuously monitoring quantitative data to determine trends in customer sentiment over a set period of time.

What is the significance of brand tracking?

We can evaluate and measure performance and value through brand tracking, testing strategies, making comparisons, keeping an eye on our competitors, and discovering new opportunities, he says. And its significance will only rise as the number of methods for customers to interact with a business expands.

What exactly are branded tools?

Branding tools are platforms or software that assist organisations in working and improving their market brand identity. Branding tools improve your brand's image and raise its online visibility, making you more visible to your target clients.

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