Community Manager in Digital Marketing: Job Description, Skills, and Salary:

Priya Bawa

She has started her career as a Content Writer and writes on blogs related to career.

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A Content and Community Manager, often known as a Community Manager, is in charge of establishing and maintaining a company's brand language and identity. 83% of the consumers are focusing on the brand personality that is led by the Community Manager. Community management adores their brand by publicly interacting with their awesome users and formerly fame their brands with witty comments on their social media handles. Also, their responsibilities include generating and releasing content across all media channels, monitoring social networking sites and other digital marketing to design and refine campaign tactics, and responding to consumer comments and messages across many platforms. 

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Table of Contents:
1) Job Description for a Community Manager
2) Community Manager Roles and Duties
3) Abilities that just about every Effective Community Manager should Possess
4) What is the Significance of Community Management?
5) What Education must you have to become a Community Manager?
6) Social Media Manager vs.

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Online Community Manager

7) Responsibilities of a Community Manager daily
8) A Company's Community Managers
9) Requirements for a Community Manager
10) A Community Manager's Salary in India

Job Description for a Community Manager:

Community Managers are the company's public face. In general, they are in charge of managing and processing communication in both ways. Community Managers are active in a variety of tasks including communications, public relations, social media, activities, and content development. It is critical to establish a clear and exact Community Manager job title to recruit a Community Manager who best fits your demands.
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Community Manager Roles and Duties:
  • Give management and stakeholders community input.
  • Organize and carry out community projects and programs.
  • Using key performance indicators, monitor social media efforts and evaluate traffic to the site from the internet group (KPIs).
  • Make shareable and entertaining material for a weblog, Page on Facebook, monthly newsletters, and/or promotional films.
  • Engage in social gatherings, corporate gatherings, and workshops.
Abilities that just about every Effective Community Manager should Possess:
  • Outstanding communication abilities:
Excellent communication is a non-negotiable ability for a community manager. Communication is necessary for understanding and driving discussions. A thriving community needs bursts of fresh ideas and participation activities. The capacity to take corporate-level objectives and relate them to a community audience necessitates great communication skills.

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  • Interpersonal abilities:
Obtaining ideas from members of the community is not an easy task. Understanding user personalities, as well as unearthing sentiments and ideas, requires a bit more deception than regular conversation. Occasionally community members must be forced properly as well. Good interpersonal skills increase community participation and demonstrate to the audience that their perspectives count.
  • Mind for Analysis:
While statistics, metrics, and spreadsheets aren't often the most exciting components of our employment as community managers, they may be some of the most important. After all, knowing what works and what doesn't is critical for determining the next steps. You must demonstrate to upper management how your community involvement contributes to the company's commercial objectives. The only way to do so is to actively gather data that will assist you in analyzing and managing development. To accomplish this work correctly, you must have an analytical mind that can comb through data.
  • Time Management Abilities:
Community managers must be able to divide their time among several duties, especially if they oversee multiple online communities. When they are under time constraints, they must be able to prioritize. During deadlines, they must still be able to conduct talks on online forums, resolve user disagreements, bring in new community members, promote the brand, and perform other routine responsibilities associated with online communities.
  • Capabilities in Practical Organization:
Community management necessitates organization and planning. There are several factors to monitor and keep in mind. Although "winging it" is not the ideal talent for a community manager, it can come in useful in some scenarios when things do not go as planned. Social media scheduling tools, social media monitoring tools, planning and scheduling applications, and even some timers or time management software are excellent organizing tools for community managers.
What is the Significance of Community Management?
  • Internet communities may provide rewards throughout the customer’s lifetime provided they are carefully managed. Communities increase stickiness by unifying your brand's presence and making it easy to access your whole library of information in one location.
  • They provide a unified perspective of the customer journey, beginning with the first piece of material downloaded and continuing via webinars and live shows, to becoming a customer and beyond. Because of the personal connection, you may create with each of your consumers, the connection with customers and more constant involvement given by a community promote retention.

What Education must you have to become a Community Manager?

It is feasible to begin working as a community manager without a diploma in the field. Yet, it necessitates a high level of rigor and, most of all, the learning of abilities comparable to those obtained in a web marketing or digital training program. Depending on the activities and obligations you will be expected to undertake, it is always better to take a program of at least 3 to 5 years of college. It is recommended that you take marketing, journalism, public relations, and web design courses. Many training courses tailored exclusively for this industry have appeared in recent years.
Social Media Manager vs. Online Community Manager

Even though the duties of an internet forum manager and a social media manager are identical, these are two distinct roles. The key distinction between the jobs of online community manager and social media manager is how they connect with the audience. Although the former is in charge of communicating as a brand and marketing products and services, the latter is in charge of full holistic product marketing in the digital world. As a result, while these jobs may overlap depending on the organization you operate for, they have distinct duties. Their primary role, though, is to fully engage an online community.
Responsibilities of a Community Manager daily:
  • To address questions or complaints, reply to the process of addressing messages.
  • Make social media postings to promote corporate events, ad campaigns, and other marketing activities.
  • Through social monitoring and research technologies, you can keep track of changes in client sentiment.
  • Visit live events to meet potential leads and raise brand exposure.
A Company's Community Managers:

The community manager, as a mid-level professional, is frequently part of a company's marketing department, where they could report to a director of advertising. This structure, however, may alter from one organization to the next. At certain organizations, the community manager may be a member of the product, growth, or communications teams.
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Requirements for a Community Manager:
  • Capability to establish and track community KPIs
  • Demonstrated professional experience as a community manager or in a comparable role Planning and managing community projects
  • Detail-oriented, analytical thinker, and problem solver with a BSc in Marketing or a related discipline
  • Good oral communication abilities Great writing abilities Excellent interpersonal and presenting abilities.
  • Practical knowledge of social media management
  • Understanding of online marketing and the ability to interpret website traffic. 
A Community Manager's Salary in India:
  • A community manager's monthly compensation in India is between 25,000 and 30,000 INR. A senior-level community manager with far more than five years of experience may earn up to 6-7 lakhs per year. Earning money as an internet forum manager is heavily influenced by various important elements, including the community manager's talents, the firm in question, work experience, job positions, and responsibilities.
  • Most organizations and enterprises do not provide full-time employment options for this role. Those who want to get started in this industry might apply for freelancing and part-time community management employment.
  • Community managers are often compensated depending on their duties, responsibilities, and work hours. Furthermore, many firms provide a variety of community management internship programs for newcomers who want to study and earn at the same time. While working as an intern, a new community manager can earn up to $15,000-20,000 per month. Community managers' compensation scale, on the other hand, rises over time based on their gets added.
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The company's public face is represented by Community Managers. They are in charge of handling and processing communication in both directions. Community Managers are involved in a wide range of activities, such as communication, media relations, social media, tasks, and content production. It is vital to have specific Community Manager job titles to hire the finest Community Manager for your needs.


What abilities are required of a community manager?

Community managers must have exceptional soft skills in order to speak for and protect an organization's brand. Above all, empathy, excellent listening skills, and agility are essential for fostering positive impressions of a company.

What is the role of a digital community manager?

A community manager typically collaborates with the Digital Marketing department. They are in charge of ensuring that all material adheres to the established rules and of growing the label's online community. This typically implies they will be in charge of putting the digital engagement strategy into action.

What is the educational background of a community manager?

3+ years of experience in communications or public relations. Capability to create innovative, compelling, and unique material. Outstanding spoken and written communication abilities. Excellent interpersonal and customer service abilities.

What are the top three qualities of an ideal manager?

  • Conceptual abilities.
  • Technological abilities.
  • Interpersonal or human management abilities.

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