The Pros and Cons of Video Marketing: Is it the Future of Digital Marketing?

Priya Bawa

She has started her career as a Content Writer and writes on blogs related to career.

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Because of its capacity to increase interaction and transmit information more effectively, video marketing has become a prominent trend among content marketing methods. According to research, audio-visual material is 40 times more likely to be shared than non-audio-visual postings, and videos are the most clicked kind of advertising, with more engagement than text or image-only ads. Visitors spend 88% more time viewing websites with videos, demonstrating the effectiveness of video marketing. Like every excellent item, it has drawbacks that marketers must consider when developing their marketing plan. 

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Table of Content:
1) What exactly is video marketing?
2) What is the significance of video marketing?
3) What Is the Process of Video Marketing?
4) Advantages

What exactly is video marketing?

The use of video material to promote or enlighten consumers about your brand and products is referred to as video marketing. Companies can employ video on their own site, marketing on social media, programmatic advertising, and other digital channels and formats.


In this article, we'll explain the fundamentals of video marketing and how it may benefit your business. We'll also show you how to get began with a video marketing plan using Amazon Advertising solutions.

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What is the significance of video marketing?

Marketers are well aware of the value of video in marketing. In June 2021, Statista surveyed over 8,000 marketing executives and discovered that pre-produced video was the #1 digital customer interaction method globally. The second most popular approach was streaming video, which 73% of respondents presently use and another 19% want to use. One of the primary reasons for the importance of video marketing is that video is a popular medium among viewers. Two-thirds of customers say they would much rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it. Marketers must distribute their messages in places where customers will notice them.
What Is the Process of Video Marketing?

The "how" of using video for advertising is rather simple. Your marketing team creates films that promote your company and brand, increase sales, boost knowledge of your firm's products and services, or engage existing and new consumers Your marketing team must measure customer interaction and other metrics since video marketing is a data-driven discipline. Video marketing, in general, is only one component of a larger marketing plan or campaign. Yet, owing to the Internet and social media, video marketing's importance has grown significantly in recent years.
  • The video catches the viewer's attention:
A video will keep 37% of its viewers till the finish on average. Expect that figure to reach closer to 53% with shorter videos (around 90 seconds). More than half of all customers prefer video material from a company to other sorts of content such as blogs, downloads, newsletters, and social media.
  • High levels of engagement and conversion:
Using a video, or even just the term "video," boosts conversion rates dramatically. When compared to other forms of posts, video content receives the most interaction.
  • Video is extremely mobile device compatible:
So according to Statista, the current overall smartphone user population is 6.648 billion, representing 83.96% of the world's population. Advertisers may now properly and quickly promote their content to a very big customer audience. As a result, it's critical that your video content marketing approach includes mobile formats and short, eye-catching images that are suited for mobile devices.
  • Boost Brand Awareness:
By incorporating video marketing into your marketing campaign, you may increase campaign reach, boost communication and consumer engagement, and truly connect with your audience's emotions. If your video jumps out and gets seen, you have the possibility to become top of mind or to be recognized as the first brand in connection with a common problem. Making such relationships with your target audience is essential for increasing brand recognition. This eventually implies you might create new leads and revenues.
  • Video overhead may be expensive:
Unlike textual material or even static visuals, video creation involves many moving parts (both physically and metaphorically!). Writing a script and sketching out a storyboard, as well as prospective actor and crew expenditures, and production essentials like microphones, dollies, cameras, and other equipment, may all add up to a pricey video, whether you hire an agency or do it yourself. Although the return on investment is generally great, if money is an issue, you may have to get inventive.
  • Ad-Skipping:
Creating marketing films isn't enough; you need amazing marketing videos. Instead, many individuals would avoid advertisements whenever feasible. To reach the most amount of people, you must develop fascinating material that they will want to watch all the way through.
  • The video may not appeal to all audiences:
Although films might increase brand exposure, they may not successfully express the essential meaning behind your brand. Even though 69% of consumers prefer video to text when learning about a product or service, you must examine the objective of your content and how successful videos will be at delivering critical information. Viewer behavior may not match the conclusion you were aiming for. As a result, marketers must analyze every component before using video marketing in their marketing campaigns.

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  • Persuading the boss:
This is related to expense, but if the video isn't already a part of your content marketing strategy, it may be tough to persuade your employer that it should be. Even with the additional expense, video is still a new medium for several marketers. People who are resistant to change are frequently resistant to video.
  Video marketing is the use of video content to advertise or educate people about your brand and products. Businesses can use video on their own website, social media marketing, programmatic advertising, and other digital channels and formats. In this post, we'll go over the basics of video marketing and how it may help your business. We'll also teach you how to get started with a video marketing strategy by utilising Amazon Advertising solutions.

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Is video the digital marketing medium of the future?

With video having such a significant influence on how organisations communicate with their customers, these changes are no longer a thing of the future. This implies that there is no better moment than the present to harness the power of video marketing, because video is the future of digital marketing.

Is video marketing included in digital marketing?

81% of organisations are now including video into their digital marketing plan.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of video marketing?

The Benefits of Video Marketing:
  • Captivating.
  • Mobile Devices are well-suited to video.
  • Boost Brand Awareness.
The Drawbacks of Video Marketing:
  • Video Overhead Can Be Expensive.
  • The video may not be appealing to all audiences.
  • Production may take some time.

What will the future of digital marketing look like?

Because of increased market and customer awareness, the future of digital marketing is bright. Companies may also utilise a variety of smart tools to collect massive amounts of data and conduct in-depth analysis on their target audience. It's an entirely different manner of approaching the audience.

What will the future of digital marketing look like?

The internet world is changing, and digital marketing's future looks bright and secure. Roughly 77% of organisations globally have already used the industry's top content marketing techniques, and more are expected to join the list in order to carve out a position in the digital world.

What role does video play in digital marketing?

Video marketing may be used to communicate with your target audience, convey your values and visions, meet their requirements, and gain their trust in your company. That is the significance of video marketing.

What are the drawbacks of video advertising?

Attention Deficit
According to studies, the first 60 seconds are critical in capturing the viewer's interest. Many of your viewers may not pay attention to your video commercials if you do not have incredibly fascinating information at the beginning of them, even if they watch the entire ad.

Is video marketing a smart marketing strategy?

According to HubSpot, simply incorporating video on a landing page may boost conversion rates by 80%. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that customers are more inclined to purchase a product (or service) after seeing a video about it! This is fantastic news for any video marketing campaign.

What will the future of digital marketing look like in 2030?

Nonetheless, here are a few trends to look out for by 2030: Consumers will utilise voice search and AI-powered chatbots more frequently. As we get closer to an AI-powered society, consumers are increasingly relying on voice commands and AI-powered chatbots for daily chores.

What does the future of digital marketing in India look like?

The breadth of digital marketing is rapidly expanding and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Companies want a more dynamic approach to communicate with potential customers. As the number of digital marketing organisations grows, so does the demand for digital marketers.

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