Top 10 Social Media Marketing Courses and Certification

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Companies are transitioning to the next generation in this age of modernization and digitization. With the passage of time, businesses of all sizes are devising new methods to socialize their operations via social media platforms. Since the whole globe can now be reached with a single click, businesses have devised methods to promote their goods and services while also increasing website engagement. They devise strategies to entice people to their solutions and persuade them to purchase their items. All of this demands specialists that are familiar with social media networks and sites to manage anything from reporting to aiding a social media marketing staff.


Furthermore, such specialists are referred to as Social Media Managers.

What Exactly Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) refers to the use of digital networking platforms on which people create social networks and exchange information—to grow a company's brand, improve sales, and drive website traffic. Social media marketing (SMM) features purpose-built predictive analytics that allows advertisers to measure the performance of their efforts and uncover even more opportunities to interact, in addition to providing companies with a tool for interacting with existing customers and reaching out to current models.

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1) Social Media Marketing Professional (Meta)

One of the most popular social media marketing courses is the Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate. You will not need any past experience or a degree to just get started because it is designed for total novices. Meta workers teach the classes, and the diploma is approved either by American Council on Education (ACE).

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Why should you take this course?

Students will learn how to launch a profession in social media marketing after completing the certificate. It consists of six courses addressing the following topics:

· Recognize the differences between conventional, digital, or social media marketing.

· Set SMART goals, establish key performance indicators and describe your intended audience and the customer journey.

· Learn about the various social media sites, their work, and their function in marketing.

· Select the appropriate social media channels and discover how to develop social media policy.

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2) Trending Social Media Marketing Courses (LinkedIn Learning)

LinkedIn Knowledge is a well-known portal where you can discover courses in practically any profession. Obtaining this certification would also boost the value of your resume. Furthermore, there are different courses on the internet from which to select your finest option. These courses seem to be best suited to experts who currently work in this sector.

The courses are well-equipped and include video lectures, grading assignments, practical learning projects, practical tests, and real-life ad campaign situations. After finishing the course, you may share your completion certificate, which you can also publish on your LinkedIn page.

Why should you take this course?

· Designed and developed by some of LinkedIn Learning's top educators.

· You may learn at your personal speed.

· Courses are free for the very first 30 days.

· Learn how to use social media channels to rapidly build your small business.

3) Social Media Marketing (Hubspot Academy)

HubSpot is a software firm that creates marketing, selling, content management, marketing customer support tools, and connectors. Hubspot Academy is their authorized learning site, offering a variety of free marketing and sales courses with credentials.

Their courses are well-made and up-to-date since they work in tandem with their software, which is routinely updated. In this course, experts will assist you in laying the groundwork for your business model and brand positioning.

Developing a successful social media plan will complement your other outbound marketing initiatives. Establish a successful social media presence, listen and monitor, establish strong connections through interaction, set up marketing techniques and moderation, broaden your reach, create social content, and social advertising, measure ROI, and more.

Why should you take this course?

Learn how to create an efficient social media plan, broaden your reach, thrive at digital advertising, and calculate ROI, among other things.

· Create a social media plan that is both interesting and productive for your company.

· Create an outbound social media campaign that will delight your consumers while increasing your bottom line.

· Using the advantages of social media can revolutionize your company and your career.

4) Facebook Blueprint Training (Facebook)

Facebook offers a learning centre, did you know? It's free, and if you're linked to Facebook, you can monitor how you're doing in any course.

These short courses include the Comprehensive Guide on Facebook Ads using Ads Manager, Understanding the Customer Experience, Getting Started using Commerce Manager, and so on. Not only that, but you may complete difficult examinations to become Facebook Blueprint Certified.

Why should you take this course?

Facebook Blueprint is quite simple to use. You may explore program topics or just explore the selection of online social networking classes available. The courses range in length between 10 to 20 minutes, and they feature extensive screenshots for instructive reasons.

If you want to learn the fundamentals of digital and social media marketing quickly, Facebook Blueprint is a good place to start.

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5) Free Social Media Marketing Courses (Alison)

Alison, among the earliest venues to provide MOOCs, offers that course. There are various social media marketing courses accessible in Alison. Several of these are listed in the blog below. These courses are adaptable in the sense that they may be taken by both beginners and professionals.

Furthermore, the courses are offered at two levels. The first is a unique course targeted at people, while the second is a series of diploma courses.

These courses will teach you how to manage advertising campaigns, improve sales, and meet marketing goals using social media platforms. You will also receive a certificate of achievement once you have completed the course

Reasons to enrol in this course:

· Two specialized courses, one easy course, and the other certificate programs are totally focused on showing you the fundamentals and key principles of marketing on social media.

· Certificates are available for a small cost.

· 2-3 hours of instruction.

· Learn about numerous social media techniques and strong tools for marketing the company's branding.


6) A Beginner's Guide on Social Media Marketing (YouTube)

This is an intermediate course that provides beginner marketers and small company owners with practical and useful tips and methods as well as important resources. Neil Patel is a successful entrepreneur who has achieved international acclaim. He is an excellent communicator who is easy to listen to while providing valuable business advice.

Some of these may seem obvious to much more veteran users of social media but it's worth watching his videos in general. You get unlimited access to over a hundred videos on this list, each with hundreds of views and likes, indicating that this teacher is actually giving outstanding stuff for free.

If you're just getting started with social media or have minimal experience in social media advertising, this is a terrific place to start.

Reasons to enrol in this course:

This course will teach you some social media marketing ideas and methods for various platforms. Some of the subjects discussed include:

· 3 Methods for Promoting Your Website

· 7 Untapped Internet Sources for Website Marketing

· Which Paid For advertising Should You Use: Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

· How to Increase Facebook Marketing CTR and Pay Much Less Per Click

· 3 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Attract New Customers and Increase Engagement.

· Three Ways for Using Facebook Live to Increase Sales

· 5 Steps to Reddit Marketing How to Get Tons of Free Reddit Traffic

· Making the Ideal LinkedIn Profile

· Twitter Marketing Tips: How to Drive 7 Times Greater Twitter Traffic.

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7) Social Media Marketing Courses (edX)

edX is another well-known education site where you may take online courses and build skills needed to further your job.

Students interested in learning best practices and techniques for creating their social media advertising platform can enrol in any of the courses listed below on edX. These courses are created by professionals from all across the world, including Boston University, UBC, and Curtin, among others.

The best thing about obtaining certification from famous colleges on a global scale is that it will add value to your CV and open up several employment prospects in the field of social media marketing.

Reasons to enrol in this course:

· Learn from world-class colleges including Boston University, UBC, Curtin, and many more.

· Choose from a broad variety of courses to study social media marketing techniques and methods to help you grow your online marketing skills and advance your profession.


8) Social Media Marketing (OMI)

This Online Marketing Institute course provides an introduction to several social media sites before delving further into marketing to youngsters. It also covers more advanced subjects such as paid advertising and ROI measurement.

Why should you take this course?

· If millennials are your target demographic, this training is for you. Although it is categorized as a Level 1 course, it concentrates on "marketing to millennials" and mainly on Snapchat and Instagram, so it may be worth the investment.

· This course costs $859 (or three payments of $286) and includes certification, which isn't included in OMI's standard monthly course access.

· This course is a possibility for you if you're prepared to learn further about this subject and have a certificate from an institution on your CV.


9) Skillshare's Fundamentals to Social Media Strategy. (Buffer)

Buffer created this course, which is available on Skillshare. This course is ideal for both beginners and intermediates. The training begins with an introduction to social media and progresses to the advanced level. Furthermore, you will acquire lessons on developing and curating content, as well as Introduction to Social Media Strategy, which examines the best marketing techniques for certain audiences of platforms.

You would also learn about brand recognition, creating your own voice, and advertising. This course is for anybody who wants to make genuine connections.

Reasons to enrol in this course:

· The best education for newcomers and intermediates looking to start a career in marketing on social media.

· Learn from pros all over the globe.

· Learn everything from the fundamentals to the advanced level.


10) Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign (the University of Leeds and Institute of Coding)

Meg Pickard, a prominent specialist, will teach you how to develop and implement an effective social media marketing strategy with both the Institute of Coding and the University of Leeds.

This is an excellent start to developing your initial social media campaign as it provides high-level advice on the essential things to consider for your analytics and components. If you're new to business or social networking sites, this might be the program for you.

What You'll Discover

· Explain the components of a social media plan.

· Determine your target group and how to contact them.

· Explain the distinction between paid and unpaid reach.

· Determine the best metrics for just a successful campaign.

· Describe the function of timelines in a strategy for social media marketing.

· Create a plan and content samples for a campaign on social media.

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What is Social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the tool that is emphasized for any company to stand out and create an awareness of the product. You may also become an influence marketer for promoting these products.

How social media is an digital marketing tool?

Digital Marketing is an umbrella of segments where these tools are engaged with the following media: email marketing, social media marketing, Search engine optimization, etc., that will help any company build a presence online. Therefore social media is also considered a digital marketing tool.

How social media platforms works with SEO?

Social media works with SEO by optimizing the following social media post or video by the alt text, tags, keywords, hashtags and all the tagging with the niche of your marketing.

What are the 4 stages of SEO?

  • Get the tag optimized
  • Get the links
  • Build the links

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