How to build a content calendar

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content calendar is a powerful tool that is used to organize all of your upcoming content,blog posts social media posts, etc. As per statistics, 72% of marketers use content calendars to improve their strategy.

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content calendar is basically a tool which is used to plan, organise and schedule the desired content on various digital marketing platforms. It helps the marketer plan a strategy when, where and which platform the content must be posted. As content plays a major role in most of the digital marketing platforms, creating a content calendar can be a boon for various businesses and content creators as it helps to smoothening the execution of marketing strategies and also ensures consistent and timely content delivery for better engagement. Moreover, a content calendar is a written and scheduled outline of your upcoming content, which includes various formats like blog posts, social media posts email newsletters, etc. Another name for content calendars is editorial calendar. A very basic content calendar can be made using Google Sheets, a very simple but powerful tool that is used to create content calendars and is used by almost every marketer.

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There are also a plethora of business organisation tools available that can be used for the same purpose. Nowadays, AI is helping creators create content and also enhancing and automating the various aspects of creative process With the help of plenty tools available online, content calendar not only schedules the content but also gives an idea of the upcoming content and also prevents last minute rushes. , also helps in setting and tracking deadlines, which not only ensures timely production but also publication of the content.

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Table of contents

  • What is content calendar?

  • Content calendar strategy

  • Use of Content calendar for performance tracking

  • Content calendar template

  • Use of AI in content creation 

  • Free content calendar template

What is content calendar

A content calendar is used as an essential strategy to reach our target audience, whether it is email marketing,campaigns management, blogs,social media, etc. the basic syntax of a content calendar includes the following aspects:

  1. What the content is all about?

  2. When  and where the content will be published

  3. The content's author’s name 

  4. Time when the content is assigned

  5.   Time when the content is due

  6. Important notes about the content

  7. The content also must support the promotional activities 


With the help of content calendars, we can even track the performance of all of our marketing activities so the type of content calendars we are using matters a lot as per our marketing activities Some smaller companies or businesses use a traditional popular online calendar like Google Calendar, but it totally depends on how complex your marketing activities are, and we have to use the particular calendar accordingly.

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Content calendar strategy

There are some basic points or strategies that need to be remembered while creating a content calendar and the following are:

  1. The goals must be clear

  2. Choosing the right channel

  3. You must use your own content 

  4. Try to keep the evergreen content

  5. Always check the publishing frequency

  6. Always keep your plan up-to-date and try to review it

Use of Content calendar for performance tracking

Content calendar template is often used by individuals and many business to create plan and scheduled a content strategy while content calendar is a planner content template is a schedular to all your upcoming content pieces the benefits that comes with content calendar template is that we can schedule our content in advance be ahead of other competitors with this simple and creative strategy. Another benefit of a content calendar is it saves a lot of time as we don't have to search a lot for content ideas for different platforms . Social media calendars also help us to manage posting frequency. Content calendars also ensure we don't get  behind our competitors as we can track them and their posting frequency and also find out the gaps in our content strategy and enhance our chance of getting better engagement and improve our strategy. Other strategies which have been proven to get better engagement is to post our content on holidays, awareness days and seasonal trends. Using colour codes on content calendars can be helpful along with that if you can ensure your content calendar is accessible as well as editable on mobile that can be useful as well , and using these strategies can help transform your content strategy to the next level.

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Content calendar template

Content calendar template which is a scheduler helps us in numerous ways it makes our content creation task easy and efficient no more scrolling through the content for ideas it brings a systematic way for all the content ideas and also tell us when and at which platform the content must be shared which allows better allocation of tasks and helps us to better visualise our content journey, content calendar template also helps us to better communicate with the clients as we can inform them about the upcoming content and we can stand up to their expectations also clear visibility into the content creation fosters the accountability among all the team members of a business or agency, so using the content calendar template also helps you to coordinate better and ultimately transforms your content. The better scheduling for content review and editing also helps us to maintain high quality standards. Now with the help of ai powered tool we can repurpose our content into different formats which will not only save time but also will expand the reach   to wider audience which will result in better engagement example blog post to infographics or video to social media snippet infographics will also are more digestible as compared to long social media blogs while Ai can’t replace human driven creativity but it will work as a boon for creators as it will not only saves a lots of time but can bring many new ideas and formats and different unexpected  angles. Also content calendar template not only helps a business or agency but also Brands.

Use of AI in content creation

As we all know, every brand has its own tone or unique voice. The content calendar helps you define that voice, and it also ensures all your content, whether it is a blog post or a social media post, is aligned to the same tune, which not only helps a brand improve its recognition but also makes it rule over the minds of the targeted audience. The way the content calendar helps a brand is not limited to the content reminder tasks but also allows us to create our own strategy to improve brand recognition, like scheduling our posts around product launches, industry events, and even seasonal trends. And this can also ensure brand relevancy and keep the audience buzzing.Storytelling is another and one of the most important aspects of any brand, and every brand has its own unique story. You can use a content calendar to create pieces of content that can work like chapters in an intriguing book. And also, storytelling creates a deeper connection with your audience. Apart from this, it also helps to maintain a consistent flow of content so that the brand can be visible in the minds of the target audience. So this was everything about the content calendar. Here is a free content calendar template designed for you

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So as we all know, in the world of content marketing, which is ever-evolving, the key to success depends on various factors but the most important ones are consistency and organisation, content calendar is a powerful tool that helps us to prevent the chaos of scheduling and planning our content. It also strengthens the brand identity and builds trust in the minds of the target audience, which eventually leads to improved overall brand credibility. It also facilitates the strategic planning of the content and aligns it with the goals of the brand and even industry trends. The true strength of content marketing lies in keeping yourself updated with industry trends As the preference of the audiences change, adaptability also plays an important role in it. Also, experimenting with new formats on a regular basis and bringing something out of the box using your creativity gives you an edge over others in this field. It also  empowers the creators to achieve mastery in the content . You can also track performance like impressions, clicks, and engagement with the help of the calendar and improve or optimise our performance with the help of the data. You can even brainstorm new ideas, go beyond the traditional marketing blog posts and then combine them with performance tracking to ensure our audience is contributing well with the unified message. A well-defined content calendar strategy also ensures seamless collaboration between content creators, designers, and the overall marketing teams because content is the key to almost every marketing channel.
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What is a content calendar?

content calendar is a powerful tool which helps us organize and schedule your upcoming content

which tools we can use to create content calendars?

There are a plethora of tools we can use to create content calendars, like Asana, Trello, and even Excel.

How advance one must plan the content ?

Ideally, the content must be created one month before, and for large campaigns, quarterly or yearly is fine.

Key things one must include in a content calendar?

Things that must be included in a content calendar are content topics, target audiences, keywords, content format, etc.

Do a content calendar can improve team collaboration?

Yes, a content calendar can improve team collaboration by assigning tasks. set deadlines and facilitate communication  among the entire marketing team.

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