NCERT Solutions For Class 10 (All Subjects) : Free PDF Download

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Check out the Subject-wise NCERT Solutions for class 10 in PDF format here at

NCERT Solutions are designed to help CBSE-affiliated students learn and perform better on their class 10 board exams. All of the questions and problems from the NCERT textbooks, as well as practical explanations, are included in the Class 10 NCERT Solutions. The majority of the NCERT Class 10th questions are predicted to feature in the exams, giving pupils more confidence in their ability to achieve high results. The CBSE Class 10 board exam is a student's first board-level exam in his or her life. Students will have a better understanding of ideas after using the NCERT Class 10 Solutions pdf to practise them.  Join Safalta School Online and prepare for Board Exams under the guidance of our expert faculty. Our online school aims to help students prepare for Board Exams by ensuring that students have conceptual clarity in all the subjects and are able to score their maximum in the exams and register here to prepare for Board Exams: Click Here


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Latest Updates-

  • The CBSE Term 1 results are expected to be released in January/February 2022.
  •  The Term 2 examination will commence in March/ April. The board will soon release the admit card and exam date sheet in February 2022.

Class 10 NCERT Solutions 2022 (All Subjects) : FREE PDF


After you go through the syllabus of CBSE class 10th , download NCERT Solutions for Grade 10 from the table below. 

S.No Subject Name
1 NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science
2 NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Math
3 NCERT Solutions For Class 10 Social Science 
4 NCERT Solutions For Class 10 English 
5 NCERT Solutions For Class 10 Hindi 

The NCERT solutions for Class 10 Science and Math provided here contain detailed solutions for every chapter. The solutions are prepared by top academic experts  here who have knowledge of these subjects. Furthermore, students can also download NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English, Hindi and Social Science.

CBSE Class 10 English Notes : PDF Download
CBSE Class 10 Statistics Notes : PDF Download


Benefits of NCERT Solutions For Class 10-


These NCERT Solutions for CBSE Grade 10 will help students in many ways:

1. Students will benefit from the detailed and step-by-step solutions since they will gain a better understanding of the kind of problems that will be posed in the tests. This will also teach you how to approach problems and solve them in the most effective way possible.
2. Students would benefit from the NCERT solutions offered here in completing their assignments on time.
3. With the aid of these Grade 10 NCERT Solutions, students will be able to clear their difficulties.
4. The answers/solutions will also assist you in preparing for competitive exams such as NTSE and Olympiads.

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Check Out The Latest CBSE Class 10 Exam Pattern from here


The Importance of a High Score in the CBSE Class 10 Board Exam-

As previously stated, the CBSE Class 10 board exam is a student's first major exam. It is critical to achieve a high exam score because:

1. It will determine which stream a student will pursue for his or her higher education.

2. Admission to premier colleges for upper secondary education is heavily influenced by CBSE Class 10 results.

3. The CBSE grading system is based on a scale of one to ten. The top 1/8th of pupils receives an A1, the next 1/8th receives an A2, and so on. This indicates that in order to get an A1, students must prepare in a way that ensures a high grade.

As a result, totally complete the CBSE Class 10 Syllabus. Master everything by consulting the NCERT answers for 10th Grade offered here. 



Some of the FAQs by students are as under:

Q. How do I learn the NCERT solutions for Grade 10?
A. You don’t have to learn your Class 10 NCERT Solutions. You need to comprehend your Class 10 subjects logically. Once, you have completed a chapter, go through the questions given at the end of your NCERT book. Solve these questions and if you fail to solve any of them, then you should take a look at the solution. Try to understand the solution and revise that concept again.

Q. How will these solutions help me prepare for my 10th Class Boards?
A. The NCERT solutions will help you deal with different types of questions whenever you get stuck. These solution PDFs follow step-by-step methods so that you can understand every topic and do well in your Class 10 board exams.


Important CBSE Class 10 Study Materials & Articles


We understand that Class 10 is quite important for your education. Therefore, only NCERT Solutions for Grade 10 might not help you prepare for your exams. We have a few additional essential study materials to help you prepare for your Class 10 exams. You can refer to the articles tabulated below:


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So, now you know everything there is to know about NCERT Solutions for 10th Grade. Make the most of them and you'll pass the CBSE Class 10 board exam with flying colors, allowing you to pursue the career of your dreams.

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