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Essay writing : Diwali

Safalta expert Published by: Gitika Jangir Updated Tue, 02 Aug 2022 01:02 AM IST


This article contains a essay that you can use as a guide when requested to write Essay on Diwali .

Recognize that India is a place of celebrations first. But none of the celebrations compare to Diwali. It's unquestionably one of India's biggest celebrations. It is arguably the world's brightest festival. Diwali is observed by people of various religions.


The festival represents the triumph of light over darkness, which is particularly notable. Additionally, it signifies the victory of right over wrong and knowledge over ignorance. The festival of lights is the name given to it.

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As a result, during Diwali, there are dazzling lights visible throughout the entire nation. We will examine the religious and spiritual significance of Diwali in this essay.

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Diwali's Religious Importance

There are variations in this festival's religious importance. In India, it differs from one region to the next. Diwali is linked to a wide variety of gods, nations, and traditions. Local harvest festivals are probably the cause of these variances. As a result, these harvest feasts were combined into a single pan-Hindu holiday. 

Diwali is the day of Rama's return, according to the Ramayana. On this day, Lord Rama and his wife Sita made their way back to Ayodhya. After Rama conquered the evil king Ravana, he made this return. Hanuman and Lakshmana, Rama's brother, also triumphantly returned to Ayodhya.

For the occasion of Diwali, there is yet another widely practised custom. Here, Narakasura was murdered by Lord Vishnu, who is an incarnation of Krishna. Without a doubt, Narakasura was a demon. Most importantly, this triumph resulted in the liberation of 16000 kidnapped girls. This success also demonstrates the triumph of good over evil. This is because Narakasura is wicked and Lord Krishna is benevolent. Many Hindus believe that Diwali and Goddess Lakshmi are related. Lord Vishnu's wife is Lakshmi. The Goddess of wealth and success, she is also. Diwali is said to be the night of Lakshmi's wedding. She made Vishnu her husband this evening. Hindus in eastern India connect Diwali with the goddess Kali or Durga. Diwali is seen by some Hindus as the beginning of a new year.

Diwali's Spiritual Importance

First of all, a lot of individuals make an effort to forgive others during Diwali. It is undoubtedly a time when disagreements are forgotten. As a result, friendships and connections become stronger over Diwali. People purge their hearts of any traces of hatred. This lovely occasion brings wealth. On Diwali, Hindu merchants establish fresh ledgers. They also offer prayers for achievement and prosperity. New clothing is also purchased by people for both themselves and others. 
The festival of light promotes world peace. It illuminates the heart with peace. People experience spiritual serenity around Diwali. Another spiritual advantage of Diwali is the sharing of joy and happiness. During this festival of lights, people go to each other's homes. They converse joyfully, consume delectable food, and take pleasure in pyrotechnics.
In conclusion, Diwali is a wonderful, joyous celebration in India. One cannot even begin to fathom the wonderful contribution of this magnificent celebration. It's unquestionably among the biggest festivals in the planet.

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