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Essay writing : Newspaper Reading

Safalta expert Published by: Gitika Jangir Updated Wed, 03 Aug 2022 11:18 PM IST


This article contains a Essay that you can use as a guide when requested to write speech on Newspaper Reading .

One of the most significant documents is a newspaper. They may be considered the information powerhouse. They also provide us with other advantages that improve our life. Reading the newspaper helps you stay informed and broadens your viewpoint. But reading the newspaper is a dying habit.


Since everything is going digital, hardly anyone reads newspapers anymore. not the current generation, at least. The older generations are the only ones who keep the readership alive.

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The advantages of reading newspapers

Reading the newspaper is one of the best practises.

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It enables us to get more familiar with global politics. We learn about the most recent events from a trustworthy source. In a similar vein, we gain insight into a variety of fields, such as politics, film, business, sports, and many more. 

Reading the newspaper also helps you find new jobs because it opens up new doors for you. We can see that it is a good place to look for jobs because reputable businesses advertise their business and employment openings in the newspaper.

In addition, using newspapers to market our companies and goods is simple. Customers are connected to businesses through learning about the newest promotions and product launches. Most importantly, it enhances a person's vocabulary and grammar. By reading the newspaper, you can improve your grammar and learn new terms. A newspaper reader may also converse fluently on a variety of subjects. They can socialise more effectively because they are familiar with the most frequent themes. In a similar vein, it keeps us from growing bored. If you have a newspaper in your hand, you won't need any company.

The Dying Practice

Sadly, although offering so many advantages, reading the newspaper is a habit that is dwindling. People hardly ever read the newspaper since they can obtain fast updates on their mobile devices and computers. Additionally, many don't bother picking up the newspaper since they find electronic devices to be more convenient. 

Additionally, we observe that everything is now incredibly quick and convenient. As it happens, you may find out what is occurring in different parts of the world. People no longer look forward to reading the newspaper because they believe it merely repeats information they already know. They also don't wait till the next day to read the newspaper on current events because they can access it instantaneously online.

Most importantly, people are losing interest in reading as a habit. Now since everything is so visual, nobody reads newspapers, books, novels, or anything else anymore. There are now videos for everything, which has made it worse thanks to the internet. While watching a five-minute video won't bother people, reading a five-minute article won't be their preferred option. 

Just goes to demonstrate how passive and lazy we've become. Everyone merely requires food to be brought to them on a tray. As a result, we must prevent this from becoming a dying practise as newspapers are excellent providers of news. There won't be many people remaining to check the data and information we're given in their absence.

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