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Essay writing : Science

Safalta expert Published by: Gitika Jangir Updated Wed, 03 Aug 2022 11:13 PM IST


This article contains a speech that you can use as a guide when requested to write essay on science .

When we consider our distant past, the world has undergone tremendous growth. There are a lot of devices and machines in the globe. Everything in our environment is operated by machinery. How did that happen? How did we get to be so advanced? With the aid of science, it was all doable. Our society has evolved significantly as a result of science.


In addition, science has given us carefree and easy lifestyles.

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As I've already indicated, science has significantly altered our lives. First off, getting around is now simpler. Long distance travel has become simpler thanks to science.

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Additionally, the amount of journey time is decreased. These days, a variety of high-speed vehicles are available. These cars have undergone a complete overhaul. the current social period. Electric engines have replaced steam engines thanks to science. Cycles were used by people to travel in the past. But these days, almost everyone drives or rides a motorcycle. This helps you save time and effort. And science has made all of this possible.And secondly, science propelled us to the moon. However, we never paused there. We also got a glimpse of Mars. One of the greatest accomplishments is this. Only science could have made this possible. Scientists now produce a large number of satellites. We use high-speed Internet because of this. These satellites make a 24-hour a day, 365-day a year orbit of the planet. even without bringing it to our attention. 
Our society is built on science. In the modern era, science has given us so much. As a result, science is taught in our classrooms beginning at a young age.

Subject of Science

Only one student has science as a subject in class 1. This merely informs us of the significance of science. About our solar system, science has taught us. Nine planets and the Sun make up the Solar System. The fact that it also explains how our planet came to be is what is most noteworthy. Above all, we cannot dispute the role that science plays in guiding our future. But in addition to telling us about our future, it also gives us information about our history. 

Science is further separated into three sections when a pupil reaches class 6. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology were the subcategories under question. The first thing that Physics taught us was about machines. The study of physics is fascinating. It's a logical topic.
Chemistry was the second subject, as well. An element found inside the earth is the focus of the science discipline of chemistry. Furthermore, it aids in the production of numerous goods. Products like medicines and cosmetics, among others, benefit people. 

The subject of biology comes last but not least. The study of biology tells us about the human body. It informs us of all of its components. It even educates the students about cells, in addition. Human blood contains cells. Science has come so far that it has informed us of even that.

Eminent scientists working in several fields

Finally, this world gave birth to numerous scientists, including Sir Isaac Newton and Thomas Edison. They've made some excellent inventions. The light bulb was created by Thomas Edison. We would remain in the dark if he had not invented that. Thomas Edison's name is forever etched in history as a result. Sir Isaac Newton is a well-known scientist. Gravity was explained to mankind by Sir Isaac Newton. We were able to find several alternative theories as a result of this. A.P.J. Abdul, a scientist, was in India. He made significant contributions to our space research and defence capabilities. He developed a lot of advanced missiles. These scientists produced excellent work, and we will never forget them.

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