CUET Mock Test Series 2023, Practice Free Online Tests here!

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CUET Mock Test Series 2023, Attempt Free General Test Mock Test Series And Practice Online Test Series For NTA CUET (5000+ Questions)

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CUET mock tests are an indispensable part of the CUET preparation strategy. Along with reading from various sources, candidates should also keep practicing questions on those topics to check if they are understanding the topic and they are able to answer the questions. These mock tests have been prepared by our experts based on the latest exam pattern. After attempting these mock tests you should also analyse your performance and reflect on your mistakes and revise those topics. Check CUET mock tests here. 


Table of Contents

  1. CUET Mock Test 
  2. CUET Subject Wise Mock Test
  3. How to Attempt CUET Official Mock Test?
  4. CUET Online Test Series
  5. Section-wise Breakup of CUET UG Exam
  6. CUET Exam Pattern
  7. Why Should You Take CUET Mock Test?
  8. CUET Mock Test General Instructions

CUET Mock Test

CUET mock tests for different subjects are linked below.

Source: safalta

These can be easily accessed by the students. The questions have been prepared by our subject matter experts keeping the syllabus and pattern of the exam in mind.
CUET General Test Practice

It is a great opportunity for the candidates who are willing to get admission to the most reputed Central Universities. Hence, in this article, we have provided you with the subject-wise CUET Mock test Series, CUET Sample Papers, and How to attempt the CUET Official Mock test. Also, check the Best books for CUET preparation for better guidance. Because the examination is held every year, a CUET aspirant has the opportunity to review the previous year's sample papers and mock tests in order to gain a better understanding of the context of the question paper this year. 

You may also like to attempt the free CUET Online Test Series- Attempt Here

The CUET exam for undergraduate students may take a little longer, but it is relatively simple to work if they are well prepared. The student should be familiar with the exam format in order to ace CUET 2023. They can easily climb the success ladder if they understand the importance of key sections and topics. The student understands the final CUCET examination difficulty level if there is an obvious familiarity with the exam pattern and the Mock Tests have been extensively practiced.

CUET Subject Wise Mock Test

Below is the subject-wise mock test for the CUET 2023. Click on the direct link below to practice the mock test:
CUET Mock Test Series
Assamese Assamese  Click Here
Anthropology English  Click Here
Business Studies English  Click Here
Biology English  Click Here
Chemistry English  Click Here
Economic English  Click Here
Gujarati Gujarati  Click Here
German German  Click Here
Home Science English  Click Here
History English  Click Here
Italian Italian  Click Here
Kannada Kannada  Click Here
Legal Studies English  Click Here
Mass Media English  Click Here
Malayalam Malayalam  Click Here
Maths English  Click Here
Nepali Nepali  Click Here
Psychology English  Click Here
Agriculture English  Click Here


How to Attempt CUET Official Mock test?

Candidates can attempt the CUET Official mock test on the official website. below are the steps to attempt the official mock test:
  • Go to the official website i.e.
  • Now, click on the link for 'Mock Test' on the homepage.
  • Click on the link for "For NTA Mock Tests of December 2018 onwards, please click here".
  • Enter your Login credentials to Register or Login.
  • Select the exam name, year, month, paper, subject, and language.
  • Start Attempting the mock test series.
The CUET sample exam 2023 aids candidates in accelerating their CUET 2023 preparation. Mock exams serve as a precise imitation of the actual test. Candidates can find their topic knowledge gaps and fill them before taking the CUET 2023 by completing the sample test. CUET mock tests enable hopeful candidates plan their time according to the level of difficulty while also helping to improve retention. As a result, applicants should prepare for the CUET 2023 mock test and raise their results.


CUET Online Test Series 

The NTA will start the online application process for the CUET exam on 2nd April 2023. Candidates much check the eligibility criteria to understand the important points before filling out the application form. After the application form submission- start your preparation for this exam seriously and check out the CUET best books to prepare here.


Section-wise breakup for CUET UG Exam (Tentative)

Part Sections Questions Time Duration
Part A History 50 2 Hours
Political Science
Part B Questions from +2 Domain 50

Must read CUCET articles-

CUET Exam Pattern

Section Subjects No. of Questions to be Attempted Question type Duration
Section I A Languages There are a total of 13 languages The candidate has to attempt 40 questions out of 50 questions in each language. Reading Comprehension (based on different sorts of passages–Factual, Literary, and Narrative), [Literary Aptitude and Vocabulary] will be used to assess language. For each language, there is 45 minutes
Section I B Languages There are a total of 20 languages
Section II-Domain There is a total of 27 Domains specific subjects which are being offered under this Section. A candidate may choose a maximum of six (06) Domains desired by the applicable University The candidate has to attempt 40 questions out of 50.  
  • Input text will be used for MCQ-based questions
  • Multiple-choice Questions based on NCERT Class 12th syllabus only
For each Domain-Specific Subject, there is 45 minutes.
Section III- General Test For any undergraduate program/programs provided by universities that require the use of a General Test for entrance. The candidate has to attempt 60 questions out of 75
  • Input text will be used for MCQ-based questions
  • General mental Ability, Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Quantitative Reasoning (Basic mathematical concepts like algebra/arithmetic/geometry/mensuration/tat were taught till Grade 8), Logical and Analytical Reasoning.


Why should you take the CUCET Mock Test?

Do you know why CUCET Mock Tests are required? This section will explain everything. The Mock Tests are simple to complete, and the student will receive expert coaching in order to pass the final exam. CUCET Mock Tests are offered in both offline and online formats. If you go to the right places, you can find a variety of UG examination Mock tests for various subjects. These practice tests aid in a better comprehension of the question paper as well as a deeper analysis of the examination and the abilities of CUCET hopefuls. A candidate can get the desired rank in CUCET 2023 by taking as many Mock Tests as possible.
  • The Mock Tests are designed specifically for the most recent exam format and syllabus.
  • Both offline and online versions are widely available.
  • These Mock Tests provide you with a good sense of how the real exam will be conducted.
  • These provide enhanced learning possibilities as well as a real-time simulation of how the CUCET 2023 will take place.
  • Mock exams aid in the understanding of a candidate's strengths and flaws.
  • Mock exams assist in determining the syllabus and topics covered so that greater revision can take place.
  • Candidates who practice with mock examinations can better assess their speed and accuracy, which will help them during the final exam.

CUET Mock Test General Instruction

A list of instructions is provided below that candidates are needed to keep in mind while attempting the mock test-
  • Only online testing is available for the CUET 2023 sample exam for applicants.
  • Test-takers have access to rough sheets.
  • The CUET mock test 2023 offers options that are identical to those on the real test, including letting you move on to any other question on the test or skip, leave, or mark a question to be attempted later.
  • Candidates receive 5 marks for each successful response, but 1 mark is subtracted for each incorrect response.
  • Additionally, candidates may remove any response or answer they marked on the CUET 2023 mock test.
  • Candidates must choose one accurate response from a set of four possible answers on the CUET sample exam 2023.
  • Candidates may take the CUET 2023 practice exams as often as necessary.
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The CUET study material and CUET Mock test always compliments each other and help the candidate. The CUET examination is conducted for admission in the UG and PG courses of the Central universities all over India. Hence, practising mock test series will work as a boon for the students and will also help in time management and question-solving skills.

Candidates will be able to download the CUET 2023 sample test by logging in and entering their login credentials at The fake test also provides an indication of the examination's difficulty level. Candidates who practice the Mock Test will be able to manage their time better throughout the examination. 

The mock exam series provides the greatest practice module and will assist you in determining your level of preparation. Furthermore, the CUCET 2023 sample test is in online mode, with a time limit of 2 hours to complete the CUCET mock test 2023. As you practise more mock tests, you will improve your problem-solving skills and achieve excellence.

Benefits of CUET Mock Test

  • Candidates can speed up and improve their problem-solving abilities by practising through the free CUET mock tests for a considerable length of time.
  • The secret to being perfect is practice, and completing practice tests will enable applicants to estimate the amount of time needed to complete each section's questions.
  • Candidates can mark the questions in the CUET Mock Test 2023 that they are unable to answer, and then, once the test has ended, they can review the topic covered in the response. This will help candidates identify any preparation gaps and enable them to fill them.
  • With numerous CUET 2023 practice exams, applicants become accustomed to exam-like circumstances. And candidates can come up with new approaches to the same problem.

How to Prepare for CUET Entrance Exam

  • Before taking the exam, applicants should review all of the themes and subtopics listed in the curriculum.
  • By studying with sample questions, previous year's question papers, and CUET mock tests 2023, candidates will be able to obtain insight into the questions appearing in the test.
  • Candidates must review the CUET test syllabus for numerous UG/PG and Integrated PG programs as well as the CUET exam pattern while studying.
  • A schedule that allows a certain amount of time for each topic and subject is another option for candidates. Candidates can finish the syllabus quickly and still have time for revisions by sticking to the schedule.
  • Candidates must maintain their health throughout the CUET 2023 preparation process in order to perform better every day.
  • Mock tests assist candidates in learning the study material and exercising it on a regular basis in order to better prepare for CUET 2023.
  • Regular mock tests help to track an aspirant's progress.
  • Now it's time to provide you some pointers and tactics for acing the CUCET
  • The candidate should have a thorough understanding of the syllabus and previous year's exam questions.
  • He or she should be familiar with Mock Test methodologies in order to be useful during the final examination.

Also Read- 
-CUCET Syllabus and Exam Pattern (2021)
-CUCET PG Syllabus (2021)

  • The aspirant should enter a state of calmness.
  • He or she must select the proper priorities in order to have a good notion of the final CUCET by taking Mock Tests.
  • CUCET 2023 Mock Tests will assist you in properly preparing for the final exams.

How to give CUCET mock test?

Download free Safalta App, select CUCET exam. The CUCET Mock Test series will appear. Click on it and start the test.

Is CUCET a tough exam?

It is one of the most competitive exams conducted at the national level which is taken by lakhs of applicants every year. Meanwhile, this makes it imperative to prepare for the exam in the smartest way possible. With the proper guidance and practice, any one can ace this exam.

Can I take the CUCET MOCK test offline also?

There is no option available to take the CUCET Mock Test in offline mode.

Are these CUCET Mock tests Benefit for CUCET Candidates?

Yes, definitley. CUCET Mock tests help in analyzing the knowledge of subjects and speed of attempting the test also.

Can I pause the test, save it and resume the test later?

Yes, you can keep the test on pause, and resume it later whenever convenient.

Is CUET exam have negative marking?

Yes, It has. .25% marks will be deducted with each wrong answer.

How to Attempt CUET General Test Mock Test For Section 3?

You can direct visit this link CUET General Test Mock Test for free Mock test for Section 3 of CUET Exam

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