Five Tips For Management Of Time To Crack SBI CLERK 2021

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SBI CLERK Exam 2021- Tips and tricks to follow during SBI CLERK for cracking the exam
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State Bank of India conducts SBI Clerk exam to recruit candidates to the post of Junior Associates in SBI. SBI Clerk Exam is conducted once in a year. This year due to the recent upsurge of Corona virus cases across the country the exam has ben postponed until further notice , which gives ample time in the hands of the students to prepare better. The preliminary exam of SBI Clerk Exam was initially scheduled to be conducted in the month of June and Mains Exam were to be  conducted in the month of July which have now been postponed until situation improves.

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State Bank of India will be conducting SBI Clerk exam to recruit eligible and interested candidates for 5054 vacancies that have been announced. The selection process of SBI Clerk exam consists of three stages:
Preliminary Exam
Mains Exam
Language Proficiency Test

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Checkout these tips   as it will  help the candidates  in getting good marks in  the exam.

Here in this article we will chart out for you the tips that  will help you to manage time efficiently and ultimately ace the exam. 

To crack the SBI CLERK  exam time management is very necessary and you can use the  tips mentioned  below to help manage time.

Keep Notes : 

 Keep notes of all that you learn throughout preparation period .This will come handy later when  you will be revising and having notes at your perusal will help make everything easier . Take notes of words that you do not understand / came across for the first time .

Create a daily planner:

You need to make a list of the tasks that you need to complete for  that day, and you can reward yourself with some quality time for yourself if and when you complete those tasks . As you complete your list, make sure to tick off the tasks you have completed as this will keep you motivated . Plus you'll know exactly where you're lacking behind when  you have a plan.

Block out all distractions:

First and foremost you need to turn off notifications. This doesn't mean you should abandon your phone / virtual world completely which of course is unsustainable in today's time . Make a plan which is feasible to follow. Like include phone time for like 1 hour in between your schedule.  But  make sure you minimize the use  inessential  distractions such as your  phone, social media etc .

Pay Importance to Past Year Papers and Mock Tests : 

Solve  previous years’ papers and check how efficiently you're managing your time. This will  give you a fair  idea about the type of questions  asked in the exam along with  the difficulty level. You'll also get a fair idea of how much work you need to do and the effort you need to put.Taking SBI CLERK  Mock Tests is the most effective trick to score good marks . Create a order for attempting mock tests . You can practice subject wise , subject specific , topic specific . Time yourself while you undertake  mock tests and try improving your timing each time you take a new one . This will help you manage time ..
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Stay away from Social Media:

While studying keep your digital devices afar as they take up a lot of your time which could be used for something productive.Because social media or electronic gadgets in general can distract and disrupt concentration so stay away from them as far as possible.

Some other tips are :

1. Mock tests will help you to understand the syllabus, pattern and type of questions asked .Many students struggle with management of time while attempting a paper .These mock tests help with efficient management of time and that itself lessens a student's burden by half .You can chart out which areas you're weak at and also the strong ones .This will help you work on  your weaknesses into  and chart out a plan to overcome the weak side ..To attempt our free mock tests click here 

2.Learn the short tricks used in exams for calculations to save time .

3.Plan and pre plan the strategy you're going to follow to solve the actual exam paper beforehand  . You can do so by taking a lot of previous year questions and mock tests .

4.The idea of  time management isn’t really about managing time but rather about  how well you manage yourself. Each one of us have  the same 24 hours in our hands everyday , but how judiciously we put then to use  is completely down to us.

5.Taking SBI CLERK  Mock Tests is the most effective trick to score good marks . Create a order for attempting mock tests . You can practice subject wise , subject specific , topic specific . Time yourself while you undertake  mock tests and try improving your timing each time you take a new one . This will help you manage time ..To attempt our free mock tests click here 

Cracking exams like SBI CLERK  depends on a lot of factors but mostly it's related to the efficient management of time . Aspirants need  to plan their exam strategy  beforehand so that they can attempt maximum questions within thee minimum time. In this article, we shall discuss in detail  the strategies and time management tips  for SBI CKERK exam 2021.

These tips will surely help you to efficiently manage time so as to get  good marks and  ace the exam . 

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