Is SSC CGL Really Tough

Safalta Expert Published by: Deepesh Mehra Updated Tue, 04 Oct 2022 08:59 AM IST


Is SSC CGL Really Tough? Find out the nature of the examination and whether SSC CGL is tough or easy.

SSC CGL Exam is a very attractive exam in India. Each year lakhs of candidates appear for the SSC CGL Examination. Considering the examination and time span of the process of examination, SSC CGL can be considered a challenging exam. But is SSC CGL Really tough does the syllabus and nature of questions along with the competition?  Many new candidates get intimidated by the exam and the level of competition. A lot of new candidates wonder whether the SSC CGL Examination is challenging.

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The space below has all the details related SSC CGL Examination and will attempt to answer the question of whether the SSC CGL Exam Really tough. If you are also appearing in the SSC CGL exam then you can download SSC CGL Exam Free E-Book- Download Now.

Table of Content 

Is SSC CGL Examination Tough 
SSC CGL Examination - Data Point 

Is SSC CGL Examination Tough 

03-04 million candidates appeared in the SSC CGL exams. This gives the feeling to candidates that there is a lot of competition and hard competition between the aspirants in this exam. But, the truth is the opposite to it. The exam is a simple one that needs a lot of practice, the SSC CGL Exam can be tackled with the right guidance and good access to the right sources. 

The candidates who have a plan and study with a focus can clear the examination. The numbers can be confusing but the exam, in reality, can be tackled with ease. The analysis of our team suggests sinceor candidates can clear the examination with ease. 

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SSC CGL Examination - Data Point 

Let's look into some data and try to analyse the data related to the past three examinations. 

S.No Exam -Year Total No. of Students Applied Appeared Candidates The Overall Attendance % No of the Candidates Cleard Tier1 Tier 1 Cleard % Remarks
01. 2018-19 25,97,000 8,37, 000 32.33% 1,50,396 17.96% The competition was 6% as compared to applied students.
02 2019-20 21,59,512 9,78,103 45.29% 1,25,279 12.8% The competition was 5.80% (Almost 6%) as compared to applied students.
03 2020-21 2189791 8,26,457 37.74% 1,14,135 13.8% The competition was 5.21% (Almost 6%) as compared to applied students.

The number of candidates is approx 1,50,000 lakh students who have cleared the SSC CGL Pre Exam every year. If 10 lakh students have cleared this exam then we can say that the competition level is very high. The general competition in the is low for genuine candidates. You can read the tips related to SSC CGL Examination here:
Best Books for SSC CGL Life After SSC CGL SSC CGL Cut Off

Go Through Previous Year's Papers

 The important step is to go through the previous year's questions.  The previous questions by SSC are essential as it helps to:
  1. Understand the pattern of examination.
  2. Know the standard of examination.
  3. Know  SSC's method of framing questions.
  4. Understand the important and recurring themes and questions.
SSC CGL Free Mock Test Series 2022

Discipline and Practice

Practice relevant topics as much as you can. You need to allocate maximum time to the areas in which you're weak and minimal time to the strong ones. Proper Practice will reduce your possibility of committing any errors and will increase your speed in solving the questions asked.

Set Your Goals

You need to set your goals for each day of your preparation time. It'll help you keep yourself on track. Make sure that sufficient time is devoted to the preparation of each section. If you make a timetable and set goals for each day it'll help you keep a check on yourself so that you don't miss out of anything.

What is SSC CGL Exam?

SSC CGL is Combined Graduate Level Examination held to recruit candidates to Group B and Group C posts.

How is SSC CGL Exam conducted?

SSC CGL exam is held in online mode. 

Is SSC CGL Tough?

No SSC CGL Exam is tough but the candidates who are serious can find the examination easy.

What are the best books for General Knowledge?

Lucent General Knowledge- This book is a must for candidates preparing for any competitive exams. Candidates should read this book and keep revising it.
NCERTs After going through the past year's papers, candidates should refer to the NCERTs for learning the basics.
Newspaper Candidates should read the newspaper on a daily basis to remain abreast with current affairs. 
History  Modern History by Spectrum Publication
Polity  Laxmikant 

Free E Books