Preparation Tips to Score Maximum In Class 12 CBSE Political Science Exam

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Looking for ways to achieve maximum marks in class 12 CBSE political science exam? Follow these tips to boost your preparation.

As soon as we open the dull political science textbook, everything else becomes intriguing except the subject, and getting an A seems like a distant dream. Studying Political Science, a compulsory subject for CBSE Humanities students, is critical to achieving a good percentage. Here are some helpful hints!

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PART A. Contemporary World Politics                                                    

1. Cold War Era                                                                     

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The end of Bipolarity                                                          
3. U.S. Hegemony in World politics                                      
4. Alternative Centres for Power                                           
5. Contemporary South Asia                                                 
6. International Organizations                                               
7. Security in Contemporary World                                      
8. Environment and Natural resources                                    
9. Globalization

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PART B. Politics in India since Independence               
10. Challenges of Nation building                                          
11. Era of one-party dominance                                             
12. Politics of Planned development                                      
13. India's external relations                                                  
14. Challenges to the Congress system                                  
15. Crisis of the Democratic order                                         
16. Rise of Popular movements     
17. Regional aspirations                                                           
18. Recent developments In Indian politics                  


Make sure you fully comprehend the curriculum so you know exactly what to study.

In addition to textbooks, study from your notes; teachers are aware of crucial points and will have incorporated them in your notes.

The initial reading should be used to grasp the information, and subsequent reads should be used to remember it.

Make short notes in your own words on the important themes to help you comprehend and recall the answers.

Examine a variety of past year's question papers as well as sample papers. This will help you understand the question paper pattern, as well as the questions that have been asked in previous years and should be asked again this year.

Consider doing a group study. Studying in a group can help you maintain your interest in otherwise boring subjects. While studying in a group, go into the details of a topic. It will aid in the formation of a clearer picture.

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To recall terminology, use flashcards. The use of flashcards makes going over the material very straightforward and convenient.

Make arrangements for self-testing sessions. Some people have trouble finishing their replies within the time limit. To avoid this, practise test papers in the time limit you'll have on the exam.

Determine your weak points and attempt to improve them. Determine which topics are the most difficult to comprehend or learn, and focus on those first. This speeds up the completion of a difficult section while allowing time for the easier parts to be completed later.

Before taking the exam, ask your teacher any questions you have. Allow no room for the examiner to raise any doubts about your content.

Develop your self-assurance. Even if you know the answer, nervousness and anxiety can cause you to answer questions wrong. As a result, be confident when taking the exam.

The night before the exam, get plenty of rest. Sitting in the exam hall keeps the body and mind fresh.


These ideas and tactics, together with a good diet and exercise, will help you pass your CBSE Class 12th Political Science test with flying colours.

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