REET Syllabus 2022: Level I and Level II Syllabus Here!

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Check out REET Syllabus 2022 here with Safalta. Download PDF For Level I  and Level II Here!

Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education has released a notification for 32000 vacancies for teachers in Primary and Upper Primary. The interested and eligible candidates can now re-apply online at the official website of the Board. Candidates must be aware of REET Syllabus and exam pattern in order to make the most of this opportunity. The exam will be held across the state and it is expected that a huge number of candidates will appear for the REET exam, Candidates preparing as per the REET Syllabus and exam pattern will definitely have an edge over others.  The details related to the Syllabus for the teacher examination in Rajasthan is as follows:
  1. The examination was original to be held in the year of 2021, which was later cancelled. 
  2. The examination is REET Exam was held on 14th & 15th May 2022.
  3. The exam is held for two levels - level 1 and level II.
  4. Department Of Sanskrit Education has released the official notification for REET I Teachers.
  5. The syllabus for both the levels in the REET Exam along with the Sanskrit Syllabus is mentioned below.
  6. You can download our General Knowledge Free Ebook  Download Now.
The REET Syllabus comprises of important list of topics from which questions are asked. Syllabus and exam patterns can help to guide candidates in the preparation.  This space will cover details related to the REET Syllabus along with the examination process. If you are preparing for REET Exam and are looking for expert guidance, then join now: FREE TEACHING ONLINE CLASSES (CTET, UPTET, REET, HTET)
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REET Syllabus - Download Free PDF here.

Table Of Content 

REET Exam Important Details 
REET Syllabus
REET Exam Pattern 


REET Exam Important Details 

Name of the Board Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan
Name of the posts Grade III Teacher
Examination Name Rajasthan Eligibility Exam For Teachers
Examination Date 14th & 15th May 2022
Papers Level 1 paper & Level 2 Paper

REET Syllabus

The exam which is to be held on 14 th and 15th of May, will be held of two Levels- Primary and Upper Primary. The candidates must go through the syllabus in detail and mark important areas. The REET Syllabus comprises of sections like - Child Development & Pedagogy, Mathematics, Language-1, Language-2, Environmental Science. The details related to the syllabus as per the section are as follows
REET Syllabus - Section  Syllabus
  • Whole numbers up to one crore, Place Value, Comparison; Fundamental mathematical operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Indian Currency.
  • Concept of fraction, proper fractions, comparison of proper fraction of the same denominator, mixed fractions, comparison of proper fractions of unequal denominators, Addition and Subtraction of fractions.

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    Prime and composite numbers, Prime factors, Lowest Common Multiple (LCM), and Highest Common Factor (HCF).
  • Unitary law, Average, Profit – Loss, simple interest
  • Plane and curved surfaces, plane and solid geometrical figures, properties of plane geometrical figures, point, line, ray, line segment; Angle and their types.
  • Length, Weight, Capacity, Time, Measurement of area and their standard units and relation between them; Area and perimeter of plane surfaces of square and rectangular objects.
  • Nature of Mathematics/Logical thinking
  • Place of Mathematics in Curriculum
  • Language of Mathematics
  • Community Mathematics
  • Data Management
  • Evaluation through formal and informal methods
  • Problems of Teaching
  • Error analysis and related aspects of learning and teaching
  • Diagnostic and Remedial Teaching
 Social Studies 
  • History of India 
  • Geography of India
  • Economy 
  • Sports
  • Tourism 
  • Important Days and Dates 
  • Countries and their capitals 
  • Environment issues 
  • Indian Constitution 
  • Current affairs: National and International 
  • Heritage 
  • Awards and Prizes
  • Questions relate to Olympics may be important
Current Affairs Issues and events, personality and books that are in news in past one year.
Language –  English English :- Paper 1 
  1. Unseen Prose Passage
  2. Framing Questions Including Wh-questions
  3. Teaching Learning Materials
  4. Development of Language Skills, Teaching Learning Materials
  5. Comprehensive & Continuous Evaluation
Paper 2 
  1. Modal Auxiliaries, Phrasal Verbs, and Idioms, Literary Terms
  2. Unseen Poem
  3. Principles of the Teaching English, Communicative Approach to English Language Teaching, Challenges of Teaching
  4. Basic knowledge of the English Sounds and their Phonetic Transcription
Environment  Basic knowledge of 
  • Environment 
  • Ecology 
  • Biome 
  • Communities and population groups
  • Food chain 
  • Energy pyramid
  • Marine ecology 
  • Microorganisms and lifeforms
  • Wildlife and IUCN Status
  • Natural wealth
  • Latitude and decimal
  • Solar system
  • Indian geography
  • Indian freedom struggle
  • Indian social reformer
  • Indian Constitution
  • Our governance system
  • Traffic and road safety
  • Indian economy and challenges


 Child Development & Pedagogy

  • Child Development: Concept of growth and development, Principles and dimensions of development. Factors affecting development (especially in the context of family and school) and its relationship with learning.
  • Role of Heredity and Environment
  • Meaning and Concept of learning and its processes. Factors Affecting learning
  • Theories of learning (Behaviourism, Gestalt, Cognitivism, Constructivism) and its implications
  • How children learn, Learning process, Reflection, Imagination, and Argument, constructivism, experiential learning, concept mapping, investigatory, approach, problem-solving
  • Motivation and Implications for Learning
  • Individual Differences:- Meaning, Types, and Factors Affecting Individual differences Understanding individual differences.
  • Personality:- Concept and types of personality, Factors responsible for shaping it and Its measurement
  • Intelligence:- Concept, Theories, and its measurement. Multidimensional Intelligence and Its implication.
  • Understanding diverse learners:- Backward, Mentally retarded, gifted, creative, disadvantaged and deprived, specially-abled, CWSN, children with learning disabilities
  • Learning Difficulties.
  • Adjustment:- Concept and ways adjustment. Role of teacher in the adjustment.
  • Teaching-learning process, Teaching learning strategies and methods in the context of National Curriculum Framework 2005.
  • Meaning and purposes of Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation. Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation. Construction of Achievement Test, Learning outcomes
  • Action Research.
  • Right to Education Act 2009 (Role and Responsibilities of Teachers)

Check out REET Salary and Job Profile 2022:

REET Exam Pattern 

The exam pattern is as important as the syllabus for REET. The exam shall be held in two papers or Levels.  The details related to the exam pattern and the marking scheme is as follows:
  1. Paper 1 is for the 1st to 05th class teachers while Paper 2 is for class 6th to 08th.
  2. Both the papers have the same number of questions.
  3. There is no negative marking in the exam.
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REET Level 1 Exam Pattern

Here is the exam pattern of Paper 1 (Level 1). Check the details of REET Paper 1:

  1. Level 1 examination conducted for teachers of class 1st to 5th
  2. The total no. of Questions is 150
  3. The exam is for 2 hours & 30 minutes



No. of Questions



Child Development and Pedagogy




Language I (compulsory)




Language II (compulsory)








Environmental Studies







UP Super TET Syllabus 2022: Download Free Subject-wise Syllabus PDF here

REET  Level 2 Exam Pattern

Candidates can check the details of REET paper II (Level II) in the table below.

  1. Level 2 examination conducted for teachers of class 6 th to 8th
  2. The total no. of Questions is 150
  3. The exam is for 2 hours & 30 minutes
S.No. Subjects No. of Questions Marks
1 Child Development and Pedagogy 30 30
2 Language I (compulsory) 30 30
3 Language II (compulsory) 30 30
4 Mathematics & Science
Or Social Studies/Social Science
Or Any Other Subject
60 60
  Total 150 150

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What is the exam pattern for REET Exam?

The exam for REET consists of two papers.

What are the maximum marks possible in the REET exam?

The maximum number of marks possible in the REET exam is 150 for each paper.

What is the time duration for each paper in REET exam?

The time duration for each paper in REET exam is 2 hours 30 minutes.

Is there any negative marking in the REET exam?

No, there is no negative marking in the REET exam.

What is the exam date for the REET exam?

The exam date for the REET exam is 14 and 15 May 2022.

What are the subjects asked in the REET Level 1 exam?

The subjects asked in REET Level I Exam are - Child Development & Pedagogy, Mathematics, Language-1, Language-2, and Environmental Science.

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