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Tips To Boost Score And Crack SBI CLERK Prelims Exam 2021

SAFALTA ACADEMICS Published by: suzan poudel Updated Mon, 31 May 2021 12:02 PM IST


Know how to score high in SBI CLERK exam with these tips
With the SBI Clerk 2021 exam around the corner, it is high time now that aspirants who are keen on clearing the exam  State Bank of India (SBI) for the position of Clerk    dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to brush up  their preparation.

 This blog  will guide  you through Tips  and Revision Strategy for the SBI CLERK 2021 Prelims Exam .

State Bank of India will be conductin SBI Clerk exam to recruit eligible and interested candidates for 5054 vacancies that have been announced. The selection process of SBI Clerk exam consists of three stages:
  • Preliminary Exam
  • Mains Exam
  • Language Proficiency Test

SBI Clerk Exam Pattern 2021: Preliminary Exam (Prelims):

Subject No. of Questions Total Marks Duration
English Language 30 30 20 minutes
Numerical Ability 35 35 20 minutes
Reasoning 35 35 20 minutes
Total 100 100 60 minutes

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Tips to follow to crack the SBI CLERK 2021 Prelims :

For English Language :

English Section of SBI Clerk Exam is a very scoring section. Candidates only need to have their concepts cleared in order to score well in this section. Sometimes candidates are very scared of this section or sometimes take it for granted and keep it for last minute. But to clear SBI Clerk Exam, English Section cannot be taken for granted. Irrespective of whether candidates find it difficult or easy, candidates should study this subject on a daily basis.  You'll need to do the following :

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1. Keep notes of all that you learn throughout preparation period .This will come handy later when  you will be revising and having notes at your perusal will help make everything easier .
2.Candidates need to have a strong hold regarding the basics of English grammar in order to fetch good marks in the English Language section of the exam.  
3.Cultivate reading habits . Whether it's newspaper , your books or novels you should develop a habit of reading daily because this will help you develop the ability to understand what you read.

For Reasoning :

In every  competitive exam logical reasoning requires the candidate's   extra attention to  understand the point, pattern, or logic in each question. Since all competitive exams have a logical reasoning component, it is critical to understand how to answer the questions correctly.

1. Keep the difficult ones for later as they'll end up consuming lot of time leaving you with little time for  other questions .
2.Having a good command over this section will help you in scoring good marks in the entire exam . Just put in a lot of practice and effort to help you deal with the section .

3. Engage in mock tests and past year paper practice regularly as this sections depends heavily on practice and regular touch . If you don't engage regularly you'll soon forget what you've learnt.

For Numerical Ability :

1.The first and most critical tip is that if you want to enhance your results, you must practice numerical questions. 
Even if you're comfortable with numbers, training will help you keep your skills sharp and recognize any weaknesses. 
2.Learn how to simplify ratios and measure percentage changes by memorizing basic equations. This will help you answer the easier questions faster and more confidently, freeing up time and energy for the more difficult ones. 
3.Rather than rote learning  the shortcuts to solve  problems it is equally  important for candidates to understand the related concepts and theories . Such a strategy comes handy for   sections like Numerical Ability,Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning etc . Once you are done with clearing basics  , you can focus your attention towards   learning  the shortcuts.

Taking SBI CLERK Mock Tests is the most effective trick to score good marks . Create a order for attempting mock tests . You can practice subject wise , subject specific , topic specific . Time yourself while you undertake  mock tests and try improving your timing each time you take a new one . This will help you manage time . Use the time you save in English Language section to do calculations in Reasoning and Numerical Ability section .To attempt our free mock tests click here 

 We hope that the  abovementioned tips will help the candidates to  ace up their  preparation  for the SBI CLERK 2021 Prelims Exam and help them score well.

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All the Best !!

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