7 Tips for combine Website Content to Improve SEO

Safalta Expert Published by: Aryan Rana Updated Thu, 20 Oct 2022 11:42 PM IST


Wikipedia is one of the most well-known websites on the internet. When talking about how they increased their traffic, Comedy Central mentioned that Wikipedia had a significant role in their traffic growth. The site ranks for practically all Google searches and is a great place to find relevant information.

Table of Content

1. Produce material that Wikipedia would be eager to link to
2. Create content using keyword research
3. Before aiming for enormous amounts, create great content.
4. Don't overlook FAQs
5. Look for guest posting possibilities on industry blogs.
6. Put an emphasis on indirect conversions
7. Remember to use cross-links

SEO and content marketing go together like jelly and peanut butter.

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They taste great and may be eaten by themselves.

What occurs, though, when you combine them? They work best together, don't they? Because of this, PB&J sandwiches are so widely consumed. The combinations of flavours are just perfect.

By the time you turn 18, you will probably have consumed 2,500 sandwiches due to how well-liked they are.

You must mix content marketing and SEO activities if you want to increase qualified search traffic. You won't see as much of a gain in traffic from running them as individual campaigns as you will from integrating them into one.

Large businesses may need to reorganise their departments so that content marketing and SEO are under one umbrella.

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Here are seven clever strategies to coordinate your SEO and content marketing efforts:

1. Produce material that Wikipedia would be eager to link to

Wikipedia is one of the best places to find relevant visitors. It is one of the most well-known websites on the internet and ranks for practically all Google searches.

I didn't understand Wikipedia's influence until I heard a Comedy Central marketing speech. When talking about how they increased their traffic, they mentioned that Wikipedia had a significant role in their traffic growth.

How much traffic does Wikipedia bring them? a month with over 100,000 visitors! That's crazy!

Even more intriguingly, they discovered that Wikipedia-linked pages frequently receive more backlinks from other websites.

So how can you increase your Wikipedia link count? Well, creating broken links on Wikipedia is the simplest method to do it.

Wikipedia really makes note of broken links so that editors can identify a substitute.

2. Create content using keyword research

Blogging shouldn't be done merely for fun. Both what your readers want to read and the keywords you want to target should guide your blogging.

That majority of your search results are marked as "not provided" is irrelevant. Using information from these 3 Google Analytics reports, you can determine which keywords bring you traffic.

Once you have a list of the keywords you want to target, you can create content around those keywords, provided the subjects are also helpful to your audience.

I've personally applied this technique to Quick Sprout. I made the decision to write a blog article about Instagram marketing when analytics revealed that keywords with an Instagram focus generated loyal users.

After publishing the blog post, I began to rank for Instagram-related keywords within 30 days, and my monthly traffic increased by 120,000 visits.

3. Before aiming for enormous amounts, create great content.

In the early days of Google, you could post any kind of material and attract thousands of visitors to your website. They eventually learned how to prioritise high-quality information and avoid displaying low-quality content since their algorithm was developed.

You should concentrate on producing in-depth, high-quality material as a result. Why? Because a web page that ranks on Google's first page of results often has material at least 2,000 words long.

You can turn your attention to boosting the quantity if you can produce in-depth, high-quality content. Up until then, concentrate on creating content that is more in-depth.

4. Don't overlook FAQs

You can discover the reasons why your visitors aren't becoming customers by using Qualaroo or Survey Monkey. All you need to do is query them with inquiries like:
  • What else on this page would you like to see?
  • Is there a justification for why you didn't become a paying client?
  • What reservations do you have regarding the goods or services?
You can discover all of the deterrents keeping people from converting by using these and other questions. To discover further objections your visitors may have, you can also consult your support staff or go through your support emails.

Consider developing a FAQ section that addresses your visitors' worries and queries once you have a list of these. By doing this, you'll start to appear in search results for long-tail terms relating to your product.

You won't get a lot of traffic from this, but the traffic you do get will be extremely effective search traffic. We are able to bring in an additional 4,108 visits per month to our website by employing this precise method with our Crazy Egg help department. About 82 of those visitors frequently become paying clients.

5. Look for guest posting possibilities on industry blogs.

Your rankings will improve as you gain more links. You may generate relevant links and produce relevant traffic by having your content marketing team focus on blogs that are relevant to your industry.

61 times on 49 different marketing blogs, I've done guest posting. When appropriate, I have linked back to Quick Sprout internal pages in those guest pieces but I never used rich anchor text. In addition to increasing my referral traffic as a result, I also noticed an increase in search traffic.

After doing this for three months, I noticed a 22.7% rise in search traffic for the articles I was linking to.

Consider the following if you want to boost your relevant traffic:
  • only guest posts on sites that are pertinent.
  • Avoid attempting to trick search engines by connecting to your website. When readers are benefited, only link to your website.
  • Keep rich anchor text to a minimum.

6. Put an emphasis on indirect conversions

Your ability to obtain traffic will be limited if you simply concentrate your SEO efforts on generating it from keywords that work. Your blog will attract visitors from unrelated yet eventually-converting search terms if you concentrate on solving the problems of your ideal clients.

For instance, a KISSmetrics ideal client is an Internet marketer with a company that generates 10 million dollars or more in revenue annually. Our customers invest time and money in various marketing endeavours like SEO and social media marketing even though we just sell analytics products. So we inform readers on issues like "how to steal your competitor's social media followers" on the KISSmetrics blog.

7. Remember to use cross-links

It is not enough to just add material to your website. Your material must be cross-linked. I was able to enhance their search traffic when I provided consultancy for blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable, and Gawker Media because I corrected their on-page flaws.

The main one was typically the lack of cross-linking between sites. It is impossible to design a site architecture that guarantees all of your pages get indexed once you have thousands of pages, which you will eventually have. Cross-linking your pages is necessary for this reason.

We precisely did that for Mashable by creating cross-links amongst its internal pages. Mashable continues to employ this strategy, which is the key factor in its position on Google's first page for phrases like "Twitter."


What constitutes a high-quality backlink?

A good backlink is the result of several different circumstances, however, the majority of them all share the following three traits: The context of the page naturally leads to the link text. Reputable domain serving as a referral The link destination and the referring page both have similar topics.

What is an optimization strategy?

A search and optimization technique is utilised to maximise the similarity between the warped source image and the target image by optimising the transform parameters.

What are website optimization tools?

With the aid of website optimization tools, you can gather data on user behaviour on your website, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately provide a better user experience for your visitors. Tools for website optimization will assist you in your website's speed. Enhance the user experience.

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