Career Scope of Digital Marketing in India: Salary, growth and more!

Safalta Published by: Ishika Kumar Updated Wed, 29 Jun 2022 12:56 AM IST


if you wanna know about the career scope of Digital Marketing in India, then read this article for more details.

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Modern information sources are available online, and internet or digital marketing is crucial for connecting with consumers, identifying emerging trends, and building businesses. A person who holds a degree in digital marketing might work as a digital marketer, online advertiser, and social media guru to learn, investigate, and produce engaging digital content. The step-by-step tutorial provided below explains the wage and job designation structure under the department of the digital marketing industry and is intended for people who want to shift careers into this field. You will receive a thorough overview of the employment opportunities in Indian digital marketing.

1. Why learn digital marketing?

Companies today are becoming more and more aware of the importance of the digital marketing sector and the fact that ignoring it is no longer an option. According to the Times of India, by 2022, digital marketing will create 2.5 lakh jobs in India, and there are numerous digital marketing organizations and schools (including online courses) available for this purpose.
The modern sales pitching norm is driven by and for the people. More than the news or television, people believe what you say. India will have over 400 million Facebook members as of January 2022, which indicates that over half of the country's online population wants to connect with others. In India, there are currently about 103.5 crore mobile phone users. People no longer utilize landlines; those days are long gone. In today's world, smartphones are everywhere!
Businesses require digital marketing specialists and experts as the practice becomes more and more prevalent. Although we have started to cope with and adapt to the pandemic, the need for digital and technology skills in the workforce will only grow. because doing so enables remote work. Thus, employers are on the lookout for talented individuals with expertise in digital marketing. So it makes sense to start learning digital marketing techniques and pursue a profession in the field.

2. Benefits of Digital Marketing

friendly to users

In comparison to conventional marketing strategies, modern digital marketing tools are straightforward. As a digital marketer, you can create your own plan to win over customers. This strategy only needs a little imagination to engage your audience and doesn't take much work.


Compared to conventional marketing strategies like radio, television, and print advertising, digital marketing is more approachable than other marketing techniques.


Boost communication with online advertising. Since most people are occupied using their smartphones and laptops, digital marketing can make it easier for you to notice advertisements and keep your products in mind. You can successfully convey and advertise the newest products on social media. Additionally, it broadens the potential reach of digital marketing.

3. How to select a digital marketing institute?

Programs for digital marketing are indeed quite targeted. They move through a digital lens of fundamental concepts, ideas, and advertising strategies. You can discover how to maximize reach by utilizing internet marketing tools, networks, and platforms.
A digital marketing degree will teach you new skills in the areas of copywriting, SEO, PPC, email marketing, mobile marketing, analytics, content management, and social media. The top digital marketing courses and services will also do the same.
The majority of schools and universities allow students to pace their coursework at their own pace, enrolling in as many or as few classes as desired each term. Many institutions mandate cohort learning when students take one or two classes at once and go through the curriculum at the same rate as their colleagues.

4. Future of digital marketing career in India

Marketing campaign management and marketing for SEO/SEM are two of the top five job-related talents, according to a recent LinkedIn year-end study. 56 percent of the organizations surveyed, according to McKinley Research Partners' 2017 study, desire staff with experience in digital marketing. Currently, it is one of the most sought-after jobs. Additionally, it ranks in the top 10 in-demand occupations on LinkedIn.
A quality digital marketing education can help you succeed, get you in shape for the future, and provide you with a digital marketing certification, which will help you stand out when applying for jobs that require abilities like social media and content development. However, hiring is below average for traditional marketing skills like project management and direct response.
Nearly any position in the field of internet marketing can be filled by a professional with a degree in digital marketing, from site strategist to social media marketer. The advanced degree also provides a path to marketing or leadership positions, such as managers of digital sales or online advertising.

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Is digital marketing a high paying job in India?

It is one of the top paying digital marketing jobs in India on the market due to the growing demand for PPC managers and the high remuneration that the position requires. The base wage for a PPC Manager starts at Rs. 3 lakhs per year, and they can earn up to Rs. 10.5 lakh per year with experience.

What is the highest salary in digital marketing?

The maximum annual compensation for a digital marketing manager is 19.4 lakhs, or 1.6 lakhs per month.

Which job has highest salary in India?

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for Medical Professionals in India (Doctors & Surgeons)
  • an expert in data.
  • Experts in machine learning.
  • Ethereum developer.
  • Developer of full-stack software.
  • Product Administration.
  • Management Advisor.
  • Banker for investments.

Does digital marketing have a future?

The number of active Indian web users will reach approximately 666 million by 2023. According to a survey by Global Data, lockdowns would cause the Indian internet business industry to grow to 7 trillion rupees by 2023.

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