Know google Adsense approval process with tips

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Google's AdSense programme allows website owners to serve adverts that are specifically tailored to their audience and content. One of the largest keyword databases is offered with its keyword analysis tool, which has access to 3 billion terms in 78 different countries. A complete Google Keyword Planner substitute is cool.

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Table of Content
1. Quality Content Is Essential
2. Create 10 to 15 posts
3. Make a page for contact information.
4. Publish a page with privacy policies.
5. Verify that the website's content is not listed as restricted.
6. Don't Use Copyrighted Images
7. Recognize That (Occasionally) Website Age Matters
8. Check to See If Your Website Is Banned
9. Improve the website's appearance
10. Clearly labelled website navigation

I'm here today to assist you in getting Google AdSense approval. I had a lot of questions about this when I was learning Digital marketing after analysing all the terms, I've put up 12 suggestions to assist you to be accepted quickly.

Truth be told, if you've never been approved before, Google AdSense can be a fairly tricky beast. It is rather easy to add more websites to your account if you already have a website that has been authorised for Google AdSense.

But what about people who have never received approval or who experience significant difficulties doing so? This list is specifically intended for them.

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1. Quality Content Is Essential

The first thing you should do if you want to be accepted for Google AdSense is what I think is one of the most crucial things to accomplish. That is to say, you must ensure that your website has high-quality content.

Some individuals may believe that this is unimportant, however, Google is now making sure that the websites it approves don't only contain spam or have people who are copying and pasting content from other websites.

Anyone trying to take a shortcut should give up since they wish to ensure that they are generally excluded from their search results. For Google AdSense, you won't be accepted.

Just make sure your website has high-quality content. You can review the Google Publisher Policies to get a better idea of what Google values.

Google demands high-quality results in their search engine result pages, so there's a good chance you won't be accepted if your website doesn't have any of that.

They won't monetize your website since they understand that if they do, you'll undoubtedly lose money and eventually give up.

2. Create 10 to 15 posts

High-quality content is the focus of number two. To let Google know you're taking it seriously and that your website has some content that can be made into money, you should have 10 to 15 high-quality posts up on it before you even apply to Google AdSense.

In general, your website should have between 10,000 and 15,000 words. It's an excellent figure if each article has between 1000 and 1500 words. It demonstrates the tone of your website and aids Google in determining the calibre of your material, both of which are crucial factors in getting your application approved.

3. Make a page for contact information.

I believe that a lot of people overlook third on the list. Before you apply to Google AdSense, your website must include an About and Contact page.

The reason is rather straightforward: Google wants to know who is behind your website in order to determine whether it is real before giving it a favourable rating. The many staff members can also be listed on the About page.

Additionally, you should have a contact page on your website so that anyone who visits it can get in touch with you.

You will further demonstrate that you are a respectable firm by having those two pages. When Google considers you from an AdSense perspective, that is really essential.

4. Publish a page with privacy policies.

Make sure to develop a Privacy Policy page, which comes in at number four. People frequently make this mistake because they claim that they "don't really know what to add to the privacy policy page."

Sincerely, there is a tonne of various generators to be found on Google. The most crucial fact to be aware of is that Google demands particular language in your privacy policy.

The language Google AdSense wants you to use in your privacy policy is also explained on this page, along with everything else Google AdSense has to say about it. Actually, it's very simple; all you have to do is copy and paste.

5. Verify that the website's content is not listed as restricted.

Before building a website, some people may not give consideration to item number five, in my opinion. That is, you must ensure that your content is not included on the prohibited list.

Yes, there is a restricted list for Google AdSense. Goodbye, AdSense, if you run a website with restricted content. That's just the way things are right now.

There are many distinct regulations, thus this site will detail each publishing restriction in detail.

In general, you can't have anything sexual or shocking, including violence, terrorism, explosives, firearms, tobacco, recreational drugs, the sale of alcohol, online gambling, prescription medicines, or untested pharmaceuticals or dietary supplements.

I believe that unlicensed prescription medications and dietary supplements were only recently included. Google AdSense may reject you if you run a health-related website that features a variety of supplements that are either unproven or might be a little dubious.

6. Don't Use Copyrighted Images

Useless photos should not be used. I must emphasise this. Never do that again if you have stolen a picture from Google and posted it on your website.

Photographers who put a lot of effort into creating those photos are protected by usage rights. They must receive payment for their labour.

It's likely that Google AdSense won't approve you if you simply go into Google and grab an image to post there after they have seen what you've done because these aren't even your images.

Make sure not to act in such a way because it is not a proper course of action.

I personally utilise two different sources if you're sitting there saying, "Well, I don't have a lot of money for photographs," or "I really don't know where to obtain images." The first is called and is entirely free.

The second is more expensive, but if you sign up for a monthly plan, you can receive access to a wide variety of photographs for a fairly low fee. is the site. You can click on that link and go directly there to check what they have if you're interested in it.

7. Recognize That (Occasionally) Website Age Matters

Although this isn't always true, I wanted to include it here: sometimes the age of your website will matter.

In contrast to the United States and many other nations, Google has particularly warned users in China and India that you must have your websites up and running for at least six months before applying for Google AdSense.

I think they did this because many fraudulent websites were developed and introduced into the ecology of their Google search results.

They disapproved of the way some people were manipulating the system. I'm not familiar with all the details, but I do know that they have mentioned those two nations.

Wait six months if you're in either of those two nations. You shouldn't worry about it if you're not since if you're being refused, that's usually not the problem.

8. Check to See If Your Website Is Banned

Ensure that your website is not blocked. You don't need to worry about this if you built your website from scratch and purchased the domain name recently (unless you were already told you were banned from Google AdSense).

However, if that isn't the case and you have already bought a domain name or website, there is a remote possibility that Google AdSense has previously blacklisted your website. It's something that deserves investigation.

Once more, you can check to see if Google has banned you via a website called Though most websites aren't usually, it's still important to verify.

9. Improve the website's appearance

Create a professional-looking website as item nine. Although you don't have to go out and buy expensive themes, you still want to make sure your website looks decent.

Make sure your website is fully functional so that when someone visits, it doesn't appear to be a collection of haphazard, 1990s-era HTML that is difficult to navigate.

You'll be fine as long as you're using anything like the WordPress default theme or a theme that you bought somewhere. If this interests you, you can view my tutorial on the themes I suggest.

Just make sure it looks acceptable and that you have it. It might be very little. As long as it's organised and seems as a website should, you don't need a tonne of images.

Additionally, try to avoid bespoke coding unless you are really experienced.

10. Clearly labelled website navigation

Make sure your website's navigation is simple. This is typically considered an afterthought. It's likely that they'll respond, "Of course, I have a clear navigation."

However, occasionally websites don't or their methods aren't particularly apparent. This is problematic since it undermines the legitimacy of the website in question. Make sure your website's main navigation is simple to locate and use.

Is AdSense approval difficult to obtain?

As long as you match the prerequisites listed above, getting approved for an adsense account is not difficult. Although Adsense is a fantastic way to make money, it's important to always remember not to break any of their rules. You are permanently kicked out of the programme for breaking the regulations.

What amount of traffic is required to get AdSense approval?

There is no actual traffic requirement to apply for and be accepted into AdSense. Like other ad networks, they don't have minimum traffic requirements you need to meet. Having said that, you won't generate much money if your website doesn't receive a good quantity of traffic.

Can I be approved for AdSense on a free blogger?

You can request AdSense approval once your site with a free Blogspot domain qualifies. Once it is approved, it will be permitted to serve advertisements. Your Blogger website will be examined by the AdSense team to see if it is yet ready to display advertisements. AdSense may require up to two weeks to render a decision.

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