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A professional email or business email does not keep the clients or customers worried about the company’s name. The biggest drawback of not having a business email is the company and the business recognition which will not be created. The Business mail is designed for the purpose of giving more opportunities to communicate with the readers or product users. 

Want to look professional through your email marketing or want to create a professional business email of your domain name?
A professional email or business email does not keep the clients or customers worried about the company’s name. The biggest drawback of not having a business email is the company and the business awareness among the users. Awareness is the first main target of any industry which must be created by implementing the steps of Digital Marketing. The Business mail is designed for the purpose of giving more opportunities to communicate with the readers or product users.

Table of Content:
How does email benefit business?
How will you categorize the business email or recognize the business email?
Types of Business email
How to start a business?
What is Nextraone?
How to create a free business email with your domain name:

How does email benefit business?

Business email helps in reaching many users with easy, accessible and affordable- likely to say it's a communication tool from which we may address the clients or product users. Business email is a more efficient tool as it schedules automatic emails and by the time when I will tell you about the process of creating a Business email, let me ask you a simple question:

How will you categorize the business email or recognize the business email?

Let me tell you the above-mentioned pic is an example of business mail where the company or domain name is an official name that is termed as business email. Therefore, you can’t be faked by any email because by the domain name you may recognize the company and automatically reach them by searching them on Google.


How to customize the business email free of cost and if you want to learn more on Digital Marketing- please do subscribe by scrolling down to

Types of Business email


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Google workspace is a tremendous platform for your business which is available for a short period of trial and to use this business starter you have to purchase the paid version.

2. Microsoft 365 is also a buy product for business managing with all the interfaces to engage your business at its best and this comes without any trial. You have to purchase this product.

How to start a business?

But, this article will show you how a business is modified with a free business email. If you have your domain name purchased via Godaddy or Hostinger or from any platform where domain names are purchased to start your company's official website. You may start your own niche company just say “ if you are dealing with apparel clothing offline and you want to start it online. You must start it with a business website and enlist your products on amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho the e-commerce platforms which are providing all the services and you will benefit from ranking your business on the Search engines by just making an e-commerce platform or website where you are enlisting your product.”
Starting a business and you don't know how to begin, Digital Marketing is a great platform to learn from it.
So, after purchasing the domain name, you have to purchase the hosting where your website will be hosted by the server provided with the website. 

What is Nextraone? 

Nextraone is also a provider of domain names with reasonable prices and the best discount offers. So, Nextraone is providing domain names with hosting and they are 5 business emails which you can optimize for your business as per the requirement.
Yes, the Domain name is credited with hosting and free 5 emails. Great News Right!!!!.
For example: If you are starting a business as a counsellor, then you have to place everything in the right order.
There will be a parent email address that parents may address to you.
Then, there will be an office mail where you may organize your officials' files or emails.
And there will be managing team mail or your team mail official.
This will help to work in the system process with your organization.

As I have explained how you may start your business with domain name purchasing to get benefits from Nextraone.
Now I will explain to you

How to create a free business email with your domain name:

 I know you have heard about This is the CRM platform which is termed “Customer Relationship Management”  where Saas is managing all the network-related work into one platform. This CRM is the best tool for email marketing.
Process of starting a free business mail:
a) Go to the browser and type:
b) Fill out the form with your details by choosing Business Email
c) Then, Click on Signup for free.
d)Verify your email by giving OTP which Zoho mailed to your Gmail account.

After verifying the account, you will get this interface for buying products but when you scroll down a little bit you will get a free email plan.
By Clicking on “ Try Now ” you will access the free account, if you have the domain name then you may initialise your email with your domain name.
If you don't have any domain name- Zoho also provides the domain name for purchasing.

Now, if you have a domain name then add your details in the “ Add an existing domain ” where you will get this interface.

Please provide the details in the form. 

1. Add your  domain name 
2. Provide the organization's name
3. Industry type
4. Then Click on Add, and your domain is added.

Now proceed with the process verification of the domain name where you will go to your domain portal and in settings: Go to DNS management.
These are the steps from which you may handle your cms portal termed as content management system on which your website is designed. So, you have to go to your settings panel where you will get the domain verification.

You may easily set up Zoho Mail for your company using the links and methods below:

Step 1: Verify your domain 
You will need to validate your domain first in order to make sure you own the one you used to join up. For verification, you can use the CNAME, TXT, or HTML approach.

Step 2: Include or import users into the business.
You will have access to the Control Panel since you are the organization's administrator. The Add User option may be found at the top of the User Details section on the left side. For thorough instructions on adding users or importing them from a CSV file, click here.
For various teams or departments, group email addresses can also be created.

Step 3: Change MX records in to start receiving emails
Sending emails is now possible. Set up the MX records in order to receive emails. The instructions can be found on this page.

Step 4: Transfer emails to Zoho Mail
Utilize our Migration Tool to transfer your emails from your current servers to the appropriate accounts in Zoho Mail.

After this verification, Zoho will let you create your business email for free. You may name this email and use it for support as a [email protected] or [email protected] or any official name you want to designate with the coming targeted campaign.
Voila!!! Your Domain name-free email has been created. Now you may send, receive or design any template and mail it to the users of your product.

Tools for optimizing and mailing in bulk:
1. Mailchimp
2. Sendinblue
3. Active Campaign
4. Mailerlite
5. Covertkit
6. Moosend
These are the tools mentioned above that function for sending free bulk mail and scheduling your own campaign while designing the mail template. Business mail is so beneficial as it is also used for remarketing your industry and giving your industry recognition among your acquired and new users. Purchasing economy, lower operating costs, a larger market to target, the removal of middlemen, home delivery services, a lack of bad debt, etc. Email Marketing is used for pitching new offers, remarketing and making you aware that the industry is working for your good and benefits you with so many benefits such as offers, discounts, etc.

What is email marketing in Digital World?

The use of email for marketing purposes to advertise your business's goods and services, and to remarket the business from clients. You can use email marketing to let customers on your email list know about new products, deals, and other services.

What are the types of email marketing?

Types of Email Marketing:

1) Newsletters: Newsletters are updated for daily readers who want to know what the latest offers or acquisitions going on.
2) Acquisition Email: This email helps to get the user or consumer to get converted to delivering this email.
3) Retention Email: If your user is enjoying your product offer, then ask them for feedback and a subscription to get all the notifications of your industry.
4) Promotional Emails: If the user is reached out you then offer them the signups, encourage them to buy the product and hold your user to engage with your deliver.

What are the benefits of Business email?

Business email helps the industry to create awareness, and provide promotional emails to get more users. Business emails are targeted to the niche campaign to create offers with its best forwarding designs template helps the industry to outstand in a more approachable, standard way.

What are the ways to create free business email?

Ways to create a free business email are:
1) You may switch to google for free email creation.
2) Your domain name host website is also providing free emails to access you may create from the settings.
3) Zoho mail is also a free CRM where you may create your free mail.

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