Moonmail: Best features, Pricing, Affiliate Program, and More

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It is a perplexing and sophisticated email marketing solution created for persons that have the extensive technical expertise and understand precisely what they're doing when it involves creating email campaigns.
MoonMail promises to be "the easiest method to send email marketing newsletters". That is most emphatically not the case. It was the most difficult to use the email marketing tools I'd tested for The Ascent and used previously, either individually or professionally. It also contains a whole page dedicated to free email advertising on its website. Except that MoonMail does not offer free email marketing.

Source: Safalta

There is 14-day trial period during which you may test out its capabilities and start emailing for free, but no free plan is available. This is a blatantly false assertion. As we'll see later if you're unsure if MoonMail is free or not, you'll find out quite fast when they ask for your credit card information. MoonMail boasts to have a slew of high-profile clients, including Amazon, Nespresso, and Warner Brothers. I'm not sure why these businesses would go with MoonMail. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing

Table of Content:
What exactly is MoonMail?
Whom is MoonMail intended for?
Features MoonMail
MoonMail Price
MoonMail Benefits

What exactly is MoonMail?
MoonMail is an Email Campaigns Technology Platform that allows you to send Email Campaigns Newsletter in the simplest method possible; it's so simple to use that even your grandmother could do it. In minutes, you can create, develop, and evaluate email marketing programs. Send limitless campaigns to an infinite number of subscribers and quickly track results with vivid visualizations. Pick a design from the collection. Create your own template from the start to fit your message with the drag-and-drop editor. Monitor and track performance using the analytics dashboard to assess the success of your campaigns, as well as see and compare open and click rates with previous email campaigns. The dashboard is bilingual, which allows users all around the world to better comprehend their findings.
MoonMail allows users to save an infinite number of recipients or contacts and manages email unsubscribes, bounce, and complaints automatically for enterprises. Concentrate on what you truly desire - your consumers.

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Whom is MoonMail intended for?
Many email and lead generation solutions attempt to appeal to a diverse range of people. MoonMail's absence of email templates, on the other hand, implies that this solution was created by individuals who don't realize that the common email marketer may not have the ability level to utilize markdown and may require pre-made templates.
Features MoonMail:
  • Dashboard: The dashboard layout of the program is simple to use, through account setup mail marketing planning, and maintenance.
  • Campaigns: MoonMail shows an always-visible checklist of the steps required to send an email blast, ensuring that you always understand where you are in the process. The first stage in developing an email newsletter is deciding whether you want to establish a single-letter campaign or a follow-up campaign triggered by client behavior. It's time to construct your message when you've picked your sector, and you must choose one. MoonMail does not supply pre-designed templates; you must create your own with the help of an HTML builder and a markdown cheat sheet. This implies that MoonMail was created by someone who does not understand how marketers function or what they seek in an email platform. It will place the solution out of reach for inexperienced email marketers and those without design resources.
  • Interfaces for Application Programming: MoonMail offers several APIs that handle various functionalities. Aside from the APIs for Campaigns and Templates, the system also provides APIs for Journeys, Accounts, Channels, Events, Contacts, GraphQL, and Segments.
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MoonMail Price:
There are four pricing levels for the program, with the option to pay monthly or annually. The Lite pricing plan includes a 14-day free trial and is $29 per month. This quantity provides 2,000 active contacts, 10,000 emails per month, and unlimited contact storage, among other email management and tracking tools.
The Starter subscription costs $149 a month and includes everything in the Lite plan except 25,000 active connections and the ability to send 125,000 messages per month. Aside from the aforementioned features of the package, users will have access to the GraphQL API. The Professional price option is $449 per month and contains 60,000 active contacts as well as the ability to send emails 300,000 emails per month, including exposure to all Starter plan bundle options.
The Enterprise package is designed for high-volume consumption, and pricing is offered exclusively upon request. This gives plan subscribers an unlimited amount of active contacts and emails to send each month.
Dedicated IPs, A/B testing, sophisticated fragmentation, access to extenders and system integration, specially made RDNs, send time optimization, throughput with SLA up to 10 million email messages per hour, AI-powered engaged recipients filtration system, smart have sent time optimization, the person receiving validation pre sending, inbox location shield, IP farm spread, and profound logs & analytic tools are all included in all 4 packages.
MoonMail Benefits:
  • The simplicity of usage: Its user interface is clear and not overburdened with functionality. Email automation is effective as long as all recipient information is appropriately entered into the system. The precise information on the dashboard makes navigating easier, with little risk of missing out on needed fields or details because all elements are neatly set out.
  • Calculator of prices: When compared to competing solutions, email marketing with MoonMail is less expensive. Users or visitors to the site may keep track of their email marketing costs in terms of the number of emails sent every month. The slides calculator and packaging plans compute and change themselves continuously.
MoonMail is an Email Campaigns Communication platform that enables you to deliver Email Campaign Newsletter in the most basic way conceivable; it's so easy to use that even your grandma could do it. Email marketing plans may be created, developed, and evaluated in minutes. Send an unlimited number of campaigns to an endless variety of subscribers and track outcomes fast with rich graphics. Choose a design from the gallery. Using the drag-and-drop editor, create your own design from the start to match your message. To measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, use the analytics dashboard to monitor and track performance, as well as view and compare click and open rates with past email campaigns. The dashboard is multilingual, allowing users all across the world to better understand their findings.

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Is MoonMail a free site?

MoonMail offers a free sandbox account for testing, allowing you to send emails to up to ten confirmed contacts. There are three primary paying options available, as well as Economic benefits with configurable pricing. Its most affordable price program starts at $59 per month.

What exactly is Mailbuster?

MailBluster is an email promotional tool that allows you to send high-quality email campaigns and newsletters at the lowest feasible cost while never sacrificing deliverability. To utilise MailBluster for email sending, you must have a validated and authorized AWS SES account.

Is Elasticemail a free service?

Although there is a free plan, Elastic Email refers to it as a free trial. If you join up for the free trial, you will be able to send up to 100 emails every day indefinitely. Paid subscriptions begin at $10 per month and allow you to send unlimited emails to up to 10,000 recipients.

Is Cleanmail completely free?

Clean Email is a free tool that allows you to clean, move, delete, transfer to trash, add labels, and much more to 1000 emails.

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