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Priya Bawa

She has started her career as a Content Writer and writes on blogs related to career.

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Creating a consistent stream of information that appeals to customers and encourages them to buy isn't always straightforward. Despite if you have methods in place for determining the content subjects that appeal to your audience, crafting them in a hugely entertaining fashion might be difficult.
For this reason, we compiled this collection of templates. These templates, created by some of the greatest in the field, disclose the formulae behind the highest successful blog articles, eBooks, videos, posts on social media, whitepapers, and much more. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital MarketingGraphic Designing
Table of Content:
1) Email Themes for Free
2) CMI Content Mapping Template
3) SEO Theme
4) Reporting Template
5) Infographic Design Template
6) Template for Social Media Images

Email Themes for Free:
  • MailBakery:
It is an email campaign design firm with a superb collection of free HTML email templates. 50+ email designs are free and entirely responsive, which means they adjust to different screen widths and look amazing on mobile devices. Each email layout is precisely created to support small businesses in a variety of industries, including property investment, fashion, cafes, NGOs, and eCommerce stores in increasing conversions.

Source: Safalta

Grab the HTML file and paste the HTML code into your preferred email builder provider to change the design.
  • Topol: It is a design team-focused email builder. It mixes a simple editor with extensive coding abilities. Topol PRO is designed for teams that wish to work together on email marketing by exchanging and arranging accordingly to email templates. By changing out smaller parts of information, reusable blocks enable teams to swiftly design and try out new email campaigns. Merge tags provide some customization as well, but they aren't a suitable alternative for the segment capabilities found in specialist email marketing platforms.
Download these Free EBooks:
1. Introduction to digital marketing
2. Website Planning and Creation

CMI Content Mapping Template
  • Investigate and Segment Your Target Audience: Understanding your intended audience is the first step toward content mapping success. This understanding allows you to connect to their interests, passions, and worries in order to develop material that answers them.
  • Make a Customer Journey Mapping: When you've determined who your target audience is, the following step is to create a customer journey map. Before purchasing a product from you, each potential consumer will walk through a buying funnel.
A sales funnel is divided into five stages:
You will be able to record some information for each stage of the funnel. For example, you will learn which activities clients do, what ideas and queries they have, where they spend the majority of their time, and so on. All of this data will tell you which material is most appealing to your clients.
SEO Theme:
  • Template for Keyword Research: Using this free template, you may streamline and manage your keyword research (available in Excel and Google Sheets). This template can help you perform keyword research fast and efficiently, whether you're embarking on a brand-new SEO project, want to boost your site's search traffic, or are seeking keyword phrases for a new content item.
  • Enhance your content for SEO with this practical template, which is accessible in Word, Google Docs, and PDF formats. This free template demonstrates where and how to place keywords on your website. This template can help you gain higher Google ranks for keyword-optimized blog entries, E-Commerce category pages, or local services sites.
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Reporting Template:
  • Jira: Create dynamic, integrated workflows amongst technical and commercial teams to boost real-time insight into the product development process—all without leaving Asana. Improve project cooperation and handoffs. Create Jira problems quickly from within Asana because then work flows smoothly between technical and business teams at the proper moment.
  • Workplace by Google: Attach files easily to Asana tasks using the Google Workplace document color picker included within the task pane. With a few clicks, you can simply connect any My Drive file.
Infographic Design Template:
Using our premium infographic templates, you can create captivating infographics that your followers will want to share. Today, use complex infographic graphics to take your graphic marketing to a new level.
  • Canva is a strong online design tool (as well as an infographic builder) that allows you to produce a wide range of designs even if you have no design experience. Canva offers a massive library of templates from which to choose based on your specific design requirements. Many of the templates are free, and others contain features like icons and photographs that you may buy or change with your own).
  • Visme is a multifaceted design tool created exclusively for marketers. It lets you make presentations, animations, mock-ups, banners, and, of course, infographics. When you log in with your account, you would be met with a visual representation of all your works (the area will be vacant if you haven't yet made any). To begin, simply click the Create button. Then choose the sort of project you want to make – in our example, an infographic. Several of the designs are free to use, while others need a premium membership.
Template for Social Media Images
  • Template for social media plan: You need this important social media template whether you're beginning from scratch or wanting to boost your current social marketing approach. It is simple to use the social media strategy template. Gather information about the competitors so you can remain ahead. Create a meaningful content strategy and a publication schedule that you can keep to. Track your success and make adjustments as required. Examine what is already working and what isn't. Improve your ability to target your ideal consumer. Make or enhance your social media profiles.
  • Template for competitive analysis: Competitive analysis for social media can assist you in identifying weaknesses in your own strategy and staying one step ahead of your competitors. It's a simple method to gain valuable insights regarding your own company and your internet audience.
It is not always easy to provide a steady stream of information that appeals to clients and motivates them to buy. Even if you have strategies in place for finding the content topics that would appeal to your audience, creating them in a highly engaging manner may be tough.
As a result, we put up this collection of templates. These templates, developed by some of the finest in the business, reveal the formulas behind the most successful blogs and articles, eBooks, videos, social media posts, whitepapers, and so much more.

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How should a digital marketing proposal be written?

  • Investigate the market and find niches with potential.
  • Create credibility by developing a personal brand.
  • Make a customized elevator pitch.
  • Schedule sales calls and distribute your presentation deck.
  • Manage client concerns deftly.
  • Create a mechanism for following up with warm leads.

What are the three greatest crucial aspects of digital marketing?

At its most basic, online marketing consists of three main components: states that the reason, lead capture, and lead nurturing.

What are the four sorts of digital advertising goals?

Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Campaigns, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Analytics, and Affiliate Marketing are the eight major areas of digital marketing.

What are the five pillars of a profitable digital advertisement?

The five pillars of a good digital marketing plan have been detailed in this article: a great website, captivating content, search engine optimization, email campaigns, and social media interaction. 

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